Bridal show model surprised by boyfriend’s proposal during runway walk

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- It's what every hopeless romantic dreams of: a marriage proposal in front of all your friends when you least expect it.

During Monday night's Kohler Expo's Winter Bridal Fashion Show of West Michigan at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, one of the models got the surprise of her life. Her boyfriend met her at the end of the runway with a ring in hand.

Of course, first things first, she said yes!

Stephanie Hino was modeling one of those bridal gowns when she became a future bride herself.

When Sin Chun decided to propose to his girlfriend, he knew nothing would catch her off guard like waiting for her at the end of the runway during the 2015 Bridal Fashion Show.

"Wouldn't it be cool if I proposed to her while she's walking down the aisle?" said Chun.

Saving the moment for the end of the show, with the music as his cue, Chun made his move. Stephanie said that at first she didn't know exactly what her boyfriend was doing interrupting her fashion show.

"I was like comfortable because I was nervous walking down and then I saw him, and I was like oh I'm walking towards something, then I was like why does he keep moving," said Hino.

Then the moment came. A moment no one in the room will forget anytime soon.

"I love you so much. I waited all my life for you. Baby you look awesome, gorgeous. Would you marry me?" asked Chun.

With the wedding spirit in the air, the future bride and groom took in their special moment.

The couple has been dating for about 14 months.

Of course the surprise couldn't have been pulled off without the help of the fashion show organizers, who actually came up with the idea.

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      • Esperanza

        Loren, you’re an idiot for

        1. Saying the guy “copied” your husband. Really. Did he? You know for a fact? Presumptuous.

        2. What does wearing a $125k gown have anything to do with it? At all? What difference would it make if it were $125 gown? I do not even need to mention what love is all about. You are shallower than a puddle.

        3. Linking your video for everyone to see. Why? To show everyone in the world how it should be done? Why would you draw anyone to compare? Instead now everyone in the world knows what a shallow woman looks like…exhibit A: Loren Whitsett.

        4. The “original”? Really? Your husband was the first ever to think of this idea? Wow you should win some sort of prize then.

        5. Last but not least, “way more classy”? This last line cannot get any more obvious than this, that you, no matter how unintentional, are so self-absorbed, “hey forget the video you just saw, my gown, my proposal was way better!” This is cyber-bullying for adults. Do you have a personal vendetta towards this lovely couple? No? You don’t even know them? What a way to rain on someone else’s parade. You couldn’t just be happy for some couple for one of the happiest days of their lives? Instead, you want to suggest that what the guy did for his girlfriend was not unique and therefore not thoughtful enough, that her dress is not as nice as yours, and that the proposal was classless? You cannot invalidate a love like theirs by your bullying words.
        I never thought such shallow people like you existed who have nothing better to do than to go online and talk shit in a passive aggressive way about others’ happy moment. Get a life.