Family forced to sit in vomit covered seats on United Airlines flight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ORLANDO, Fla. — A family is furious at United Airlines because family members had to fly home from Orlando in seats soaked with vomit.

A passenger got sick on an earlier flight. United now admits its cleanup crew didn’t do a very good job drying and sanitizing the seats.

The Shirley family says the airline gave it only one other option — take a later flight.

United let the family wrap its carry-on luggage in trash bags, and it gave each family member a $150 voucher toward a future flight.

A reporter at WUSA9 reached out to United for comment and received this response:

“The situation Mr. Shirley described is certainly one that we wish no customer experiences, as our cleaners did not fully clean the seat area prior to departure. We offered them an alternate flight, but they decided to remain onboard. Our agents did the best they could in the short time they had to accommodate Mr. Shirley and keep the flight on time. We’re reaching out to apologize for his experience.”

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  • tnts

    $150 voucher for a future flight?? Nooooo, THIS flight should have been free. Just because the family didn’t accept a later flight doesn’t make this their fault. Maybe they were under time constraints and had to be back. Totally unacceptable.

    • Steve Besser

      are you kidding?? Lets see…you can either sit in vomit or take another flight….its a crap choice, but they got to pick….100% their fault. Its not like the airline could instantly make their seats free of vomit. I don’t care what I had to be home for….its an easy choice….no vomit

      • Simon

        Nope, you’re wrong. The report said they had to get home for the wife’s work. They should have called the cleanup crew back on, got the vomit sorted, and let the family have a free flight too.

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