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Local man starts petition to stop “Fifty Shades of Grey” from coming to Celebration! Cinema

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich.-Scott Ruth of Wyoming makes websites for a living, but one he recently developed is personal.

His Cancel Grey petition is aimed at trying to keep west Michigan owned Celebration! Cinema from showing the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey."

It's the big screen version of the popular book from 2011.  Ruth, who is a father and active member of his church said films like this are "impacting our society and (he) felt a little enraged" after seeing the trailer of the film.

Steve Van Wagoner of Celebration Cinema said "It's not our business model to not play a wide release movie and it's not in the best interest of the community to have a wide release censored."

Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled to open in theaters Feb. 13.

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  • Greg Hoiem

    And so this self-righteous morally-perfect person feels he’s the ONE who should decide what I may or may not see at a theater? Just who in the hell does he think he is?! If you don’t like what’s playing, don’t go to the theater. If you haven’t even read the book, you have NO justification to even comment on the movie made from it. Hitler decided who could see & read what also, and we saw how that ended. From things like this, I see no difference between radical Christians and radical Muslims – they both want absolute control of everyone; kinda like the Democrats, but even worse.

    • gobluespartyon

      I agree with you Greg don’t want to see it then don’t see it but don’t have it banned for those that want to see the fifty Shades movie. I haven’t read the book and I wasn’t going to see the movie anyways I just don’t like censorship banning a movie just because you don’t like it Scott Ruth glad that Celebration Cinema isn’t caving in to Scott.

      • Amanda

        It’s not right for a man to start a petition for a theater to not play a movie that he knows nothing about because he’s never even read the books, & nobody is forcing him or anyone else to watch the movie. It’s simple really, he doesn’t want to watch the movie then he doesn’t watch the movie. Sounds to me like a guy that just wants attention because everyone knows this movie is going to be a #1 seller.

        • Dennis Carlon

          I have to disagree with you, Amanda. There is nothing wrong with him circulating a petition about anything he wants. It is up to the rest of us to either sign or decline.
          If nothing else, it will give the theater operators an idea of public sentiment in any given area.

          • Amanda

            Ok so I’m going to start petition for everyone to sign stating that when someone wants to try and dictate what a Theater can not show that they never be allowed to go to a Theater to watch any movie. I can do it and get a million signatures but are they really gonna stop someone from going to a Theater from a petition? No they’re not, just like the Theater isn’t not going to show a movie just because someone started a petition because of personal opinion or beliefs so again, he’s doing it for attention. I already got my ticket and I can’t wait for the next 2 movies to come out as well :-)

          • Duder

            Nothing wrong w/ the petition, we’re just exercising our right to disagree w/ the petition. I mean, we all know men of the world have nothing else better to worry about (you know, like the federal reserve not really being “federal” and that its really a mafia destroying our monetary system, our president assuming a fiat dictatorship position to do whatever the hell he wants, our military vets being smothered out and treated like shit, our tv media being throttled by our newly-appointed US Monarchy…) so, you know, just keep fighting over stupid shit like 50 Shades of Gray, the Superbowl, blah-bitty-blah-blah… as long as you just leave the real world shit up to the government, then “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” I am disgusted by how domesticated we’ve become… is this what you want? If so, then I *applaud* you. May you enjoy every bit of it…

    • Narissa

      Agreement… Like how we started as an independent country that has freedom to people stealing their neighbors freedom. As dolly parton said on joyful nose, “sweep your own porch”

    • Heidi

      I was going to comment on this story unt I read yours. Well said!!!! I am sick and tired of people getting worked up over something THEY don’t like, so let’s ban it. Like you said, if they don’t like it then don’t watch it. I’m a grown up and can make my own damn decisions.

    • JAR

      No, maybe 40YO virgin is right… we should just petition life in general. Unibrows? Cats? All evil. We shall petition it all, hail North Korea! If we get 10 signatures, then that must represent the masses, right?

  • gobluespartyon

    Good for Celebration Cinema for not caving into Scott Ruth wanting to ban Fifty Shades Of Grey if you don’t want to see it then don’t see it but don’t force you’re views on others that want to see the movie. I don’t like censorship as a conservative I believe live and let live that is why I’m not big on the social conservative like Scott Ruth which I bet is one of those that has too much time on his hands files complaints to FCC on broadcast TV. That is all I will say.

  • Zegota

    We must remember that it is one of the freedoms that we all enjoy here in the United States, and regardless of your political views, or your religious standings, you are entitled to your free speech. It has nothing to do with rather you are correct, or wrong, it has to do with voicing your concerns, and those who are name callers, or anti-free speech are the ones we all should be concerned about. Oh by the way, God Bless.

  • Emma J.

    Will never cease to be amazed at how so many people cannot even identify abuse. 50 Shades is the romanticizing and normalizing sexual and domestic abuse. Sadism: Getting sexual gratification from the pain, suffering, or cruelty done to someone. It is a mental illness, not a chick flick. So if Christian Grey was over 55, bald, unemployed, and on the poor side of town, is his stalking, controlling, and abuse still romantic? But it’s all okay since he’s a well-dressed rich white guy, right? Reality is women in real-life “50 Shade” relationships end up in women’s shelters, on the run for years, or dead. On behalf of the one in 3 women who will be sexually abused, THANK YOU celebration for your contribution to the mentality that this is o.k.

    • Amanda

      Don’t comment if you’ve never even read the book! You just make yourself look stupid, because if you have read the book you’d know that Christian himself had a tramatic childhood and BDSM helped him, but him meeting Ana helped him even more and he chose her over BDSM. It’s a love story, it’s not promoting violence or abuse. I also find it funny of all the other movies out there about abuse and murder yet there’s no petitions out there for those movies to not be played in Theaters.

      • Carmen

        It’s definitely promoting abuse. Holy crap, if you read quotes from the book without any real idea it’s from the book you cringe. First off, you need to look into exactly how a REAL BDSM relationship works, because it is nothing, NOTHING like how it is in the book. I really dislike that this book even became a movie, because so many people are getting the wrong idea about BDSM and relationships like this. It’s a love story? If this is a love story, so is every other abusive relationship on this planet.

        Here’s a list. Contemplate this. Figure it out for yourself.


        • Amanda

          Do you not understand that the books are work of FICTION?? I’d really like to understand how you think this movie is promoting abuse. Have you actually read the books from beginning to end? Also the fact that the movie is cutting out half of the stuff that’s in the book and no one has even seen the movie yet makes it a little premature to state ANYTHING like that about the movie. Also if you feel that way is someone forcing you to go see this movie? Why should you care what other people choose to watch? Do people try to dictate what you can and can not watch? Did you complain about every other movie ever made that involves violence & sex? I was in an abusive relationship when I was 16 and it had nothing to do with BDSM which by the way is consensual in the books and something that is consensual is not abuse!

          • Carmen

            I didn’t say anything about whether or not I want or don’t want to see the movie, or that anyone is making me, although I’m glad you can try to strawman your way out of this conversation.

            I’ll put it to you this way. Women are like, “dang, this is turning me on. I wanna try this in real life”

            Ding. There you go. People are trying it. It was talked about when the book came out that more people were going into stores and onto websites buying more BDSM related stuff because of this.

            The BDSM community has also been talking about for 3 years now how crap doms are coming around because of this bull. I’m sorry you were in an abusive relationship, but this is abuse. Even if it’s NOT the same way you were abused, this is abuse. This is literally a lot of the same behavior people report with abusive relationships, and if you fail to see that, it’s not really my problem. But it also needs to put out there that this isn’t a real BDSM relationship, and just like how men try to reenact porn, and women try to be sexy like in porn (please don’t try to tell me they don’t, because people do. We know this.) people want to try this.

          • Amanda

            First off you still haven’t answered on if you’ve actually read all 3 books from beginning to end? Secondly I’ve read all 3 books and I didn’t even want to because I’m not into that BDSM stuff but my sister told me how good they were, & I absolutely loved them. Did it make me want to try any of the BDSM stuff no. Is it wrong if someone does want to try that no, that’s their business. Yes there are people out there that try to be Doms just to hurt people, but these books never encouraged that. Alot of people have perfectly healthy BDSM relationships who are we to judge them for that? Still it has nothing to do with the movie and abuse has nothing to do with the movie.

          • Carmen

            You’re still pretty much ignoring what I’ve said, which is great. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m very aware of the BDSM community. You don’t need to reassure me about that at all. I already know.

            No, I have not read the books and I refuse to. Why? Because it’s literal crap. The writing is even worse than Twilight, and once again, it’s all incredibly abusive and I’m not putting any money towards supporting it. If I can read quotes from a book that make me physically cringe, I’m not going to lay down a cent.

            I’m gonna leave this here. I’m not going to bother repeating myself about how this is flat out abuse, and the only reason why you can’t see it is because it’s hidden in horrible writing and romanticism. http://asexualreaper.tumblr.com/post/109943981995/the6thsiren-the6thsiren-50-shades-of

          • Amanda

            Your opinion is completely moot! Your going off parts you’ve read out of a book which is completely taking it out of context and not to mention things you’ve read offline. If you would’ve actually read the books then you’d know that the BDSM portrayed in the book is mainly bondage and a little kink, not pain. Also not to mention AGAIN that it’s a work of fiction. People like you seriously have nothing better to do then judge something that you know NOTHING about!

          • Emma J.

            Amanda, to say our opinion is mute just because we didn’t read it is ridiculous. In other words, you can’t refuse to eat a pile of dog dung unless you’ve already tried it. Let’s grow up here. Phd.s, clinical psychologists, and counselors have done studies that prove this particular book in general put women at risk for abuse, and other destructive behavior. They are sounding the alarm and putting the info out there. The only thing more shameful than a man mistreating a woman is an ignorant woman defending them. It is not surprising that when people in West MI have your mentality, (BDSM was helpful.” Seriously?) west MI is in the top 10 religious communities in the country in hard core porn use. Holland, MI sexual assault rate is 4-5 TIMES the national average. (NOT a safe place for women to live) oh yeah, and your local radio DJ is arrested for molesting little boys. It’s pretty common for people around here to want to turn a blind eye to reality. And this is what you have. Try reading some real literature sometime and wake up to reality.

          • Amanda

            I didn’t say mute, I said moot. 2 very different meanings. I never said BDSM is helpful. Also abuse, molestation, & rape has been happening for centuries books being turned into movies has nothing to do with it! Besides the fact that the books have been out for years now so why is it such a big deal about it being a movie? If you don’t agree with it then ok but there are MILLIONS of people that love the books and can’t wait for all of the movies so who are you to say they can’t watch something that you’ve never even seen nor read? Your example makes no sense, if I refuse to eat something because I’ve never tried it is my choice, just like it’s YOUR choice not to see the movie and just like it’s MY choice to see the movie. I never defended abuse either, so even if you have read the books you’re gonna make it say whatever you want it to because that’s what you keep doing with what I say. So if PhD’s, phsychologists, & counselors all did a study saying that having sex is bad for you are you gonna hang on there every word and never have sex again? Of course I doubt anyone would even have sex with you because you’d say they abused you!

          • Emma J.

            that’s so like supporters of this garbage to throw insults. Just an FYI, I am a wife and mother of 4 and grandmother. And I have never been sexually abused. The reason it is important to me is that three of my good friends were sexually abused. Two of my co-workers were sexually abused. And I am involved in marriage ministry. I deal with this stuff a lot. So when professionals give a resounding stance that this stuff has a direct impact on the abuse of women, (obviously you’re not up to speed on that data) I don’t ignore it, I take it seriously. There is only one reason I decided to back this petition – the sheer numbers of people who need help after they have been abused. Oh, if only you could read, you would know what this petition is really about. It’s not totally your fault, the coverage was rife with errors as well. The petition is not wanting this banned. The petition is asking Cel. Cin. to not offer it at the theater where families go. There are plenty of adult entertainment establishments that are for this type of product. But, since I’m sure you don’t care enough to find out for yourself the reasons behind this request, nor do you care about the increasing domestic abuse, you simply reduce yourself to insulting those who disagree with you. It’s so funny all the questions people throw out there are already answered in the petition. If only they could read.

          • Amanda


        • Amanda


          • Emma J.

            Amy E. Bonomi, PhD, MPH,1,2 Julianna M. Nemeth, MA,3 Lauren E. Altenburger, MS,4
            Melissa L. Anderson, MS,2 Anastasia Snyder, PhD,4 and Irma Dotto, BS4, Dr. Miriam Grossman,MD, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Juli Slaterry all disagree with you and have the cold hard facts to back it up. But I’m sure you’re right and they’re all wrong.

          • Amanda

            How can it be a “fact” when I’ve read the books and never once took it as being abusive and never once had any abusive thoughts or fantasies? They can do as many “studies” as they want but it’s not going to change the fact that it’s their personal opinion. Calling it a study or fact doesn’t change that.

    • Heidi

      How is this abuse if both parties are consenting adults? So, if I ask my husband to handcuff me to the bed and spank me, he’s now abusing me? Dumbest thing I’ve read yet.

  • lucy lee

    In reference to zagota’s input….yes freedom of speech is very important and he has the right to say whatever he wants wherever he wants, but to actually try to get it banned is a little farther than “free speech”. He doesnt care who wants to see it or their “right” to choose what movie they want to see which in turn is taking away someone elses choice. All he cares about is making sure no one can watch it and he or you and possibly others are shocked when people take a stand? Further you throw out freedom of speech like people are are trying to stop him from doing that, which they are not, they are voicing their opinion about their freedom to choose for themselves what they watch, which he is in fact trying to take away, scott ruth in fact is trying to take away someone elses right not the other way around. I also look at this as ridiculous and short sighted on his part for the simple fact if he wants to make “communities” why doesnt he speak out about the drugs on just about every corner that gets sold to kids? Speak out about child abuse? Offer help to every womans place? Instead of the 100’s of other things he may actually make a difference on, he chooses to go after the cinema over a movie?!? Sounds like he has priorities crossed in my opinion and making a personal judgement call for all movie-goers which in fact is not his right to do so. And just to reiterate, voicing your concern is is a right and anyone can do so, but making choices for others for what they can or cant do, like watching a movie is wrong and he tried to take that a step further and ban it so no one that frequents the cinema and wants to see it could do that. That in fact is a radical move and can be viewed as communistic, its definately not allowing the freedom of choice which is what the united states stands for, all freedoms, not to be used to take someone elses freedoms away. Bravo Cinema Carousel for upholding others rights not to mention yours as a business.

  • katie

    why can’t he take all that energy, time, and momentum and do something real? Like fight child abuse or abuse against women. Dos something to help people. This is such a wast of his time. He could do so much good and help so many people by utilizing the results of these efforts in better ways. Too sad.

    • Emma J.

      Preventing abuse against women is exactly what he and the signers of the petition are doing. Try reading the petition. MI State Univ. has done the study showing this particular book/movie puts women at risk for abusive relationships and other destructive behavior. Clinical psychologists are warning people about involving yourself in this regardless of whether it is fiction or not. There are testimonies of women within the petition who have been in these types of abusive relationships. It’s not romantic – it terror.

  • Ashley

    I’m all for healthy relationships and views towards sex… but, who are we to deem what is appropriate and healthy for other audiences? If this man feels such opposition to the movie, then he should refrain from doing so. His moral/ethical objections should not hinder others from viewing this film… that’s like giving the secular society the right to protest the next big-Christian-released film. If people want to see the movie, by all means go see it… if not, settle down, and talk to your teenagers/children/close friends about why you feel such objections.

  • Wendy

    Why did he pick this film?? He talked about its “impact on our society’, there are hundreds of other films that have impacted our society. Why didn’t he choose “Schindler’s List”, or “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” they all have impacted our society with unspeakable horror, magic, and mythical lands and battles. The movies, most not all, are there to entertain, educate and inspire us. These books are a work of FICTION, if you take these books and the movie literally, yes, it would make people angry. No one is stopping the faith based movies that are being released on TV, cable and the one being released the EXACT same day as 50 Shades. There has to be something more newsworthy to get all riled up about, like world hunger, homelessness, child abuse(which Christian Grey has experienced, if you actually read the books), drugs, all sorts of things other than one man demanding attention because he ranted the loudest about something that everyone is talking about.

    • vinnie

      comparing lotr and harry potter to 50 shades is??? they have literally nothing in common; 50 shades is about a highly abusive relationship and is shedding a bad light on bdsm relationships. there is good and bad impact and 50 shades will have a negative one as it portrays the idea of abusive relationships as being okay

      • Amanda

        Seriously another person that hasn’t even read the books? You people seriously need to stop! Your opinions are moot! Haven’t you ever heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover? If you’d actually read the books you’d know that it’s a love story, it’s not about abuse and it’s not promoting abuse. The BDSM in the books is more about the bondage and kink not the pain and if you’ve read the books you’d know about the history in Christian’s life and the fact that he gives up the BDSM for Ana aside from a little kink. You people really need to get off your high horses and find something better to complain about.

        • vinnie

          actually I’ve read the books thanks. the book is, plain and simple, /about abuse./ I’ve been in an abusive relationship before so I know the signs. he uses scare tactics and guilt trips her. it’s not love. it’s abuse. there are no if ands or buts about it.

          • Amanda

            Oh yes because you actually wrote the book, sorry. I’m wrong, you’re right. EVERYTHING MUST be abuse! Shut the movie down!! No one go watch the movie, they say it’s nothing but abuse so they MUST be right! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

          • Amanda

            How is it a childish argument? You keep saying it’s all about abuse, I never viewed the books in that way. I was in an abusive relationship when I was 16, I know what abuse is. How many movies and shows out there have all different types or abuse and murder? Abuse was happening before the books ever came out, also books & movies do not encourage our actions. WE do. Reading a book or seeing a movie is not going to MAKE anyone do anything they wouldn’t of already done.

          • Emma J.

            Amanda, since you’re unable to identify the abuse in this book, maybe you should find out what Dr. Juli Slattery, or Dr. Miriam Grossman, or the study by MI State University on just how this book impacts men and women. Get caught up on how media does indeed impact society. Oh, did I mention – all that info is right in the petition itself. You should read it.

          • Amanda


  • Amy S.

    If you don’t want to see the movie then don’t go to it! Why do people think that their way is the right way? That’s what’s great about USA, you have choices!!!!

  • JAR

    If you don’t like the movie, then DON’T GO SEE THE MOVIE! It’s called freedom of speech, you busy-body weasel. Perhaps you should focus you’re efforts less on half-assed desperate housewife “porn”, and more on the topic of losing your virginity. Jesus Christ, grow a freakin pair dude…

  • Duder

    Well, I haven’t read the book… Or A book, for that matter. I was too busy feeding the cats Oreos, and free-basing Dr. Pepper while World of Warcraft binging. However… my peanut brain MUST represent the opinion of 99.9% of everyone else, right? My petition is 37 signatures strong!! Therefore, the people have spoken. We shall shut down your mommy-smut! SHUT IT DOWN I SAY!!!

  • amber021

    Oh grow up dumbarse. I myself cant wait for it to come out u dont like it dont watch it. free will dude u dont have to see it. Dumbarse

  • rebekka

    If you don’t want to see it don’t see it. Don’t take it away from those who do. Come on man your an adult. Grow up and very on with your life

  • sharon

    does this man have a death wish !!!!! every hot blooded women on earth will tear him apart if he gets it banned lol hell hath no fury like a women kept from christian grey !!!! lol

  • Amanda

    The local CBS affiliate in Cleveland reportsthat a new “study” by Ohio State University has found that the E. L. James smash hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey promotes “sexual and emotional abuse” against women. I put the word “study” in quotes because there is nothing scientific about it–just a bunch of pseudo-literary interpretations from busybodies determined to quash a racy book enjoyed by millions of women.

    The study’s authors applied their hermeneutic skills to the bondage sex paperback, armed with the symptoms of abuse laid down by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, such as “modifying her own behavior for the sake of fostering harmony in the relationship.” (Most people call that “marriage,” not “bondage.”) If they had panned the book for bad writing, that might have been valid–but abuse? Come on.

    These arguments are the same ones used by nanny-staters on the right who argue that pornography ought to be further restricted because it allegedly encourages violence against women–despite the lack of convincing evidence. At least those efforts involve visual media. How concerned ought we be, really, against literature that is entirely text-based, leaving the images to the imagination of the reader herself to co-create?

    That’s really the problem for these party-poopers–that women might be fantasizing about kinky sex, and in fact enjoying it, as fantasy or reality. The worst part of the novel, for them, is probably the fact that the main characterconsents to her predicament. Actually, in the end, she doesn’t: she decides it’s not for her. Isn’t that a helpful moral lesson? Not to these would-be censors, who are enslaved to their own tired pretensions.

  • Dawna

    I think that if people are going to complain about 50 shades of grey than they better start complaining about the human centipede and other sick horror movies.

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