Winter Storm Watch issued for West Michigan for Sunday

Dashcam video released of deputy involved crash in Van Buren Co.

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BLOOMINGDALE, Mich. -- Dashcam video of a crash last month involving a Van Buren County Sheriff's deputy is shedding new light on the moments before and after the accident.

Back on the evening of March 28 around 7:20 p.m., the deputy had his sirens on as he was responding as a back-up officer to another incident when a vehicle appears to turn in front of him. A 17-year-old intern was also inside the patrol car.

The crash happened in the Village of Bloomingdale.

The other vehicle in the accident was driven by Sarah Jelsomeno, 37, of Bloomingdale, who had her two teenage sons with her. One of those teens was airlifted to Bronson.

The video, seen for the first time, has the moment the deputy's cruiser and the other vehicle collided.

In the dashcam video, the cruiser's sirens can be heard at full volume.

Then, as the deputy attempts to pass a vehicle on the left, that vehicle suddenly turns left. Investigators said that the driver was attempting to turn left into a driveway.

In an instant, the two vehicles collide.

The camera then flies off the dash, and a commotion ensues.

"Deep breaths, deep breaths," Deputy Oliver is heard saying to his intern.

FOX 17 also obtained a second dashcam video from another patrol car. This vantage point shows the crash scene as other officers and first responders arrived to help.

Shaken up from the crash, the intern can be heard: "What happened?" asks the teen.

"A car turned right in front of us," says Oliver.

Both Deputy Oliver and his teenage passenger were taken to the hospital. A teen inside the other vehicle was flown to Bronson, and the driver was taken by ambulance. One person was treated at the scene.

Van Buren County has asked the state attorney general's office to assign a special investigator to look into the accident.

Deputy Oliver is a seven-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and was featured on FOX 17’s West Michigan’s Most Wanted in early March as a community-nominated Hero of the Week.

Google Map for coordinates 42.382813 by -85.956968.

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  • Linda Rivait-McClellan

    People, turn your cell phones OFF, turn the radio down, pay attention to your mirrors. You hear sirens and see lights PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT! This woman is going to be cited for numerous things. I hope she can afford a good attorney. I have a feeling the parents of the 17 year old riding with the deputy will probably be seeking an attorney to go after her as well. She was CLEARLY in the wrong. I worry about my husband who is also a first responder. He has full lights/siren, grill lights, etc. People need to realize it is AGAINST the law to fail to yield the right away to emergency vehicles! You have to pull to the right. If you are in a left turn lane, you hug as close to the right lane you can get. Emergency vehicle drivers are trained to drive on the LEFT! You hear sirens in the background, slow down till you can see them!!! If your music is blaring where you can not hear sirens, turn it the heck down! It is not only YOUR life you are endangering, but it could cost the person suffering a heart attack their life if you cause the first responders or an ambulance to crash! This also goes for Fire and Police. The law covers ALL of them. Those lights/sirens are going. YOU pull over!

  • anon

    I would just like to point out that the family hit by the officer’s car is still healing from the trauma of this terrible accident. Everyone should definitely stay alert and aware at all times while driving but to make it sound like the mother driving this car negligently chose to put her kids in danger and cause a wreck that in turn caused her son to be air lifted to the hospital where he was put into a coma and had part of his skull removed is wrong. The fact remains it was an accident. Shame on you Linda for trying to cause more pain and damage to what has already been a tragic ordeal.

  • davisjames

    I would just like to point out that the officer involved is still healing from the trauma of this accident. Shame on you Anonymous poster (and many others) for ignoring his pain and the feelings of his family during this tragic ordeal!

    • Steve

      If people got their head out of their butt and looked in the rear view miror maybe everyone would be at home safe tonight! People need to slow down and turn your damn radios down! The grief that this officer has gone through since this accident is more than most people can ever bear!! He might even lose his job; not because he was in the wrong but because of sue happy people. If this was anyother person involved in the crash the lady would have been cited and the person who hit her would be off the hook!!

      • Davisjames

        You are absolutely right! He’s an amazing officer! He doesn’t deserve this crap! It’s awful to watch his family go through this. This is how we treat an officer that risks his life everyday to protect and serve? Pathetic!

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