Allegan County murder: Family members say siblings had troubled past

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TROWBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- One day after a man was arrested in Allegan County, suspected of killing his half brother and then burying his body behind a home, family members tell FOX 17 the two had a troubled past.

William Schoolcraft, uncle to the stepbrothers, relived what he believes unfolded Friday at the home in the 1100 block of 26th Street in Trowbridge Township.

"That's what bothers me. I'm in there sleeping, and all the time Damon is getting killed back here and then dragged behind the house," Schoolcraft said.

37-year-old Damon Sheldon was found buried behind the Allegan County home. Police arrested Sheldon's half-brother Malcolm "Max" Dotson Friday night on open murder charges. Their uncle, William Schoolcraft, is mourning the loss of his nephew. He was barely able to finish the interview with FOX 17 Saturday afternoon.

"I don't even want to talk about it because it hurts too much," said Schoolcraft.

Schoolcraft is the first to admit the family was anything but perfect.

"They do meth. They are up late. When I go to work they are sleeping until noon or whatever," he said.

Schoolcraft says the brothers lived together, and for the most part they got along, but he said Max had some bad habits.

"He stole from me. He stole from everybody since he was a little kid. He stabbed his brother when he was fifteen years old," he said.

Schoolcraft told FOX 17 that the entire situation could've been avoided, claiming Dotson was released from jail this past Monday.

"He goes to court for breaking into a house a second time on top of everything else he's been in trouble for and the judge gives him an O-R bond, and a few days later, boom," he said.

If true, an O-R bond means Dotson was released on the basis he promised to be at this next court appearance.

Police said Sheldon was found buried behind the home in the 1100 block of 26th Street near M-89.

Police said Sheldon was found buried behind the home in the 1100 block of 26th Street near M-89.

Walking around the property Saturday, Schoolcraft showed FOX 17 the proximity of the boys' trailer, where Damon was supposedly killed, to the backyard of Schoolcraft's home where Damon was found buried.

Schoolcraft says no one deserves to die that way.

"For Max, the one that killed him [Damon], I want him to be locked up and weld the doors shut."

Dotson is being held in the Allegan County Jail. He's expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

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  • Jennifer

    This is horrible! Horrible that that was said to a news crew. And some of this is not exactly how his life was. I am just sick!

    • Eric

      Why does it matter … He murdered someone then buried them in the back yard. Is that normal? even If he was high on meth or drugs he still didn’t tell anyone what he did, he had no intention of telling anyone.

      I would have more sympathy if he had called 911 immediately or turned himself in the day after instead of trying to hide the body.

  • get a clue.

    He did this world a favor. Damon was in prison for csc on him. Its called revenge. The mother should be way proud of herself. A csc son. A killer. And two sons in drug rehab again. Maybe state should look into her. And the afc home she runs where she allowed both boys in story stay. Yep thats safe

  • Bella

    Dameon was a f*&ked up child molester who had raped max. Glad he is dead. Max is a meth making completely crazy junkie snitch.

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