Father speaks out after daughter found dead in Detroit mom’s freezer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT, Mich. -- The father of one of the children found dead in their mother's freezer is speaking out.

Alex Dorsey said he didn't understand why Mitchelle Blair suddenly stopped letting him take his two daughters for visits two years ago, until this week.

"Two years," Dorsey said. "Every time I asked she was never there."

That's when police found one of their two daughters and Blair's son dead in a freezer in her apartment.

Blair allegedly confessed to killing her son Stephen in 2012 and their daughter Stoni in 2013.

Dorsey said Blair would tell him Stoni, who would have been 15 now, wasn't home.

He would then talk to his oldest daughter, who is now 17, at the door.

Dorsey last came to Blair's porch, which has now turned into a makeshift memorial, about seven months ago.

Dorsey said he was paying child support until he lost his job. Now, the state is trying to take away his rights to his 17-year-old daughter.

A petition says he abandoned his girls, failed to take legal action to obtain parenting time and owes $39,000 in child support.

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  • Paul M

    So the Courts were involved, the father was paying child support, lost his job, the children’s mom murdered them, for two years DHS never investigated the well being of the children or visited homes? And they’re still going after the father for child support!?!? Someone needs to send the Government Branch whom is accountable for this a big FUCK YOU and nice hard kick in the @$$!!

    • SD

      You want DHS to go to every home to just check on kids, even when there is no report made? DHS and friend of the court are two separate entities. DHS doesn’t get involved with friend of the court for child support except for when qualifying someone for assistance or if there is an open cps when necessary. what happened to these children is awfu,l but maybe we should look at the fact that no neighbor, or family member, or school contacted CPS or law enforcement in the last 2 yearsto verify their well-being. Where was the community? We failed those kids.

    • oldfuzz695

      We cannot apply civil law to uncivilized people. This is not only a Detroit problem, it’s nationwide. WHAT A COUNTRY!

  • Michelle Lee Himmelein Holloway

    This gentleman should be able to have his living daughter and if he was stilling paying support when the younger daughter was killed then he should be not be liable and the money should go towards his back amount. This is a giant kick in the ass. Sounds like someone needs to get a lawyer and My thoughts and prayers go out the the families that lost the young lifes. The mother needs to be sent to prison forever.

    • tracyd112

      He is over 35,00.00 behind in child support and he did not care about these kids and now he is only thinking about more free money from the state welfare program as he has not worked in a long time either has his wife or girlfriend.2 Years noone could keep me from seeing my children for a couple days let alone years.

      • Banko

        My sediments exactly! Two years???!! And you just stop by the baby mama’s and except that answer for 2 years??!!! You not concerned that your child might need you? You talk to your other daughter through the door? Wtf I thank God for my parents…..

      • nicole

        READ the article. He TRIED to see his kids. 35k can add up very quickly when you have several children. You can not blame the father for the woman murdering his children. Lets talk about the fact that the court makes money off from charging people for child support. Leave this man alone.

        • Blade

          yeah, fear just how much the state charges you to take required support payments. 50% of my support payments goes directly to the state as fees. it’s pretty fucked up.

    • tracyd112

      I seen this sorry ass person and his fake crying and talking so low then there were no tears. I bet if they were to look at court records he never tried to get his children.There is no way anyone would keep me from seeing my children even if I had to sit and wait for them to go to school.This father did not care as if he did he would not be 35,000 or whatever it is in the rears for child support living off welfare. Did you see the apartment he was living in it looked pretty nice for not having a job for many years.Call me what you want but I seen him on several news casts and he was totally fake .He siad he would go there and his daughter would say Mom said you cant come in but did he ask her to come outside or ask questions about his other kids?.I feel sorry only for these children and that nothing was done about them being missing all that time! I mean come on no neighbors or family asked questions about the missing kids?


    what kind of a lame brain dad would go 2 years with out seeing his kids . get real ill be the family farm he never pd one dime in support in the 2 years

    • Meech Lynn

      Hand over the keys to that farm. When he lost his job and couldn’t pay, the mother stopped letting him see the children. The fact that you aren’t seeing the “mother” someone capable of murdering her own children as the driving force behind this whole tragedy is a tragedy in itself. Because it means we all have to deal with another internet douche who can’t just be compassionate, he’s got to find a way to project his own feeling of inadequacy by condemning the victim. Folks like you are a dime a dozen. Find a new schtick, will ya?

      • amber

        You dont just go two years without seeing your kid. Since she wouldnt let him see her, then he should have called the police. No matter what. Child support no child support, he should have taken care of his shit. Even if it ment him getting in trouble for not paying he still should have found it fishy. But he didnt….do anything….at all… Note to parents : if someone wont let u see your kid at least ask for proof they are alive. Rip forgotten little angels.

  • The Truth

    This is a sad and tragic case, but there IS as solution: end all welfare and entitlement programs. Don’t put people who have no business having children IN THE BUSINESS OF HAVING CHILDREN. Those that have no business having children but still have children will either have to give them up for adoption or work so hard feeding and housing them that they won’t have the spare time to beat and/or kill said children. Problem solved…and you’re welcome!

  • DCNatural

    He could have done more. He could have knocked on that door every day if he wanted to see those kids. He could have had police escort him to the home and demand that he see his kids. He seems full of it.

  • LisA

    I dint understand why dps, didn’t go out to the hm if the father n family reported a situation it should if been looked into and if the father gave a fuck about his kids and couldn’t get help from the state he should have been in there kucking in doors, going to schools ,its something he could of done besides gave up, unless he was scard of the mom, those kids will be fuckd up the rest of their life, they dont need nomore disappointments, fuck they daddy he had 2 years to get them n let a bitch tell him no,he has no balls,fuck him, now 2 kids are dead,n he cries,get da $&!@ outta here, he a soory excuse for a man

  • Dan Morse

    Typical. The rights of the mother take front seat. No matter she is crazy and abusive. Like so many. The guy is working poor like the rest of us. DHS and the “system” failed again.