Strangers help family of ailing newborn

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. -- Elease Koehn just turned one month old. She's in the Helen Devos Children's Hospital, and she's fighting for her life.

"We noticed she wasn't eating right, so we brought her [to the hospital on January] 28th and they checked her platelet count," Brandon Koehn, Elease's father said. "They said she was deathly ill," he added.

Koehn said he learned from doctors that Elease contracted a viral infection. What it is exactly, isn't clear.

"All of a sudden it took a turn for the worse, and it damaged her liver and her kidneys. Then she started bleeding to death," he explained.

When Koehn put out a request on Facebook for prayer for his daughter's healing, he got more than he bargained for.

Hair stylist Kathleen Peterson said she "heard about their story on Facebook, and it was touching." She said when she read about Elease's battle, she felt the need to do something for the family of four.

Peterson got the idea and permission to hold a cut-a-thon at Lamar Hair Studio in Wyoming. Stylists cut hair for $10. Peterson said all proceeds will go to the family and will help pay for non-medical expenses the family may incur as they take care of Elease.

Koehn said Elease's condition has improved some, but prayers are still needed.

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  • Kevin

    the gofund me account is for non medical expenses!?!? Which is funny because with the amount of care that the parents say she is getting they cant afford that and the state is picking up the bill.

    • Dana M Perez

      wow Kevin way to be an asshole in a parents worst nightmare. The state most likely isn’t picking up the entire bill. Also these people probably need help paying bills, I wouldn’t miss a single second of life my child could or couldn’t have. Way to be a douche.

  • katie

    I have been following this on Facebook and have said many prayers. I personally don’t know the struggle or can’t even express gratitude to everyone who has been following. This little girl has been through more of a struggle that even the strongest person would crumble in pieces. Yes funds are needed to help with the parents daily needs, and any unpaid procedures needed. The state helps with some but not all. My own daughter has ran a fundraiser to help a friend that was in need at that same hospital. Great place but the food there sucks. Keep strong baby girl, you can show the world that life is more than we can feel or see. And to mom and dad. May the lord bless you with better days, and a strong heart to keep going.

  • Kevin

    The state will pick up all of it and/or the hospital will take a hit and use it as a write off. In the interview it She says went home for a few days and then went into the hospital. chances are she got something at home or was even born with what’s wrong. This isn’t the first time parents haven’t been truthful about what goes on at him and in their lives.

      • Kevin

        Enlighten you about what? Im not sure what you want me to say. Ask the parents if there is anything they are not telling people!

        • Kelly

          Kevin, if you don’t want to help them, then don’t.
          This money is being used responsibly and if you have a problem with that, then too bad. Donate to a “better” cause. Or don’t donate. But don’t ridicule a family in need. If you have a problem with them or something they did in the past, that’s one thing, but you don’t know what they are going through. You don’t know how the funds are being used or if they are even “seeing” the money. Just let it go.

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