Mom willing to face jail time to keep ‘dangerous’ 12-year-old son out of house

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Williamsburg, VA (WTKR) — Kimberlyn Williams feels unsafe in her own home because of her 12-year-old son.

“I am his mother and I do love him, but he`s dangerous,” Williams says.

She says he’s so dangerous that she is prepared to face jail time to keep him out of the house, to not only protect herself, but her two younger children.

“I have been hit, bit, kicked,” she says. “He has threatened to stab children at school, to kill them. He has these outbursts.”

She says her son is now at Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Hampton. He was put there after Williams called police last week because of what she says she witnessed between her son and four-year-old daughter.

“When I went in, I found him exposing himself to her and trying to coerce her to touch him,” Williams says.

Williams says that was the final straw after years of violent and inappropriate behavior, and years of trying to get him the help he needs.

“It`s not a case of us not trying to get him help,” she says. “This is not an isolated incident. It’s been a gauntlet of doctors and medications and diagnoses.”

Her son is set to be released Thursday, but Williams does not want to bring him home.

“If I do not show up to get him, I will face criminal charges or child abandonment,” she says.

Williams says Child Protective Services told her if she refuses to take him, her son would be placed in a 24-hour supervision residential facility — something she’s wanted all along. She says it would take police arresting her to get her wish.

“I want something to get done,” Williams says. “I don`t want it to be you take this one and you risk your other children’s health and safety or you go to jail. There has to be a better way.”

To get her son the help he needs, Williams says she’s prepared to face the consequences.

“Nobody want to talk about this,” she says. “It`s something we would certainly consider a private family issue, but along those lines maybe it can help other people.”

Neither James City County Police nor CPS will comment.

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  • jaime

    I feel this ladies pain. I have a 6 year old son who has outbursts and I have been punched in the face and bit and spit at. I am going through hell right now just trying to find help. The only psychiatrist in this area that takes our insurance is only in the office once a week. I’m terrified that as he gets older he will only get worse. He started acting out in preschool and gets worse every year.

    • Jeffrey L. Whitaker

      Jaime, there are a number of options for families who are struggling with behavior problems. Any successful solution must involve the entire family. Contact my office and I’ll hapily point you in the right direction.

      • jaime

        I have contacted everyone in my area. I have contacted my county’s mental health which it’s the ONLY place with a psychiatrist that will see him, But not until March. I have advocates trying to get him in sooner but it’s unlikely they will be able to. The school works alot with us but he is a danger to everyone and everything when he has these rage fits. Mental health isn’t even to sure how to handle him because of his age. So you giving me info on people to contact would likely not do anything for me.

        • Jeffrey L. Whitaker

          Jaime, it sounds like you are already doing much of what can be done. Inasmuch I assume you are already participating in family-oriented therapy. Addressing the boy independent of his role in the family is not likely to result in the desired outcome. Behavior dysfunction is neither created nor resolved in a vacuum.

  • Tracy

    The fact is the state doesn’t step in to help until a law is broken. It is completely ridiculous that the state would chose to charge a mom with child neglect for refusing to take in one child, when the truth is, it is neglect/abuse to allow the child in the home to hurt the other children! Parents need more help and more options and less threats of retribution from a state who will punish her, but not step up to help her.

    • Bobbi Shinew

      I agree with you completely about this. My ex-husband is going through this right now with his 16 year old son and has been for the past fours years. It has come down to him attacking his dad now and punching teachers and cops and gets away with it.

    • Jo

      What an ignorant and callous comment. It says more about your unpleasant personality and lack of morals and empathy than anything else. This is a child with a malfunctioning brain which he should be no more condemned for than if he had a malfunctioning kidney. Shame on you!

  • sabrina

    I sounds like theres an underlying issue like maybe “sexual abuse” w/ the outbursts of aggresion. And sexually acting out where is the father (lack of).

  • Ted Brown

    “It`s not a case of us not trying to get him help,” she says. “This is not an isolated incident. It’s been a gauntlet of doctors and medications and diagnoses.”

    I know exactly what the problem is, it’s just that the law has instilled fear in parents so that they can’t not properly discipline their child, so, instead, they turn to all the “societal norms” from medication to psychologists, and the only thing that will happen in the end, is it makes the problem worse and the boy will become a criminal dependant upon the state. The travesty is we will possibly never know the level of abuse he has suffered to make him act in such a manner. However, this does not mean that the child shouldn’t be harshly disciplined for his harsh behaviors. To make him understand that harsh behaviors are never acceptable.

  • jaimie

    This is just a very sad case i can see her point the boy needs help before the next news report may be a murder scene my heart goes out to this mother shes caught between the love of all her children to there safety and the boy obviously needs major help cps and authorities need to realize this is serious

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