Woman charged with child neglect after baby found dead, being eaten by roaches

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PIX 11

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (PIX11) — An Oklahoma mother is charged with child neglect after her 3-month-old baby girl was found dead and being eaten by roaches. 

The tiny body of 27-year-old Brittany Cherokee Dawn Bell’s daughter was found Jan. 8 inside their reportedly “roach-infested” apartment in Bartlesville, authorities say.

Bell initially told police she put the baby in the crib and when she returned to check on her, the baby was dead, according to Tulsa World.

She later changed her story, telling officers she fell asleep watching a movie with her 18-month-old twins and feared they may have smothered the baby by sitting on her.

The cause of death as “sudden unexplained infant death with manner of death undetermined,” according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

An investigator said the baby had been lying on the floor dead for so long that roaches started to feed on her lifeless body.

“Based on Bell’s own statements, I can conclude that she laid the baby on the floor and fell asleep without waking during which time Alice may have been suffocated by one or both of her twins or became distressed due to the surface of the floor and suffocated,” Investigator Jim Warring stated in the affidavit. “Also enough time passed that roaches were able to start feeding on both the baby’s legs and head. All of this took place less than 10 feet from the couch where Bell was reportedly sleeping.”

Bell’s twins were removed from her custody.

Her bond was set at $10,000.

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    • Karusai

      That was what I just told my wife as I sit here with my 16 day old beautiful newborn girl, Zadie. That illegitimate waste of food, water, and air needs $1,000,000.00 bond, minimal, and charges of abuse, and unsanitary conditions which could be pointed in the direction of borderline premeditated murder! I do everything I can to keep my baby safe. I hardly sleep, still, due to listening to her noises, making sure she breathes, doesn’t puke, etc. The hiccups scare the crap out of me. Was she drunk? On drugs? How does this happen? I mean, so long roaches are eating her…. Wouldn’t the body have to fall to room temp for like 4 hours!?

  • Stacy Williams

    This by far is the most disgusting story I ever heard. It’s very heartbreaking to hear this. And to top it off, the mother could be released on $10,000 bail. Wtf is the state thinking? She should not have a bail at all and she should rot in jail and never get out. Praise the lord her other kids were taken from her. She doesn’t deserve to ever get them back. I feel so sorry for the loss of the innocent child that passed. It sickens me to hear about children living in such filth and or dying. This lady should get life in prison without parole.

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  • Nelle

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  • carolina

    I think the jail should make her sleep on the ground. Why would she sleep on a couch and leave a baby to sleep on the dirty floor was there no baby bed of any kind I hope the baby didn’t feels them biting that mom looks like a damn roach. Makes me sick and mad she should get life no bail. I wish I could adopt some of these babies before they got murdered I’m sick of so many parents killing the babies they should of left them at the hospital at birth and walked away.

    • kelly

      abortions r FREE these days. no need to become an abusive parent if you are a druggie.and the gov’ment will pay for it. these kind of people do not think . that is how they end up in these situations. DRUG MOM!

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