Courtland Township residents asking others to “Prevent the Pit”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COURTLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich.-If you've driven near Rockford lately, chances are you've seen the signs asking people to "Prevent the Pit."

It's a push through the website to have Sable Developing get rid of the pile of sand that sits on Shaner Avenue near 11 Mile Road.

Homeowners who recently purchased from Sable Homes say they were told by Sable that two homes would be built there.  Eric Mueller, who lives right next door to the pile told us, "I wouldn't have bought the house if they would have told us they were doing this."

Local Real Estate broker Rick Osborn with Homesights Incorporated told us he's having a hard time selling another older home that's currently for sale on that same street.

"They put it on the market and I got a call right away,  for somebody who wanted to take a look at it this week.   And when I called them back yesterday, they’ve changed their mind because they heard about the pit.”

Meanwhile, Sable said in a statement to FOX 17 that, "Sable discovered a deposit of a certain type of sand, which there is a lack of availability.  The repurposing of the sand will fill a community need whether it is for building and repairing roads in northern Kent County, as a mixture with salt to keep roads safe in the Winter, or for other building or recreational needs."

Sable Homes has filed for a Special Use Permit and the matter will be taken up at the Courtland Township Planning Commission on April 30th.



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  • Kevin

    able homes I another mega company that thinks they can do whatever they want, I hope the Township puts the screws to them.

  • E

    This is way, way, way more than a pile! It’s a sand mine, and comes with all of the concerns that a mining operation has. It’s literally feet from new homes where children cannot play outside because of the dangerous pit, unsecured drainage pond, etc. There is a danger to the air and water quality – not to mention, this was all started without permits! There is a proposal to have 5-15 trucks moving sand out EVERY DAY. Do you want to live next to that? What if you built a house in a new neighborhood, and the builder just put in a mine instead of a new house? This is unmitigated greed from someone who has had issues with this sort of thing before…please, come to the township meeting on the 30th and shut this down! Otherwise, there is a precedent set for YOUR neighborhood too…

  • Moose

    The govt. has created this shortage and insane demand for sand. They are requiring the vast majority of new septic systems to be a type called mound and they take up to 1000 yards of sand for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. New septic systems are not only required for new homes but also older homes with failing systems. You can easily see how you could quickly have a shortage problem on your hand, we have to either find it locally or truck it from long distances. I think the two home owners should get their homes bought back by the developer but the new mine is badly needed.