Anticipation building to Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage bans

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WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the legality of same-sex marriage stemming from cases in four different states, including Michigan.

Michigan's case began in 2012 when April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, a lesbian couple from Metro Detroit, sued to challenge the state's ban on gay marriage after they found they were not legally able to adopt each other's children.

Grand Rapids attorney John Bursch, hired by the Michigan Attorney General's Office, will argue on behalf of upholding the state's ban citing a 2004 referendum when voters supported upholding the traditional definition of marriage as defined in the state constitution.

The decision to hear the case at the Supreme Court level came after a U.S. District Court judge ruled the Michgian's ban unconstitutional last March. However, a stay on the ruling was issued just a day later. An appeals court ultimately voted to uphold the ban, setting the issue up to heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court announced in January it would hear the case along with three other cases from Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

There are two questions that will be at the heart of the arguments heard Tuesday:

  1. Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex?
  2. Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed in another state?

There will be 90 minutes allowed for oral arguments on the first question, and one hour for oral arguments on the second question.

Stay tuned to FOX 17 on air and online for continuing coverage. You can also follow @joshsidorowicz on Twitter for updates.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Go ahead and overturn the voice of the people and their votes, it will be open season on all gays!

    Not a smart idea to put the disgusting and sick ideals of a couple thousand people against MILLIONS……….

    This is not going to end well! If you don’t like or respect the voice of the Michigan voters, move to a state that does!

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Meanwhile, Boston is burning to the ground. …………… Where’s the story on that??????? Kind of funny you can update this worthless story but no “REAL” NEWS………

  • On It

    Seems to be the mission of the media to disregard the fact that it was the will of the people, decided at the ballot box.
    You might think that another CNN report would suffice for coverage, but you would be wrong. Amusing or predictable or both.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      This news station is a horrible joke, just look through all the stories 90% are bullshit they copied and pasted from CNN.

  • jawuan50

    In my opinion, I believe that homosexuals shouldn’t be released to marry in the state of Michigan. I believe that everyone should have proper equality, but when you go and betray yourself to go to a another sex is terrible. If you feel you absolutely need to be married move to a state that is pro-gay marriage. But here in Michigan, the majority vote is against gay marriage. There isn’t any reason to attempt to try to get the state to go pro. In my religion its going totally against me. I feel that they’re only doing it for feelings. If your gay keep it to yourself, not everyone is with the gay marriage obviously proven by the state of Michigan’s vote.

  • On It

    I appreciate the fact that 17 allows us to post without being on biased & scary FB. I’ve got enough Big Brother to deal with already, so kudos to Fox17 for that.
    I remain hopeful that by calling the incessant use of CNN here, maybe they will start doing something differently. I could use a breath of fresh air.

  • Robert Sponseller

    Romans 1:24-32: The wrath of God rests on those guilty of murder, homosexual practices, fornication, and other sins if the guilty do not repent.
    The Bible clearly identifies marriage as being between a man and a woman. Marriage is the lifetime union of a man and a woman, primarily for the purpose of building a family and providing a stable environment for that family.

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