Former Catholic school tutor sentenced for sexually assaulting student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Abigail Simon was sentenced Wednesday to between eight and 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting a then-15-year-old student.

Simon, 35, was convicted in November of three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and one misdemeanor count of accosting a minor for immoral purposes.  In court Wednesday, she was given credit for time served for the misdemeanor.

Following her release, Simon will have to undergo life-long supervision and register as a sex offender.

In court, the victim's mother said Simon's attorney dragged her family through the mud during the trial.

"Abby used [the victim] to fulfill her perverse desires," she said.

Simon also spoke in court, pleading for a lighter sentence and describing her past experience with domestic abuse while living in Chicago.  During the course of the trial, Simon's defense argued that she was the victim in the relationship with the teen.



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    • therealist

      No she won’t. She will not be a “Management” Problem in prison and the Parole Board will view it that she received too much time for the crime in the first place. But I doubt she will see 8 I believe she will prevail upon appeal to the Court of Appeals. 95% of the cases I have senn…I know there is no hope in the appeals process..this my 30+ years in law stands alone as having the best possible chance in the higher courts.

    • therealist

      No she won’t…as I stated below..she received too much time for the crime in the eyes of the Parole Board…and she will not be a “Management Problem” for the Prison officials. I doubt she will do 8 years as I believe in my 30+ years in law she will prevail in the appeals process within a year to 18 months.

      • Truth Tellier

        This, I’m keeping up on. I will be very interested to find out if your prediction is correct. An appeal and then a sentence reduction? As even you say, not bloody likely. But a chance you say. I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing with you on this one. I don’t know. I wouldn’t lay money either way at this point.

      • therealist

        He was 15 on paper..his body and mind were more like 18-20 years old. Many medical and psychological experts will say this is high;y possible as some humans mature physically and mentally faster.

        • Denise

          “He was 15 on paper..his body and mind were more like 18-20 years old” You sound like you need to be investigated by the authorities. Pervert.

    • Michael Kuehl

      What an outrage and travesty: 8-25 years in prison for a first-offender convicted of a nonviolent and victimless and malum prohibitum “crime,” a “crime that’s a legal act in dozens of other nations, including European countries; a crime in which the “victim” enjoys the sex far more than his “victimizer ” and is often if not usually the aggressor and, in some cases (including this case if she was telling the truth), forces himself on her; 8-25 years in prison for a women who never committed a violent crime in her life and never will and is not a “threat to society” or to anyone but (possibly) herself.

  • therealist

    Today Justice was not served. Today Justice was abused. Today a Woman basically lost the rest of her life for having a love affair with a kid (Teen). Was it wrong??? Yes. Remember the old song that starts out “If loving you is wrong..I don’t want it to be right”? I have been in Law 30+ years and this whole case was wrong from the start. First off Ms. Simon’s Father is an Attorney and owns a large Law Firm in Flint. Ms. Simon’s Defense Attorney was/is a pal of her fathers. The Father and Mr. Manley (Defense Attorney) put together this off the wall defense, meanwhile a Plea Agreement for 5 Months in The Kent County Jail was on the table with the clock ticking. Simon’s Father and Manley advise her to take this brilliant idea to trial and decline the plea agreement of 5 months. Obviously Daddy knows best. She declines the 5 months in jail and a trial date is set. Now one thing I want all of you to keep in that Juries in W. Michigan are entirely different from Juries on the East Side of the State. It is very rare to get any kind of an Acquittal in a Jury Criminal Trial in W. Michigan..especially Kent. The trial begins, and right off the start it is not going well for the Defense. Manley is up against Helen Brinkman from the Kent County Prosecutors Office and she has been there for years and I do not believe she has ever lost a criminal Jury trial ever. Ms. Brinkman is the best of the best. The trail for the Defense continues to spiral downward as far as her being the victim approach. The last straw is when Manley allowed her to take the stand on her own behalf which Simon botched terribly. For the Defense…the trail crashed and burned badly in a Guilty verdict in 4 of 5 charges….3 Felonies and one misdemeanor.

    Now if this was my Client or most any Attorney’s Client…had she not accepted the plea agreement of 5 months in the County jail..I would have “Withdrawn” (Quit) from the case. My “Mentor” in law one of the first things he taught me…was: “Son…You do not ever gamble with people’s lives, this is Grand Rapids, MI..not Las Vegas. My rule of thumb is if you have that much to lose if the defendant was convicted..there would have been no option but to take the plea agreement. The stakes were simply too high of a risk…an experimental Defense hinging on 25 years in Prison vs 5 Months in the County jail…a no brainer…even a High School kid could have figured that out.

    Now the sentencing phase today 2:00 PM EST Kent County Courthouse. The Defense was trying to challenge a bunch of the State Sentencing guidelines used against Simon…all he was doing was getting the Judge more worked up…he did not learn anything from go into a Circuit Court Room and pick a fight with a Circuit Judge is a no win. After 2 Hours and 15 minutes Ms. Simon heard her fate 8-25 years in prison…which she will have to serve every single calendar day of 8 years before she can be released on Parole..a Law called “Truth in Sentencing” in Michigan passe some 8-10 years ago. Also lifetime Parole Monitoring (Having a Parole Officer the rest of your natural life) Lifetime Electronic GPS Tether for the rest of her natural life. Register as a sex offender for the rest of her natural life.

    Meanwhile one of the defendants in the Luttrell murder case, considered to be one of the Masterminds of the murder get’s a 7-22 year lifetime lifetime tether. Now tell me our system is not broken. Ms Simon hurt nobody..a little bit of bad judgement, but the kid was a willing participant. Now how can a guy who masterminds a murder..get less time and consequences than a young educated woman who has never ever had any kind of a criminal record get more time in Prison the the thug with a long rap sheet. Ms. Simon’s case was at face value worth what the plea bargain was originally for 5 Months in the Kent County Jail. Ms. Simon is planning an appeal with an entirely different W. Michigan Law firm…and she may have something there…”Ineffective Assistance of Counsel” at the trial and the Michigan Court of Appeals may just buy that…having 5 months offered…and roll the dice with 25 years at stake. Simon’s Father and Manley said let us “Big Guns” from the East side of the State go over to Kent and show them how it is done. But what they forgot is: It was Kent’s ball park, Their bats, their balls, their stadium and turf, their Jury. Needless to say the one paying the ultimate price with her life is Ms. Simon..not her Father or Manley. Those two just went back to Flint with their tails between their legs.

    No..Justice was not served today in Kent Count..But Justice was abused today in Kent County, and a cute educated young woman with a masters degree life has just been destroyed..all because possibly she was lonely..and we as Society are going to Lock her up for a minimum of 8 years possibly longer depending on what decision the Parole Board comes up with after 8 years. Very, very sad to ruin that woman’s life this way. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Ms. Simon and Family.

    • Jim

      The Realist—–He certainly has a way of describing what’s in/on his mind in a way that’s not ostentatious but humbly honest! I for one value his words, thoughts and opinion because there hardly is any margin for dispute. If there was an position or something that he wanted to run for in his chosen field he would be more than qualified and I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Keep up the great job. You have a gift and it is noticed.

    • S myer

      In addition to your comments why is it that “children” as young as 12 can be held accountable in court as adults for their participation in crimes but in this case the 17-year-old “”child” is not held accountable for his.

      • Americans First

        I have asked this question many times. I have written letters to Sen. Carl Levin’s office asking that he submit legislation to this effect. Inconsistencies like this exist in many of our laws, making these laws unfair, and unjust.

      • therealist

        It is all at the Discretion of the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor is an “Elected” Official by the people (Voters). The Voters gave Him/Her that power to represent us …the People (Society) and do what is in our vest interest. In many cases the Judge has to go along with what the Prosecutor is doing as well. It is supposed to be: “The burden of proof is on the Prosecutor” But the laws are so broad these the Prosecutor Broad Powers and Laws within to charge somebody..the rule has changed…the Burden of proof of innocence is on the Defense X10!!

      • therealist

        This was a total injustice and the laws and especially the State Mandated by Law “Sentencing Guidelines” Do not allow room for a Judge to tailor make a sentence.

    • Sara S

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the CHILD who was manipulated and coerced into having a relationship with Ms Simon. How dare you condone this relationship. How about the young man who had his childhood robbed and now has this reputation within his school. Even if the relationship was “mutual”, he was a child. If the victim would have been female and the defendant male, there would have been a very different response. How about you consider the victim?

      • therealist

        Ms. Sara S.: You are so far out in left are not even on this planet..if you are..I cannot believe you even have access to the media. These kids today have more kinky sex than most adults ever knew existed.

        • Big Johnson

          You must have forgot about the part where she smeared and basically accused the kid of raping her. That makes the 8 year sentence just.

    • brynn

      That was beautiful, TR! Really. I don’t agree with every thought you think, but I do believe you are a good man who cares deeply about people and justice. Wish you would invite us all to watch you in action!

      • therealist

        Thank You Brynn…To totally understand and comprehend some of my thoughts you would almost have to be in the same line of work. And you may all soon see me in Court. I will keep you posted we are examining a larger profile case right now.

    • Michael Kuehl

      Perhaps the reason she turned down the plea bargain is because she was telling the truth, wholly or partially. And the plea bargain included “lifetime parole monitoring,” years of “sex offender treatment” and quasi-totalitarian supervision, “lifetime electronic GPS tether,” and registration for life as a uniquely deviant and dangerous criminal: her name, mug-shot, and address on the internet until she passes from this world in her 80s or 90s. If she has been acquitted at trial she would have been totally free and not subject to life-time of quasi-totalitarian supervision. Read my articles “Women as ‘Rapists’ and ‘Pedophiles'”, “‘Child sexual abuse ” lunacy in Wisconsin, “Loony Wisconsin.” To call all of this insane would be an understatement. It’s beyond insanity.

  • Americans First

    The laws (and punishment) pertaining to consensual sex in the state of Michigan are ridiculous, and unjust. Teenagers, or young adults (and their parents), are held legally (and financially) responsible for breaking almost every other law on the books. Is consensual sex really a more serious crime than murder, assault, breaking & entering, larceny, etc., whereas, the so-called minor involved is absolved of any responsibility? Absolutely not! Why haven’t these laws been changed to reflect a just and fair way of handling these cases?

  • Americans First

    I find it amazing that this has already become “old” news. A person’s life is all but destroyed, because of these ridiculous laws, and we walk away, shaking our heads in disbelief, content on doing nothing. If we do nothing to change these laws, these laws will never change! When is enough, enough?

  • Truth Tellier

    The worst thing is what she put her family through. Their lives are totally disrupted now. Did you get a look at her mother in the photos above??? Wow, that’s the picture you see when you look up ugly. She was probably no beauty before, but this experience has aged her 50 years. (obvious sun/tanning damage as well).
    Abby is already up at Huron Valley Womens Prison, they shipped her out the very next day. Man, what a depressing place to land. Prison is either freezing or roasting. And “they” have been waiting for her, “they” have been following this case better than any of us, you can be sure.

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