‘They’re in way over their heads:’ Husband, sisters of Rebekah Bletsch frustrated with police investigation

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DALTON TOWNSHIP, Mich -- The end of January will mark seven months since Rebekah 'Becky' Bletsch was shot and left for dead on the side of rural Automobile Road in Muskegon County on June 29, 2014.

The 36-year-old mother was jogging less than a mile from her home when she was shot in the head. Police said none of the valuables on her were stolen.

They have yet to find her killer.

“The feeling of nothing is being done, it’s just left hanging there with no answers, no leads, nothing," said Becky's sister, Jessica Josephson.

“I won’t give up for my sister. I will fight for her and be her voice.”

Both Josephson and her sister Nicole Winberg say they've felt lost in the months since Becky's murder. And their sadness and disbelief is now accompanied by a growing sense of anger.

Winberg alleges police haven't been as forthright with the family in communicating the progress of the investigation as she expected they would be.

“We’re not told anything, and I understand it’s an open investigation, and they can only share certain things," Winberg said. "But just to even set the family aside and say, 'This is what we’re doing.' How big is their fight? That’s what I want to know."

Becky's husband, Kevin Bletsch, echoed those frustrations with police, adding that he felt investigators had been sloppy with evidence at the scene early on.

“I think they’re in way over their heads," he said off camera. "There have been bobbles along the way right from the beginning.”

Kevin Bletsch, who acknowledged he'd been considered a potential suspect by some shortly after the murder, said he expected scrutiny from investigators given the circumstances of the case.

He was cleared by police early in the investigation. “They told me that from the beginning that they were going to comb me out, but you let that happen" he said. "It was rough. It still is rough.”

Kevin and Becky married in 2009 but had been together for about 18 years. Kevin is now the sole parent to the couple's 12-year-old daughter Elli. Holding back tears, Kevin described his wife as devoted, both in marriage and in motherhood.

“If this was me, by now she probably would’ve joined the police force herself to try to find the person," he said with a smile.

Through it all, Becky's sisters have stood by Kevin in support, calling the accusations against him hurtful for the entire family.

“It’s heart wrenching, it’s an insult," Josephson said. "No way it was her husband. I understand where people are coming from: people are killing their family members, husbands killing wives, wives killing husbands. But that’s not the case here.”

Meanwhile, Becky's sisters say they have no choice but to hold out hope someone will come forward with information in the case. Winberg said she lives in fear, feeling suspicious of everyone, knowing her sister's killer is still at large.

“It’s an awful situation to sit in a restaurant and to look at every single person and wonder who they really are, what they’ve done," she said. "I do it at the grocery store too. It’s hard not to do it."

Becky's death is being investigated by a police task force lead by the Muskegon County Sheriff's Office. The Muskegon County Sheriff did not return FOX 17's request for comment Monday evening.

The family says there is still a $10,000 reward being offered for information that could lead to an arrest in the case. Anyone with information should call the Muskegon County Sheriff's Office at 231-724-6275 or Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME.

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  • Steve Johnson

    I had a friend who was murdered in 1992. Months went by and the police investigation went nowhere. The family offered a substantial reward for information. If the killer hadn’t drunkenly bragged about his crime to a friend in a bar, he would have gotten away with murder. His friend turned him in for the reward money.

  • Courtney

    Oh look, another case of the CSI Effect. Sorry people, billions of cases have gone cold, unsolved, and dead over the years due to lack of evidence; not for lack of trying. Not every case is dripping with forensics and solved within an hour.

    Yes, it’s tragic, yes it’s unfair, yes it’s cruel. And yes, I do sympathize with their plight, but no, I will not fall prey to assuming that art imitates life and every case will be solved because you won’t stop searching.

    The family isn’t police force and isn’t under the constraints of the law; claim they screwed up all you want, claim that they mishandled evidence and aren’t devoting enough time to your case; you’re not the only case in the state. Cute move, you know, claiming the cops screwed up when you’re off camera, guess that makes you above “police backlash”.

    • Open your eyes

      Courtney, your comments are just plain ignorant. I wonder how you would feel if it was your family member you were searching so hard for. Keep the negative, smart comments to yourself. I highly doubt one single person on here agrees with your ignorance or wants to hear it.

    • Brian

      I agree Courtney. I feel for the victims of this tragic death, but there may be no evidence. Cases do go cold. I do blame the police in that they should be communicating with the family. Sounds like there is not much to report though.

  • muskegon resident

    The task force needs a fire to be lit under their rears, this isn’t the only case in Muskegon County that hasn’t been solved. And it is sad. How can the residents of the county feel safe when the police don’t seem to be doing their jobs? And maybe there isn’t anymore evidence, they need to take what they have and open their minds a little wider, think harder. There has to be something somewhere, that theyre not seeing, and it is making them look bad. Same with Jessica’s case, and all the other cases of these young lives that have been lost. At least Jake had his father doing most of the investigating himself. That might be what Beckys family is going to have to do. Many prayers for her family. And hopefully something changes in the system to better help the many families find their justice.

  • Gloria Neale

    I have followed this story from the beginning and not a day goes by I don’t think of this young lady. I have never met her but feel I know her because of all I have read. Just by reading what I have this was deliberate and someone out there knows something. How could one look in the mirror every single day and know they did this or know the person that did this? Reading the article that has just been released…..Becky was a very lucky and blessed lady to have such a close knit family that is never going to give up on finding her killer. Many cases do go cold because their families just run out of energy and have not other avenues to follow. I truly applaud this family for continuing to keep her name out there so we don’t forget, however, my heart weighs heavy for them as well.

  • Randy Lahey (@RandyLahey17)

    Sixteen months later and still nothing. I too have followed this story from the start and it continues to trouble me. A suburban mom seemingly executed while jogging along a rural road. Why? Was this random or more personal? And how inept is the police force investigating this? While the family will always deal with the void this murder has created, I pray that one day justice will be served and they can find at least some closure.

  • briez

    M.P.D makes me sick! They miss treat cases all the time! My aunt has been missing almost a year now and they wouldn’t even agree to an investigation until months after the disappearance and there was no longer any evidence to sought-after! I’m so sorry for the Bletsch families loss, I hope you have better luck than my family.

  • Becky

    This is such a sad story. I just find it so strange and so hard to believe. Two women are missing and there’s one murdered within a @ a year or more, in the same muskegon area, yet there are no leads. I can’t be the only one who wonders the connection tion.

    • Anonymous

      As a Muskegon county president and a former victim of crime I just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree that the Muskegon police department has a lot of work to do on how they treat the victims and the families of the victims they have absolutely reason to investigate a case because they get paid one way or the other. Many people believe that Becky lived on a rural road which is true however just around the corner and up by the lake there is a huge heroin trade going on that not a lot of people know about. I cannot make any more comments on this other than to say that Becky’s death was not an accident and it wasn’t something that just happened by chance.

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