Missing 20-month-old found dead in swimming pool at Grand Rapids home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
GRPD patrol car on scene Friday evening in the 2600 block of Moerland on Grand Rapids' NW side.

GRPD patrol car on scene Friday evening in the 2600 block of Moerland on Grand Rapids' NW side.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A one-hour search for a missing boy resulted in the infant being found dead in a swimming pool Friday night.

Grand Rapids Police told FOX 17 that the 20-month-old child was discovered missing shortly before 6 p.m. Friday and people began searching the neighborhood around the 2600 block of Moerland Drive on the city's northwest side.  Police were called at 6:24 p.m.

At 6:55 p.m., the boy was found in a private swimming pool outside a home at 2650 Moerland.

First responders tried performing CPR but the infant boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators on scene told FOX 17 the home where the incident happened belonged to the boy's grandparents and the entire family was at the home at the time having a dinner to celebrate the holiday weekend.

The incident is currently being treated as accidental and remains under investigation by the Grand Rapids Police Department.

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  • Bob Pratt

    Heartbreaking beyond words…
    Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in kids this age. There is a huge gap in water safety training in the United States. We have fire prevention week on October, we do drills in schools for fire, school shooters and severe weather, yet drowning will kill more children than fire, tornadoes, lightening and school shooters COMBINED!
    Drowning is swift and silent, there is no yelling and no waving.
    Many will blame the parents or caregivers but this is cruel and undeserved. Be thankful that it hasn’t happened to you.
    If anyone knows the family please let them know there is a support group on facebook called ‘Drowning Support Network’ People who have been there and who can help.
    For more information contact the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. NDPA.org

    • Tammy lawton

      I think we need to education people on how the water is dangerous for kids and adults. I’m a parent of a teen who drowned three years ago. So I know the heartbreak all to well trying to figure out some sort of drowning awareness to educate parents on the dangers of water

      • Bob Pratt

        Paul M,
        Your comment is both insensitive and incorrect. It’s easy to believe that drowning deaths are caused by “stupid” people. It insulates you from the harsh reality that it CAN happen to you. As Marcia Foster points out below; it happens in an instant. I don’t know a single parent who has never lost track of their child “for an instant”.
        I could go on and tell you of honors students caught in rip currents or the son of physicians drown in a backyard pool, but your not interested in facts or prevention, your goal is to kick people when they are most vulnerable. Shame on you!

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