Hollywood, celebrities take notice of Greenville appliance manufacturer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENVILLE, MI -- We might be a couple thousand miles away from Hollywood, California but that doesn't stop TV shows, movie set designers, and celebrities from taking notice of quality high-end kitchen appliances being produced by Greenville company AGA Marvel (pronounced Ah-Ga Mar-vell). Perhaps the more amazing thing is how this company has survived and thrived in a city where two major manufacturers (Gibson and Electrolux) have closed their doors or moved on to other cities.

All of us have purchased a stove or refrigerator at one time or another, but look closely...you'll probably notice that these "standard" kitchen appliance in stainless steel have folded-over corners, are typically lower grade stainless, and some have been known to even rust...signifying that they have more plain metal in their composition than actual rust-free stainless (my appliances included). AGA Marvel began back in 1892 as Ranney Refrigeration. They make under counter refrigeration, full height refrigeration, wood stoves, classic stoves, and a full line of outdoor under counter products.

AGA Marvel produces about 200 appliances each day in their newer 175,000 square foot facility that employs about 200 workers. Most of those workers were actually hired from the old Electrolux plant that packed up and left for Mexico several years back. Set designers for TV shows, motion picture sets, celebrities, and King and Queens have all purchased these high-end quality appliances. Their stoves can last 40 years or longer and some of them have even been left to next generation family members in wills. That alone speaks to the quality and longevity that's hard to find today in products.

Martha Stewart, designer Kathryn Ireland, Vanilla Ice, and even Batman on the FOX TV show Gotham (seen here on FOX 17 each Monday night) all have AGA products. According to North American Brand Manager Leah Clark, "the reason a lot of people choose our appliances is because they're looking for something that's not mainstream. They want something that speaks to their personality. They want something that's hand-crafted, where there is quality that they can be assured that the product they're buying is going to last throughout the years."

The entry level price point for a consumer AGA stove is about $4,500. They can go all the way up to about $19,000. Marvel refrigeration products range between $1,400 and $2,500. If you'd like more information on AGA Marvel you can visit their website here. Find their Facebook page here.

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