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Michigan father faces backlash over video of daughter playing with Burmese Python

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAGINAW, Mich. — A father is responding to criticism he’s been receiving after posting a video of his baby daughter playing with a 13-foot Burmese Python.

In the video, 14-month old Alyssa is seen playing on the floor with the snake as it coils and slithers around.

In a video recently posted to YouTube, Jamie Guarino says his daughter — who is now three years old — was never in any danger, and believes people have an irrational fear of snakes.

“As you can see, the snake is just roaming around, and has no interest in biting her or choking her or swallowing her,” says Guarino.

The father hopes to one day open a reptile zoo and educate people about what he says is a misunderstood animal.

Many people who have viewed the video are calling the man irresponsible.

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  • CommonSense

    Stupid is what stupid does. This little girl would be lunch if she lived in the Everglades. What in the hell is wrong with parents today? Just goes to prove just because you can have kids, doesn’t mean you should!!!

    • Hello

      I agree with you 100%! These people are nuts in the head for allowing this to be around their children. The only good snake is a dead one!!!!! Hope the damn thing bites him, he deserves it!!!!!

    • Dustin Hinkle

      Ignorance is not needed. This is a captive raised animal. Child is in no danger. If the child was crawling around in the everglades and came across a wild one sure why not it may be lunch. But its in a home in Michigan. Again, child is in no danger. People who say the only good snake is a dead snake is an uneducated and unaware person. Read up and get educated folks.

      • Hello

        Dustin – I am a very well eucated person but apparently I just happen to be a little bit smarter than you! I don’t need to read up on anything about snakes. I still say the only good one is a DEAD ONE!!!!!

        • T-Bag

          you can just go kill yourself, how can you say that you’re smarter than he is when you don’t even know his IQ or even know him as a person? you are ignorant. and ignorant people should be the dead ones.

          • Hello


        • ko3nig

          You can’t even spell “educated” let alone proofread your comments. So much for that wonderful “education” you seem to have. The only good idiot is a dead idiot. Your education is probably similar to that of Diane Feinstein and her “education” of guns. And by education I really mean ignorance.

  • bd

    this is no different than having the child around any other animals. all animals are unpredictable. a cat could turn and claw her eyes, I dog could turn and bite or drag her away and rip her to shreds. People need to find better things to worry about, especially when it’s not yours!

  • mj

    I bought 2 snakes for my son when he was growing up. I have been bitten by several dogs and cats just for standing close enough for them to attack me. Snakes are the best pet a child could have. My son took his snakes on bike rides, gave them baths, and sat and watched tv with them. They were his best friends. They are quiet and don’t bother the neighbors and don’t go to the bathroom in other people’s yards. They don’t dig and scratch and cause destruction. And I have never been bitten by a snake. People need to get educated so they aren’t afraid of them.

  • Mitch

    How this Parent is having backlash from other people what so ever. I would like to evaluate what there kids are exposed to and put them i a spot light. Being a collector of the Earths most deadly natural toxins, there is a fine line in what we want our children exposed too. I do not believe that a small child playing with a snake is a big deal what so ever. I was taught to catch wild rattle snakes in the state of Montana 30 years ago when i was a child. Calculating the Danger of ANY animal is a fine line. (( O you have a fish tank, with a small child, you should not have that around a child they could fall in)) . lol

  • Melinda

    Childs in no harm… retards… and im sure, being a parent myself that if it even looked like the snake was gonna hurt the child the father would have cut its head off.. now if it was a video of the snake wraping its self around the child then i could see a problem there… just lame brained people talkin out their butt.

  • bobby strock 9103219023, hope mills, nc

    I think the father is stupid, he does not deserve ANY kids. He does deserve to be tried for child endangerment. Social services should take those kids immediately. If a parent spanks a kid the lose their kids and go to jail but this idiot is endangering his children, puts it on video and gets by with it. Pathetic people in this world.

    • Hello

      Thank you Bobby Strock. I have tried several times to write my opinion but their are certain people that think they know it all and will tell you to go kill yourself for being stupid! They just aired this program on Dr. Drew show on the 15th. Wow, people are really outraged over this video!!!!! I wonder what the do-gooders thought of the program? Child Protection Services is checking in on this family now according to the TV program!!!!! I am thrilled that they showed this on national TV. It just goes to show them how wrong this really is!

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