Forest Hills teen struck when dropped off in center turn lane of Cascade Road

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Car that struck teen on Cascade Road

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A Forest Hills Central High School student was struck by a car on Cascade Road near Watermark Country Club when he was dropped off by his father in the center turn lane Friday morning.

The teen, reported to be 16 or 17 years old, was reported to have been in critical condition when taken to DeVos Children’s Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids.

The boy got out of the car and was struck by another car, a black Audi, as he tried to cross the street.


(On scene reporting by FOX 17’s Brody Carter)

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  • Mary

    Hard to believe a parent would drop his child off in the middle of the street in the dark. However, every day, young children cross Burton street – not in crosswalk – wearing dark clothing in pitch black before sunrise. They get off city busses and are walking to school. Some of these kids are under age 10!

  • Kim

    Very sad the child had such a stupid father…it’s wasn’t a lapse in judegment it was a lapse because this dad is an idiot! I agree charges need to be brought. The poor driver of the other car I’m sure is having nightmares about it as well…

  • The Unspoken

    totaly useless article. Sounds like a 7 year old put that together.
    Ya gotta feel bad for the families but the horrible media!
    No charges should be issued.

  • Jamie

    The bus waved the child to cross the street, not seeing the black car that was going 55mph on a 40mph street. It is not the fathers fault nor the buses fault the car was speeding and it’s nobody’s but his/hers

    • Jon

      the speed limit in that spot is actually 55mph so the vehicle was NOT speeding. it only drops to 45 when you get by forest hills foods some mile and a half away and to say it is not the fathers fault is crazy. watermark is maybe 2 minutes away from the school where the father could have just brought him. plus why would you let your child out IN THE MIDDLE LANE of a busy street such as cascade road? ridiculous. either way my prayers go out to both families.

  • Jessica Wiltjer

    This article paints a terrible picture with minimal facts with no regard to the family. This site as well as the people leaving inappropriate comments should have a little compassion for the family. Not to mentioned the fact that it is likely that many students witnessed this.

    • Tracy Stratton

      I agree 100%. People are so judgemental on here, as though they are perfect. They don’t even have all of the information yet about this accident and they are.already spouting mean, inappropriate comments. Smh…..

  • Guest

    This is a despicable article. It is click bait for people to leave horrible comments and pass a simple judgement, especially while the boy was in critical condition. Please take it down.

  • Elizabeth Martell-DeVolder

    Is it really necessary to leave negative comments? This is a tragedy for everyone involved! No need for your comments, only condolences

  • Stacey

    The thing I have to question is that if he was crossing the road to get on a bus. Did the bus not have its red stop lights on??? And if they did why was the car not slowing down and ready to stop???

  • Tracy Stratton

    I’m glad there are so many “perfect” parents on here. I’m sure you have never, ever made a mistake. This Dad definitely made a big one. Do you think he doesn’t know that?!?! Calling him stupid and criticizing him on here is totally unnecessary. Dad will have to live with his error in judgement and that is punishment enough.

  • Amy

    My first response to this horrible accident was to think what the heck was this dad thinking?? How could anyone do that? It makes no sense at all. Then I thought, he’s a teen. What if they were arguing and the teen said I’m getting out here and opened the door. It’s so hard not to judge with just the minimal facts, but there has to be more to the story. I can’t see anyone letting a child out in the middle of Cascade Rd. I’m sure in a few days more will come out.

  • lynn

    Who in their right mind would let a child of any age out in the middle of any street and make him run across traffic lanes to catch a school bus. You are a disgusting role model of a parent. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

  • Rick

    I read the comments about charging the father and making judgement about the father and am bothered by them. The news reports, both written and broadcast, have purposely pushed these types of responses and people willingly take the bate. Some want to hang the father and others, the driver involved. Where is the true reporting in this story? Why hasn’t Fox 17 done it’s due diligence to report in a fair impartial way that presents facts vice inciting speculation? The only facts presented are 1. A young man was struck while crossing the road. 2. It was dark out. 3. The car that struck this young man, was an Audi. 4. The accident happened near the Watermark Country Club. 5. The speed limit on that part of Cascade Rd. IS 55mph. To make comments that either the father or driver of the car is wealthy and therefore uncaring is beyond ignorant! This entire report is beyond deplorable and the Reporter, Editor and Producer should be held accountable for releasing a garbage report! Our community support and prayers should be with and for the family for their loss, the driver who will live with this the rest of his/her life, the other students who may have witnessed this horrific accident, and the community as a whole. Show compassion and caring, not ignorance and stupidity.

    • Stacey

      Rick, I agree with your comment. However I do not believe my question was neither ignorant or stupid. I was just looking for and an answer to a legitimate question.. Sorry if I offended you. But please don’t call me stupid or ignorant because I am neither.