Mother accuses officers of taking nude photos of daughter’s dead body

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COOK COUNTY, Ill. -- A mother is suing the Cook County Sheriff's Department, accusing officers of taking inappropriate nude photos of her daughter's dead body.

According to WGN-TV, Jessica Mejia, 20, was killed in 2009 when a car driven by her ex-boyfriend crashed into a pole in unincorporated Cook County.

The lawsuit claims deputies improperly removed her clothing at the scene and took nude photos.

"This was a young lady that just died and was treated with less dignity than a deer carcass you find on the side of the road," Don Perry, the attorney representing the Mejia family, told the Chicago Tribune.

Nicholas B. Sord, arrested in fatal DUI crash. (Handout)

Nicholas B. Sord, arrested in fatal DUI crash. (Handout)

The trial is scheduled to begin next Monday. A spokesperson says the department acted appropriately to preserve evidence.

The driver, Nicholas Sord, pleaded guilty last fall to drunken driving and was sentenced to 56 months in prison.

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  • Dave Gilman

    A person in a major accident , especially if it includes cardiac arrest WILL have clothing removed for 2 reasons. 1 – Need clear access to chest to apply defib pads, cardiac monitor and provide adequate chest compression. 2- checking for additional injuries if the person is not conscious to advise you of those injuries. Once it was determined that life-saving measures would be futile the body becomes part of the crime scene and photos WILL be taken as evidence for accident reconstruction, investigation of what happened and if need be, prosecution of those responsible.

    • Polish Princess

      The fact that this is going to trial might indicate that there’s more to the story. Perhaps they shared the photos or were heard making lewd comments about her body.

  • idunno

    Maybe this is a TREND there was a COP down south who BRAGGED how he like to play with DEAD BODIES to another officer, but the JUDGE wouldn’t charge him because it wasn’t done @ the CRIME SCENE.

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