Winter Weather Advisory issued for West Michigan

Graffiti sprayed on business whose owner made anti-gay comments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Someone used a spray can to paint “I (heart) NUTS” on the side of the Dieseltec building in Grandville. The remains of graffiti could be seen on one of the building’s doors, but it appeared that an attempt had been made to clean if off.

The vandalism was visible Tuesday morning. Owner Brian Klawiter wouldn’t comment.

Klawiter made headlines April 14 when he posted on the Dieseltec Facebook page that “I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons.”

After a couple of days of media coverage and backlash, Klawiter posted further comments: “If you have an opposing view to mine that IS OK, what is NOT OK is threats to kill me, my family, and friends; threats to burn down my shop and my home.”

Then Klawiter said in a post April 20 that he would not refuse to serve gay people:

” … but where someone is engaging in overt displays of homosexual behavior, I don’t have to tolerate it in my place of business, just like I don’t have to tolerate overt displays of immoral heterosexual behavior in my shop (hypothetically speaking).

“Just because I have sins of my own, doesn’t mean I am unable to take a stand on something that is clearly wrong.

“So while I won’t allow any immoral behavior in my shop, I have clarified my previous statement: sinners – homosexual or heterosexual – are welcome in my shop, but if I can see by their behavior on my premises what their personal short coming is, I reserve the right to point it out to them (in a loving way, of course) and point them to the One who can take them and change them into who they were designed by Him to be.”

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  • Ted

    Amen! Stand your ground and run your business the way you want and say what you believe in. This is still the U.S.A! Men and women fought and died for this country and for our freedom.

      • Michael Douglas Rush

        and don’t forget to kill all the christians who have worked on sabbath day , which is saturday , they’re ten times worse than a gay person . kill em all before you start on the gays . bible says so .

        Exodus 31:15
        For six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day is to be put to death.

  • John

    Nice how he gives out judgement that is reserved for the lord alone. Christians like him are not Christians. Just hypocrites.

  • Paul M

    He went and made it a religious thing… Come on man, use the Law of Nature as reference. You ever see a man pregnant? Life doesn’t work that way. Opposites attract for a reason. Science is the route to explanation, realization, and rationalization. Religion brings forth extremism.
    Even from a Scientific standpoint, thanks to Psychology, All Men Shall Be Treated Equal. All men shall have a right to their opinion and freedom of expression where as it does not inflict harm, damage, or any negative impact upon the the public nor any private party. Harassment, beratement, assault, vandalism shall not be tolerated, however self defense shall be highly encouraged. This is a People’s Nation, regardless of what Treasonous Thugs infiltrated our House, Senate, and Congress. Im finished letting the record skip. Time to set new righteous records, without violence. This has become Chess level strategy now.

  • jerry

    He gets what he gives besides talking out of both sides of his month , and beeening a great christian as he says hes cheating on his wife. friend said he seen him out with other ladys and playing around at the race track with another woman

  • Dougd

    …I will say this…he has every right to his opinion and who he wants to do business with as ignorant as he was when he announced that to the world…he was looking for a big payday and it backfired on him….he claims he had death threats against him and his family but when it came time to allow a police investigation he refused. I don’t know about you but if I’m receiving death threats against me, my family or friends I’m allowing the police to investigate.. the Pizza Parlor down in Indiana has the FBI involved…he setup a Gofundme page got a $5.00 donation from a lesbian before Gofundme shut him down….he removed vendors logos from his web site claiming it was his decision out of consideration for the vendors…reality was Cummins…Ford….Airdog all told him that they no longer wanted their logos associated with his business….there was even one vendor that posted on Yelp that they would no longer supply him with parts….The way things are until there is a change in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act that includes sexual orientation people can legally exclude(discriminate against) gays and lesbians….There are changes on the horizon beginning with the Supreme Court Ruling that our ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional coming late spring/early summer….it won’t be long after that and you should see a change in the civil rights act…

    Read more:

  • Dr. M

    Love nuts as a epithet has no relationship to gays or anti-gay rhetoric. He indicates someone has threatened him and yet doesn’t tell us what the threat is. Could he be delusional?

  • NotaConservativebiggot

    My buddy personally knows this guy and told me that he isn’t a bible thumper……he believes he is just doing this to get attention to his business…..getting attention by being a jackass…..a real classy guy. :/

  • Brian

    I find that media is to blame for the hate they advertise the people not in support of this sin but refuse to report the crime against Christians

  • Michael Douglas Rush

    did you just say ” The homosexual agenda is evil ” on your facebook page ???
    the vandalism was done by one or two individuals , it is not the homosexual agenda ,

    how stupid are you Brain Klawiter tthat someone needs to explain that to you ???

    you’ll do nothing but benefit from this with another fake gofundme type effort . it’s planned on your part and obvious . i wouldn’t put it past you to have done it yourself . your victim / martyr / phony christian values ploy couldn’t be more transparent . how many people work so hard to draw negatvity to them ??? what an ignorant creep you are Brain Klawiter .

  • commonsense

    Homosexuals are less than 3% of the population and the chance of one of them owning a diesel truck is extremely low. The chance of two of them coming to this shop for service on a truck has got to be about the same as winning the lottery. Why are all you homosexual supporters getting so upset? You who demand tolerance from the other 97% of the population to accept your views but will not accept the views that others find your sexual choice wrong???? If you don’t like his views don’t go there. Period.

  • Kat Heed

    Only on Fox would you leave out the part of his initial statement in which he threatened to sabotage the vehicles of people he believes are gay.

  • clint

    Mr. Klawiter has just as much right to express his belief as much as any one else in this great country rather you like it or not. It doesn’t give people the right to threaten his life or distruct his property .people are going to say things you don’t agree with Deal With It. It just so happens I agree with him

  • j

    Christians, stop being pharisees! Mark 2:13-17

    Even Jesus would still serve the “sinner” despite his moral objection to their lifestyles. Not only did he dine with “them” he died for “them.”

  • realist

    you realize they did it themselves. If anyone had the time to do that, why wouldn’t they burn the place the down, or break in and break stuff.

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