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Dozens protest Gordon Food Service after video shows grotesque animal abuse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Roughly 40 protesters gathered outside the Gordon Food Service retail store on 28th Street SE Wednesday afternoon, calling on the business to implement meaningful animal treatment standards for all of their supplies.

The group, Mercy for Animals, has been circulating a video that shows animal cruelty inside what they claim is a GFS poultry supplier.

"As a civilized society, we have a moral obligation to protect all animals, including chickens, from unnecessary suffering," said Mikael Nielsen, a volunteer with Mercy for Animals.

Nielsen and the group are calling on GFS to implement  meaningful animal treatment standards to end what he refers to as some of the worst cases of abuse.

"As a responsible food service distributor, we take this situation very seriously," Gordon Food Service said in a statement. "We have always insisted that our suppliers adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, and meet industry standards within their respective product areas."


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    • David

      I’ve heard that Starbucks murder millions of coffee plants a year, we should protest the murder of helpless plants.

  • Kathleen Keene

    With delicious and cruelty free products like Gardein, Beyond Meat, and Field Roast, I find it hard to comprehend why people STILL buy, support, and eat these chickens. It’s so easy, just try it!

  • bd

    Idiots..all chickens are hung upside down before being slaughtered, it calms them down so when they cut the head off the chicken, isn’t flailing all over the place. Quick death instead of cutting head half off because it won’t hold still. Get a life and let’s help, oh I dunno…abused and starved children in the area, rather we are more concerned about chickens.

    • JC

      BD, clearly one of the ignorants that either work there or wishes he worked there(I’m sad for you). The point is the nearly million chickens that were electrified to death last year alone you idiot. They don’t need to suffer like this before they die. Chicken or not, show some humanity ya f’ing hillbilly

    • shescleverless

      Chickens that are hung upside down are not assured a quick death. The machine that cuts their throats sometimes misses because the chicken is moving around and so these chicken go into the boiling process (removes feathers) alive and are killed that way.

      That shouldn’t be a norm. If people want to eat an animal then they should get it from a source that isn’t a factory farm. But factory farms are “necessary” because we eat so much meat. Meat at every meal. So first we need to reduce that. The USDA suggests 5 ounces of meat per DAY. That’s like eating two meals vegetarian or vegan and having a third meal with meat. Even that can be reduced to only a few days a week or even 6 days a week would be great help. Meatless Monday really would benefit us all for many reasons. It would improve our health, our evironment and welfare of animals. I think these are important thungs to think about just as is abused children or humans in general.

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