Facebook page that claims Floyd Mayweather is giving his money away is a fake

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

THE INTERNET — A Facebook page being shared by many is a fake, says Internet hoax site Snopes.

The Facebook page “Floyd Mayweather HQ” has posts that claim to be the champion boxer has “so much money … I’ve decided its about time that I give back to the people that supported me over the years.”

The page features a number of pictures allegedly of  Mayweather and piles of money. Visitors are instructed to “like” the page, and winners would be chosen at random. This is known as “Like Farming.”

The page has more than 66,000 likes.

The genuine Mayweather Facebook page has more than 9 million likes.

“The true purpose of these pages is often to gain enough traction in Facebook’s algorithm to begin appearing in users’ news feeds,” says Snopes in a post about the scam. “The owners of the page can then post advertising and links that reach a much wider audience because of the groundwork they’ve laid by collecting likes. They can link to whatever products or sites they wish, including products that they may receive a commission on or identity-stealing malware.”

Since liking a Facebook page lets posts from that page appear on your Facebook feed, liking this page would open a direct connection to you for the scammers.


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    • michael andrews

      EXCUSES!!! (take your pick):
      “He’s on the juice!!!”
      “He’s got the refs on his side!”
      “He stepped on Manny’s foot!”
      “He’s gonna pay off the judges!”
      “He paid Manny to take a dive!!!”
      “He waited for Manny to get old!”
      “He’s gonna run and hold the whole fight!”
      “He blocked sparring partners from Manny!!!”
      “He paid USADA to cover up his test results!!!”
      “He’s working with Alex Ariza and Memo Heredia!”
      “He paid USADA to tamper with Manny’s test results!”
      “He conspired with Top Rank’s Todd Debouf to fix the fight!”
      “He wants to fight at the MGM Grand because they will favor him!”
      “Manny lost his killer instinct because of religion!”
      “Manny was distracted by his career in politics!”
      “Manny’s grandmother passed away.”(RIP)
      “Manny was weak after giving blood!!”
      “Manny got a cramp in his leg!!!”
      “Manny’s testosterone is low!”
      “My gameplan sucked!”

  • chi85town

    Floyd is smart, he took Ariza to get in Pac man’s head and it worked. Some how Ariza also kept Pac from getting cramps in his legs. Floyd made sure Pac didn’t have a change of heart and get Ariza back for this fight. I don’t know what Ariza was giving Pac man but he can’t give it to Pac man OR Floyd now. If either of them take something they will be exposed and sued by every body

  • Tammy

    It would be nice if the real Mayweather or his PR ppl could confirm that these are scams!! But Mayweather isn’t the only one, there is also MattyB, and SlimShady with pages like this. Where are they and their PR ppl??? Just saying if it was me and someone was scamming my fans i would be saying something.

  • Angel Sparks

    Well it seems to be disappointment after disappointment for me and my son. The harder i try the worst and more devistating things and info gets! My son and i could desperately use a break such as a small gift as that, but once again its a hoax, lie, cruel joke, ect. Or so they say. I dont know and cant say either way. All i can and will say is that im praying that its for real and that im randomly chosen! It would most definately be a life saver and changer for the outcome of my sons life and help me get up out of rock bottom! But we know that God has our back and He will provide for us and we will prevail!! May God bless u and urs.

  • Antoinette Jones

    I was planning on winning so I can pay off all my debt maybe Floyd will actually come out here and help some of us who need to pay off our debt