Snow plow company leaves clients stuck in their driveways

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich.-- When the snow comes down in Michigan people are usually hoping they can make it out of their driveways. Kari Dayton went so far to hire a private plow company after what winter 2014 dumped in her driveway. She signed a contract with a local Muskegon company, but now she wishes she had shoveled snow herself.

"After a winter like last winter you know I wasn't going to take that chance," said Dayton.

She decided to get a private plow company in October.

"I had a co-worker that used them in the past and they had a great rate," she said.

Dayton decided to go with Landscape Supplies in Muskegon. She signed a contract that indicated they would plow from November to March for about $230. It stipulated that they would come to the residence between 9 a.m. and noon the next day after it snows.

At Landscape Supplies, their business driveway is completely plowed, but their customers will tell you they aren't doing that for the people who paid for that service.

"They would come once a day once there was three inches of accumulation at their location on Airline Road," she said. But when she woke up Monday morning nothing was plowed.

"I got home, and my driveway was still not plowed," said Dayton.

Kari tried to call but got no response. "I went to the property, and the doors were locked during their business hours," she said.

Apparently Kari was not the only one. There were some angry customers that showed up at Landscape Supplies wondering why their driveways were not plowed.

"My car got stuck, and I had to use AAA to get out of my driveway," said Rebecca, another client of Landscape Supplies.

Rebecca also couldn't get them on the phone and came to Landscape Supplies to see what was going on.

"I prepaid, and I don't know what I'm going to do now."

An employee of Landscape Supplies declined to comment to FOX 17 News Tuesday night. We even witnessed their employees plowing the premises, but they also would not give a comment. Further, we called the business, but no one answered, and the mailbox was full.

The owner of Landscape Supplies filed for bankruptcy in 2013 for a business called Lawn Maintenance and Snow Plow.

For now, Dayton has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. "It's about the principle. I mean it's strictly about the principle for me."

The contract that Kari and the other clients signed says there are no refunds. FOX 17 talked to some clients who have contracted with the company for two years and said the Landscape Supplies has only failed to plow a couple of times.

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  • Malia Daniels

    In response to your “snow plowing” story, what you failed to realize is that when it snows heavily & continuously, especially WITH extensive blowing & drifting, there will always be SOMEBODY who isn’t happy. A few customers complain because they want to have their drives clear, trying to say that “they were never plowed”. Only when they’re given the TIME that they were actually plowed, do they admit that, “yeah, but now there’s snow in my driveway again!” The contracts say, & they are told that residential customers are plowed between 9:00 p.m. & noon the following day, once the snow reaches 3″. They are given one visit per day, under these conditions. This snow plowing company has MANY happy customers, & 2 people complaining during a heavy snowfall isn’t worthy of a news story. Ridiculous.

    • Lindsey

      While I agree with some aspects of your comment, as a customer it was very frustrating to call and not get an answer. All I needed was reassurance that someone was coming. When the phone just rings and the mailbox is full, you start to wonder whats going on. A little friendly customer service could have prevented this story from happening.

  • Thomas

    I used to work for this company. It is a huge joke. He doesnt know how to run a business nor does he know how to treat his employees.

  • Another victim

    Don’t use this company!! Shady, dishonest, and no conscience. You don’t always get what you pay for with this company. Not only do they not follow through on their contract, they don’t deliver what they quote for mulch either. People need the truth. I disagree Nick and Milia Daniels–this IS Worthy of a news story and if someone would answer the phone and you followed through on your word maybe they wouldn’t have felt they needed to report this….

  • Skippy

    I had this company plow for me for 2 years. the first year was great, but we had hardly any snow. The next year, we did have snow, and it would take three or four days before they would show up to plow. I would try to call, but no one ever answered. Needless to say I got with another service that charges the same price and has done a great job! I’m glad I left when I did.

  • Lindsey

    I am also a customer of this company, and while I was frustrated that I did not get plowed Monday until about 9 pm, my contract states that: “Residential snow plowing is started with 3″ of accumulation, between the hours of 9:00 pm and thrus 12:00 noon the next morning, one visit per day.” Nowhere in my contract does it state that they will plow between the hours of 9am and noon.

  • Amber

    If anyone is looking for a good company, I have had a really good experience with Eric Rosendall’s Lakeshore Property Services: 616 638 8645.

  • niki

    Stories like this make me glad I have a friendly neighbor with a plow. He’s cheap too, hubby just brings him over a beer once in a while.
    I have to say though, that leaving customers with no answer is only going to add to the problem, perhaps the company was just having trouble keeping up with all the snow, a friendly FYI in that situation can go a long way.

  • Katie

    I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. Malia, the true story is there are more than two people who haven’t received services and they should be punished for breach of contract. I know four families that have not received plowing of any sorts from this company and they have pre-paid for services to be rendered. I grew up in Michigan, I know the “blowing and drifting” that happens. These driveways have not been snow plowed or attempted to be snow plowed. When a business doesn’t answer the phone and won’t speak with consumers about lack of services something should happen! I do understand the contract negates refunds however this isn’t a refund based on poor services or complaints. No services were even attempted to be made! A refund should be given!

  • Laura

    I think that you can still take him to court since the services you contrated him for were not rendered. That part of ‘no refunds’ would be null & void…since no plowing ever took place. Document it all. Pictures & other witnesses (neighbors). This whole deal of not answering the phone & locking the doors of the business when it is supposed to be open are all traits of a shady person. Take them to court!

  • :-/

    We got 20″ here and I was able to plow all 30 houses I have a total of 3 times between Sunday morning and Monday morning. Sounds like a bunch of BS for them to show up or even return calls, shady company. They won’t be around next year after this news story.

    • Slow Clap for Mr. 30 houses Plowed =D

      You plowed 30 houses three times? Well congratulations, you earn a golden star. Now, multiply that number by 10 (That makes 300), and that’s approximately how many residential driveways Landscape Supply and other similar snow plowing businesses have (I would know, as I work for another snowplowing service in the area). Now, along with that 300 number we discussed earlier, add on top of that anywhere from 15-50 commercial routes (That means businesses, which takes significantly longer than a residential driveway), and you will have a small idea of the actual workload a real snowplow service has to accomplish. But you know, 30 houses is a cute accomplishment :)

      • CommonSense

        Stupid comment. If this company can’t plow all their customers driveways in a timely manner then they shouldn’t have accepted the money and written the contract. And Mr. Plow King did you do 90 jobs by yourself in that same time frame?

        • Yes

          Actually yes Mr. Jackass, and even more than 90. I had two routes of anywhere between 60-80 houses each that I would accomplish in that same amount of time. So quite frankly, 90 houses is a pretty mediocre…But like I said, a cute accomplishment :) Also, in a snowplow business, trucks break down, plows stop working, and many other uncontrollable problems occur that can slow down times, even with good preparation and back up trucks/plows. This story doesn’t say how many times Landscape Supply’s customers DID get plowed on time. And since I know several customers of Landscape Supply, I can honestly say that this past week’s situation was a rare one.

      • CommonSense

        You are my hero. Keep up the amazing work you do so we can all sleep better knowing you are on the job.

        ***News flash*** A snow storm is not an unusual event in MI. And who crowned you snow plow king? Oh wait…. You won the title of the best snow plow driver in the country by practicing plowing out your mobile home park’s parking lots without damaging one Bass Tracker boat. Just imagine that maybe some day you could afford to buy a truck and plow yourself and start your own plowing company!?

        And what kind of snow plow business starts plowing at 9 am. My driveways are plowed while I sleep.

  • Satisfied Customer of Landscape Supply

    I know Muskegon is a small town and there isn’t much to write about, but why is this even a story? Cassy Arsenault and the other members of Fox 17 “News” need to go back to school and relearn how to report the news in an accurate and professional manner. This story is actually quite pathetic, especially taking into account all the satisfied customers of Landscape Supply who have never had any issues or problems, myself being one of the many. Sure, in any business there will be customers who are not satisfied, but to poorly write a story about it? Whats next? An entire story about how 10 people in Michigan might have Ebola? Oh wait, that vague, unprofessional, and pitifully written story has already been reported by another Fox 17 employee a few months ago…

  • Logic

    9:00 am to noon the next day? My snowplowing contract with Landscape Supply says 9:00 pm to noon the next day, and that’s when accumulation reaches 3 inches, NOT right when it starts to snow. But I guess Fox 17 is never in to getting all the truthful details. Also, Landscape Supply did plow my driveway as promised, but with the large amount of snow we received in a short amount of time, it was not completely noticeable simply because of the wind and heavy snowfall. For all you customers who claim to have never been plowed, or as Fox 17 News described one of the customers as being plowed a “couple of times”, how might you explain the large snow pile in your yard? Please, don’t be so ignorant.

    • Relevance?

      A thief? For cutting down trees? Trees are cut down everyday sir. This has nothing to do with snowplowing. And that article is four years old…have you no life?

  • Paige

    How frustrating!! When you pay for a service you expect it to be completed in the way it was promised. I can accept one time as a mistake, but with multiple customers having issues it seems like there might be a bigger problem!

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