Walker man charged in Richmond Park hit-and-run that injured 4-year-old

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KEVIN DANIEL WITTEGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Kevin Daniel Witte has been charged with a felony in connection with the Richmond Park hit-and-run that injured a 4-year-old boy.

Witte, 23, of Walker was charged Thursday with failure to stop at the scene of a personal injury accident, according to the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office.

He is accused of hitting Gabriel Castillo Jr. Jan. 24 while the boy was sledding at Richmond Park.   Castillo was struck after his saucer veered off the hill and onto Richmond Street NW.

He was taken to the hospital and returned home this week. 

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  • Old Mans man

    I don’t understand why its a felony? He was not “at fault” per say.. the sled hit his car!!! Charge the parents!!! Sue the city for not providing a proper guard rail !!!!

  • Shannon

    The fact that he didn’t come forward says it all!!!!! In a sledding zone where kids are you must drive with extreme caution and if you hit someone it’s your responsibility to call for help to leave the scene and that child it’s just wrong and should have consequences as a driver your have responsibility people who think otherwise something seriously wrong with them!!!! He is getting what he deserves

  • Perhaps

    The problem starts with the fact there are no more “accidents” per say any longer.
    There always has to be someone at fault or someone to take the consequences.
    Sh*t just happen anymore, someone always has to take the blame, even when something really was an accident.
    That results is high court costs, prison or jail, the lose of a job…whatever.
    Many many years ago a young boy ran down a wooded hill and right into the path of my fathers car
    ( in the 1950s) and the boy was killed. it was truly an accident. my dad lived with horrible guilt the rest of his life but there was no legal consequences because it was really an accident.
    Perhaps its the lawyers, perhaps its the large population, perhaps its the changing law .

    Remember awhile back a man hit a child, stooped to help and be accountable and was almost beaten to death by onlookers?

    Its hard to say and I’m not defending or excusing this driver, just offering my thoughts on why so msny hit and runs seems to happened now when it wasn’t like that.
    Perhaps even people don’t have the moral compass they once did, or fear of financial ruin, I don’t know.
    Glad and greatfule the child is recovering.

  • Jerry Callen

    This was a terrible thing to have happen to a child just having fun,,But it is not the first one that has been hurt on this hill,nor will it be the last..You would think the city would put up safety nets or some type of protection for the kids so we could stop these type of problems in the first place..My heart goes out to the child and his parents,,as far as the driver he should get all they can give him for leaving the scene of the accident..He has no morals or concern for anybody but himself or he would have stayed there to help and showed he cared about the child that he just hit..

  • CommonSense

    How many times do I see children under the age of five playing in and around this park without any supervision. It happens all the time. Parents are not with their kids, and if they are so many of them are playing on their phones ignoring them. No real parent in their right mind lets a 4 year old ride down any of these hills alone. In the end, parent was negligent and driver should have stopped. In the end, if the parent would have given a crap and been responsible, this would have not been an issue. So, it goes to say, Spring is just around the corner. How many little babies-those under five years old will be out playing (unsupervised) along the edges of the pond water once the ice and snow melts? Something to think about!!!

  • Shayla

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  • Mary

    I understand what everyone is saying but hey if a child hit your car or you hit the child would you have not of stopped. I mean it is just a child. A human at the least.

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