Police: Missing 6-year-old girl found

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Michigan State Police Michigan State Police

FLINT, Mich. — Michigan State Police have cancelled an Amber Alert issued early Saturday for a missing 6-year-old girl after she was reportedly found safe with her biological father in Port Huron.

An Amber Alert was issued for 6-year-old Hailey Betts early Saturday morning.  Police suspected the child may have been with her biological father, Brett Betts.

They were last seen at 9673 S. Bancroft Rd., Bancroft, Michigan between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Friday before being discovered later in the day by authorities in Port Huron.

The father is reportedly in police custody, though no charges have been filed against him yet.




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  • sandy

    She with her dad not someone she don’t know this is dum wake up ppl with amber alerts really parents need to work shit out and leave there kids out of it .kids are not war tools and for that reason women need to grow up as for the men

    • Anonymous

      you know your a real ignorant person (putting it nice) OBVIOUSLY the circumstances were met and put in place to need A Amber alert they don’t just do this shit for no reason! Ever think maybe the father has no custody and has taken the child in hostage! Get over your ignorant self and attitude! May God help you because apparently your sleep is more important then finding this child! If there is ever anything to come upon you to need the public or authorities for help I hope they answer with the same bitterness you have! Have a great day!

      • sandy

        dear anominous apparently you don’t know what you’re talking about the AMBER Alert was put in for the reason that children are taken by strangers not by their parents and parents need to grow up their kids are not tools of war women need to talk to the men that they have children with and not create drama for the child and if the father has no custody it’s because the mother probably did something in the court system not all fathers are bad out there just like not all mothers are bad.the only ignorant person is you and may God help your soul because you are very stupid

        • Joseph Williamson

          Get your opinions(not facts) straight….

          Federal Alert Criteria :
          Law enforcement must confirm that an abduction has taken place.
          The child must be at risk of serious injury or death.
          There must be sufficient descriptive information of child, captor, or captor’s vehicle to issue an alert.
          The child must be under 18 years of age.[15]

      • susieQ

        Too sandy, and others that think it was a burden for them to wake up, if it was your neighbors kid, family members kida, someone close to you kid.. You would be glad.pretty sad , wish there would of been a amber alert on the two kids they found in a freezer.. By their MOTHER.. Of there was they might still be alive. Sickening world.

    • Really?

      Really Sandy? You think if this was just a “disagreement” that they would have filed an Amber Alert? I am going to assume that you are likely quite young, based on all of the grammar and spelling errors in your post…. When you grow up, hopefully you decide to become a little more knowledgeable about the world around you.

    • Anon

      Sandy, most Amber Alerts are because of a patent abducting their child to harm them. A father/mother would never take their child and put them at risk if they really loved them. Amber Alerts are to ensure safety for children. If you really don’t find interest in this dear child being found and put in care’s arms, then I suggest you remove yourself from this criteria entirely. Your ignorance is very unwanted.

    • AJ

      Only because that’s her dad doesn’t me that she will be okay with him. It’s crazy people out here and you will never know what he might do.

    • Wendy

      Sandy I want you to think we are bashing you. Some people don’t know they don’t know how the other side lives. I come from a family where we were kidnapped by our non-Custodialfather. This was before AMBER Alert. My father wanted to hurt my mother. In most mothers the mother/ child bond can cause the most pain when broken. My father would not listen to anyone. We were lucky some parental abductions can take a turn for the worse. That is why it is imparitve that they be found.

  • God bless all

    You all need to stop actin like kids on this site. You know who you are so know that we all want to have this kid found and to be safe and to be put back with her mother who is fighting for are country may God be with her and her family.

  • Ann Nalley

    They do not issue Amber alerts lightly….those of you who are upset by it should instead be praying for this childs safe return…the rest will be sorted out by Law Enforcement

  • CaringMothers

    I hope this little girl is found. And I know a lot about Amber Alerts this child is in danger and that’s why they made it an Amber Alert and not just a missing child. Her dad is crazy for bringing her into this and not just leaving her alone my god help find this little angel!..

    • amber

      How dare you refer to an amber alert as dumb!! You don’t have to live near where this took place … they are traveling and could be anywhere that’s the whole point of the amber alert the more people looking the better…. you must not have kids and if you do shame on you! There’s nothing about a little girl missing that’s dumb…. only you. I feel sorry for your ignorance.

  • amber

    I pray that this innocent baby girl gets found safely and that the father gets what he deserves. I know that a lot of you are thinking because he is her father that she’s in no danger but you couldn’t be more wrong. May god watch over her and keep her safe and I pray she is found quickly and that her father is dealt with accordingly. Sweet angel you are in my families prayers.

  • myname

    So she was safe all along- it was just a mom on a power trip. Glad to know her child support / welfare check / meal ticket is safe again- assuming the dad didn’t take her to protect her from abuse or an unwholesome environment, which is totally possible.