Michigan doctor refuses to treat same-sex couple’s baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROSEVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan same-sex couple says a doctor refused to treat their now-4-month-old baby Bay.

Krista and Jami Contreras first met Dr. Vesna Roi in September before Bay was born, and said they were initially happy with her.

“We were really happy with her,” Krista told FOX 2. “The kind of care she offered, we liked her personality, she seemed pretty friendly.  She seemed pretty straight up with us.”

Krista and Jami were told to make an appointment with Dr. Roi after Bay was born, and they took the infant into Eastlake Pediatrics when she was 6 days old.

However, instead of seeing Dr. Roi, a different doctor was there.

“The first thing Dr. Karam said was ‘I’ll be your doctor.  I’ll be seeing you today because Dr. Roi decided this morning that she prayed on it and she won’t be able to care for Bay,” Jami told FOX 2.

Jami added that they were told Dr. Roi didn’t come to the office at all that morning because she didn’t want to see the couple.

“It was embarrassing. It was humiliating, and here we are, new parents trying to protect her, and we know this happens in the world and we’re completely prepared for this to happen other places.  But not at our six-day-old’s wellness appointment,” Jami said.

According to FOX 2, the couple went through with the appointment with Dr. Karam and then found a different pediatric group for Bay.

Jami and Krista shared their story on social media, and nearly four months later they received a letter from Dr. Roi.

The Feb. 9 letter reads, in part:

“After much prayer following your prenatal, I felt that I would not be able to develop the personal patient-doctor relationships that I normally do with my patients.  We do not keep prenatal information once we have our meetings so I had no way to contact you. “

Dr. Roi then apologizes, writing that she should have spoken to the couple on the day of the wellness appointment and adding “…I believe God gives us free choice and I would never judge anyone based on what they do with that free choice.”

Dr. Roi declined to comment to FOX 2.

Read more at FOX 2

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  • bd

    It’s the doctor choice, and this shouldn’t be news. The doctor did nothing wrong. People that do not agree with same-sex situations should not be forced to do things they do not feel comfortable with. same as the other way around. we do not have to cater to a same-sex situation.

    • Christine

      BD… How is this the baby’s fault? You mean to tell me because two people fell in love and decided to have a baby together, that the baby shouldn’t receive treatment… That’s just messed up thinking. So punish an innocent baby that has no say… SMH!

      • diane

        thats exactly what its coming to!!!! even THE DEATH WITH DIGNITY Law they want is nothing more than giving a dr his choice to basically say its your time !!!! enough spent on you your old lived your life we’ve made enough bring in the next one???????? are you kidding me this stuff has gone way way way to far doing nothing more that taking away our rights period and giving them to the higher ups to make our choices for us??? people better wake up soon its gonna be to late who cares that they are gay/ white / black/ red/ or yellow?????? its discrimination legally hello ??/ ain’t nothing to do with religion or beliefs period read the bible wheres it state that?

  • the boss

    It is fine to have your own opinion on other peoples choice, but keep them to your self, that doctor knew they were gay she should of told them right then and there i am not accepting new patient not tell them to make a appt ..but legally you can not deny a innocent baby from being treated that is crazy

  • sure

    the couple went through with the appointment with Dr. Karam and then found a different pediatric group for Bay.
    the baby had the checkup . Every one had their choice here . The doc said no the couple said no and moved on THE BABY HAD THE CHECKUP !

  • JD

    It is so pathedic that some of you think this should be a news worthy story. There are plenty of other doctors offices you can choose from. Just as they have there right to be gay the doctors also have a right to not treat them. So instead of crying, pissing, and moaning trying to get some kind od sympathy or attention and waiting on things to be done for you get off your lazy butt and go find a different doctor.

  • Liz Bandlow

    Why is this news? so what find another doc. Doctor refused to treat my son because he didn’t believe your body could build up a tolerance to a drug and it not work any more. It took 6 more months to get to see other doc. In the mean time he was on a drug that wasn’t right for him. Should I have called the news?

  • charlie

    A little annoyed by the article title and bias. The doctor isn’t refusing to treat the baby. If they had an emergency and she was the only doctor around she would treat the baby. What the doctor has done is made a decision not to be the primary care doctor because she does not feel that same sex marriage follows her beliefs and does not feel like she could have the type of doctor patient relationship needed out of a baby’s primary care doctor. These two going to the press just shows how sad and desperate they are

  • Pingback: Anonymous
  • Jeff

    Lots of different opinions on this, but I can only see it as discrimination! This so called doctor is a coward, to not even show up the day of the appt! Maybe the doctor should’ve prayed for the strength and courage to at least be honest with these people from the beginning, or at least the day of the appointment! What kind of professionalism does this doctor have?

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Well, I will say the same thing I have been saying for years. Gays will NEVER BE ACCEPTED BY THE PUBLIC MAJORITY! To make things more screwed up is the fact that their children will be put right in the middle of this sick shit. The children should be removed from ALL who embrace this sick lifestyle. PS the Dr. made the correct decision to not get involved in this mess.

  • amb

    I find this absolutely revolting reading the comments and opinions on here is disgusting! The Dr. was praying about this situation?? Really?? When she took her oath as a Practicing physician did it say to treat anybody!! This should never have happened! It should not matter what the sexual preference of the parents are no MATTER what!! I’m glad as hell that this made the news. Let individuals know to stay away from this so called (chances are non American) Dr. Roi! It should not matter who agrees with same sex situations or not! Furthermore this is about a bigoted ignorant Dr. who obviously does not care about her innocent baby patients.. she just cares about the sexual preference of their parents!

  • Vicky Fountain

    Once again, it’s fine for the same-se couple to live out their personal values, but not for the doctor to live out hers. I can understand how they would feel hurt and embarrassed, but my gosh, go to another pediatrician and stop plastering your personal gripe all over the media. Deal with it like grown women; without b****ing and moaning.

  • calirogue

    Yeah we have free choice… it’s just a shame some people use that freedom to be passive aggressive dicks. If you won’t even look at a FRICKIN BABY because of its parents, don’t pretend you will and then back out. Dr. Roi was a coward for not even coming to the office to reject them personally. The letter was also dumb and pointless.

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