Facebook Fan of the Day: March

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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3/1: Mary Baker

3/2: Dianna Gregory

3/3: Christopher Vande Guchte

3/4: Kristal Nicole

3/5: Chelsea Reed

3/6: Katherine Fuhrman of Greenville

3/7: Phil Bott

3/8: Janet Hendrick

3/9: Dawn Marsh

3/10: Alexia Hart

3/11: Kim Van Horn of Holland

3/12: Jennifer Krammen-Kodat

3/13: Jessica VanderMey

3/14: Misty Slater

3/15: Dan Street

3/16: Drew McCormick

3/17: Teri Barker

3/18: Andrea Martin of Grand Rapids

3/19: Tracy Ellenwood

3/20: Isabella De Stefano

3/21: Glenn Dykstra

3/22: Staci Straayer Vestevich

3/23: Sandra Kotecki

3/24: Nikki Leigh

3/25: Delores Dagen

3/26: Rob Isley

3/27: Pam Fitzgerald-Armstrong

3/28: Erika Dordon

3/29: Josiah Samy

3/30: Stephanie Hoogerheide

3/31: Roberta Eddy of Battle Creek

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