Multi-vehicle accident involving “Smart Car” leaves 1 dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Crash scene on Knapp Street near Dean Lake Avenue.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A multi-vehicle accident left at least 1 dead early Sunday.

Police and Fire were dispatched to a multi-vehicle collision around 11:00 AM Sunday near Knapp St. NE and Dean Lake Ave NE.  While the cause of the accident remains unclear, one of the vehicles involved was reportedly a “Smart Car” type vehicle- an extremely compact vehicle built to be economically efficient.

The “Smart Car” was reportedly heading east on Knapp St. as it lost control and was struck by a vehicle traveling west bound.

The lone occupant of the struck vehicle was pronounced dead on scene.  It is unknown if there were injuries sustained to those in the other vehicle.

Police on scene said more information will be released to the public later today.

Check back here as more information becomes available.

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  • casey

    Where is the real news? Stop trying to omit details of a story so “smart cars” have a bad rap. Clearly, you have an agenda. Maybe try your hand at gathering information before you report a story you know very little about.

  • CommonSense

    You literally risk your life every time you drive one of those clown cars. Its not worth it as you can get a real car with better mpg, more room and safety features for about the same price.

    • brandianderson

      One of what cars? Obviously the reporter has no idea what the actual car is and is just guessing. So everyone can draw a possibly incorrect conclusion. Get the facts before you report.

      • GRresident

        The car in the crash was a smart car, I saw the crash and if you check other news websites they show the car in the crash. Maybe you should check your facts before you call someone out?

  • brandi

    A “smart car” type vehicle!! ??? I’m really sick of news stations giving the name and brand “smart car” a bad reputation. I’m sure if there was a “ford car” type vehicle it would not have been printed in that manner. When your reporter can get the facts and report accurately then please relay the REAL news.

    • M3ander3

      The term smart car is used the same way sedan is used for a Malibu or something, the “smart” name brand got attached to it because here in the states it happened to be the first prominent brand of the type. Using the term “smart car” doesn’t necessarily mean it is the brand “smart” but either way it is a very compact, vehicle, that in comparision pound to pound are relatively unsafe.
      Sorry to the friends and family for their loss.

  • Amandra

    Who gives a CRAP about what kind of car it was people, my cousin is dead and the reporting of the vehicle type or any other thing like that is not bring him back so who the hell cares if the reporter has an agenda or not!

  • Matthew

    Doesn’t everyone else see the “hook” for this article? The idea is to instill some sort of fear in the headline reader that will cause them to be interested in reading the article. By using the term in quotes “smart car”, the writer is getting the reader to think about “future” cars and how they may somehow be flawed because they get into fatal accidents. This is truly a case of trying to get eyeballs on a story in a way that is manipulative and, frankly, off-putting. The real story here is that a human being died in a car accident and happened to be driving an extremely small car. If that car has a bad safety record, that is a story. If the car malfunctioned in some way, that is a story. If the car just happens to have been named “smart car”, that is simply not a story.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Well it sucks that someone died but, the moral of the story here is these stupid tin cans will not hold up in ANY CRASH. They never should have allowed these clown cars to be licensed to be on any road in the USA. I would rather take the chance of driving a dump truck through a nitroglycerin factory.

  • Zegota

    So sorry for your lost, Michigan winters can be rough and even the best drivers get in accidents, but I wish that we would not allow any automobiles on the roads that should not be…God Bless.

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