“The Hulk” is YouTube sensation pit bull

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


CARROLL, N.H. — One of the biggest of his kind in the world, this 17-month-old pit bull bred is called “The Hulk.”

Hulk’s head measures 27 inches around, and the dog weighs 173 pounds.  He is the same size as a “miniature horse” and was raised by Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire.
According to our affiliate station, WTVM, the dog has become an Internet sensation. The video on YouTube of Hulk has been viewed by more than 3 million times. In it, he is sitting on a scale and being rewarded a treat from one of his owners.
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    • Lauren

      There are called American Pit bull Terrier, but for short they are just called Pit Bull. There is no breed called ‘American Bully Breed’. When a dog is called a Bully Breed, it is when the public have been bullying them. You should do your research on something before you say something. And yes, he is a Pit Bull, he is a very pretty Pit Bull.

  • Noeline

    We had two PitBulls. They are the most gentle dogs. Unless the dog next door attacks them three times then our young one really held a grudge. We have since had to find a good home for her. That was a mission as so many people are bigotted against them. We miss her and no longer talk to the neighbours as they manipulated our dog onto their property. We were believed in the fact that we didn’t have to have her put down. It used to be German shepherds then Rottweilers then Doberman now its PitBulls. People should realize it’s not the dog but the owner.