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West Michigan looks to Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN- The FBI National Academy has deemed Friday, January 9th Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

It’s a way to highlight and thank law enforcement across the country for the work they do and the risks they take every day.

“These perceived negative things in law enforcement has done across the country as we saw in Ferguson as we saw some things in New York,” F/LT. Chris McIntire of the Michigan State Police said. “That just causes this up rise around the country to say where are the good police officers again?”

They’re some of the least likely to ask for help or acknowledgement but always a phone call away.

“Just say that thank you, it’s just so good to hear,” McIntire said.

Everyday 780,000 police officers put on a badge nationwide going to work in the most unknown extreme conditions and dangers.
Friday is our day to thank them.

“It’s great to hear because we don’t hear thank you very often at all,” McIntire said.

They’re asking you to thank a police officer, and wear blue clothing to show your solidarity or support for law enforcement. Even to post a thank you on social media as well.
It’s been particularly hard for law enforcement in recent months as a stigma and negativity get associated with their call to protect and serve.

“Does it hurt? Sure,” McIntire said. “We all take this oath and we all, it sounds very cliché but if you ask any police officer why we started this job, it certainly isn’t for the money, it’s because we want to help people, to protect and serve the community.”

So wear blue, post something on Facebook, or have your children make a card or write a letter, something so small that brightens the world of those who do so much.

“We hang those things up forever because it just makes you come into work that day look at that picture that little boy or girl drew for you and you think, that’s why I’m doing this,” McIntire said.

West Michigan’s Most Wanted wants to see you appreciating law enforcement, so send us pictures of your classrooms making thank you cards, your snow day thank you project, or just wearing blue and thanking an officer. We’ll be sure to feature them on air, just email us at mostwanted@fox17online.com.

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