Muskegon senior sent home from prom due to dress code

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MUSKEGON, Mich. -- Muskegon High School senior Mireya Briceno was sent home an hour into her prom Friday night when she was told her dress was in violation of the dress code.  Her mother Connie told FOX 17 that she and her daughter went over the rules last week and thought her $300 dress was fine.

Among many other rules, one specifically states that "no midriff is exposed," which includes seeing the middriff through a sheer material.

Mireya's midriff wasn't showing in her blue and white polka dot dress, but her side could be seen.  "When you look in the mirror, there should be no skin showing around the midriff area," said Connie.  "When her arms were down, you couldn't see any skin."

Connie doesn't know the exact reason her daughter was told to leave the prom. She's only guessing, because no one has told them.

"They asked her to stand-up and turn around, so she turned around and they simply told her 'You're in violation. You need to go home,'" said Briceno.

Connie also points out that pictures show several other girls with similar dresses who were allowed to stay, including girls with sheer see-through material over their midriffs.

We spoke with the Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins Monday, but he would not speak on camera.  He told us two other girls were sent home Friday night, but they returned in a different wardrobe.  He also told us that he was told by his vice principal that Mireya wore her date's jacket over her dress to get in but later took it off.

Perkins added that when the vice principal asked Mireya whether she wore the jacket to cover up because she knew she was in violation, Mireya said, "Yes," but her mother disputes that.  "She wore the jacket outside because it was chilly, but she took it off at the front door and even posed for a picture with the cheerleading coach in that dress," said Connie.

Principal Perkins refused to look at the pictures of Mireya or other students when we presented them to him.

"What would be the purpose of looking in the past?" he asked.  Perkins adds he stands by the school's dress code, which has been in place for four or five years, longer than he's been the principal at Muskegon High.

As for Connie, she would like an apology, but she said she's not expecting one.


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  • ExcuseMe

    Personally this is low on the freak-0-meeter for news. Get over it, move on. Nothing here. More important things to attend to than to be concerned over a person who do not read and comprehend rules and regulations. Just wait till you are out in the real world. Expectations and standards are much higher. BooTheFrackingHoo JIMHO

    • JustMyOpinion

      Before you tell someone else that they cannot read or comprehend the rules, you should learn to write a proper sentence! Her outfit was not too revealing, and it says in the rule book that, “backless dresses are permitted!”
      “More important things to attend to than to be concerned over a person who do not read and comprehend rules and regulations.” Are you in 2nd grade? This poor girl was not dressed in a manner that was too revealing, and the rules allow backless dresses! It may not be a big deal to you, but it certainly was a big deal to her! Maybe when you grow up to be a big boy, you will understand it all!

  • brooklyn

    Thats Bs its prom. And its not like she is showing anything. She looks beautiful. Also im pritty sure the principal did not send every girl home to change. The main thing is this poor girls prom was ruiend for a beautiful dress that showes NO lady lumps.

  • wayne carmack

    The dress is very pretty as the girl is also, i can’t see where the dress is revealing at all. The way some kids dress going to school is much worse. The Principal and the School owe this family a huge apology. And a prom do over. Wayne c. in

  • April

    The dress is nice and she looks amazing in it. But it is a school function and that is way to revealing. Ehybdoesnshe need to wear a dress showing half her body? She’s a child. She already has a great body, showing skin isn’t gonna show it off but only make her appear less classy. Shane on the mother for thinking that was appropriate. Never would I let a child wear something like that at her age or to prom. The other pictures of girls were just as bad. And mothers wonder why their daughters are coming up missing and raped. Perverts see that and think they are easy. Maybe they are if they are gonna wear that type of stuff. Show skin at the beach not school.

    • Amber

      April: I agree that the dress & the student are both beautiful.

      I do need to àddress your comments (though likely well-meaning) – re: “Perverts… (thinking girls)… are easy” – if only to prevent the shame so often felt by survivors of rape because of such misperceptions.

      People DON’T get raped because of what they wear.

      Rape is a horrific and violent crime that psychologically has Nothing to do with the sexual arousal of the Rapist & everything to do with their compulsion to have Power Over Another Human – a method of punishment, of degredation, of imposing their will, of torturing & hurting, of expressing hatred towards the “sort” of person they’ve chosen to rape (a surrogate), of a lead-up towards murder, even.

      Rape can (and has) been perpetrated upon people of Every possible demographic. Even Babies & The Elderly.

      The problem lies 100% with the rapist – not the clothing.

  • Ashley

    This “principal” and these catty teachers need to take a step back and see what’s really important. They ruined a girl’s prom because of their power trips. I hope they gets what’s coming to them. I went to prom over 10 years ago and the dresses were much worse then and guess what…. nothing happened!

  • JustAMom

    There is no doubt that she is a beautiful girl and the dress is beautiful too. The problem is, if she wore a shirt with an open back to school, she would be sent home. The same rules apply to a school function as in the classroom. There are many options of dresses for prom. This dress would be more fitting for a red carpet event.

  • Heather P

    I am 22 and i think this dress in a little too much for prom. I went to my high school prom and the theme was who could look and dance sluttier. That is the majority of the mind set of teenagers these days. Show as much skin , breast and ass as possible to get attention. I know there were at least 10-15 girls that were turned away at my school for the same reason. Prom is suppose to be a “right of passage” the last dance before the real world strikes. One last chance to be with the people who meant something to you through out high school. Girls these days are pushing the boundaries…and inseams of their fashion choices to be more bearing and sexy. I agree with the strict dress codes and think that this generation needs a kick in the ass when it comes to choices being made at such a young age. This girl could have picked a dozen dresses that looked just as good without showing her entire back and partial sides, but she wanted to be sexy. Plain and simple. Our generation doesn’t even know what sexy, classy and confident is anymore. They think the more they bear the sexier they will appear.

  • Marcus Brainard

    Once there was a fictional, comic book girl from Harvey Comics named Dorothy Polka aka Little Dot and she had black hair & wore a dress that was a red field & black polka dots & white cuffs and a white color. When I see a Polka dot attire it reminds me of her and have great respect for Little Dot. Mireya is a reminder & keeps the spirit of Little Dot on. However The Principal Brad Perkins should lighten up. Fortunally Mireya doesn’t have a wrestler for a father & would come to school to visit Mr. Perkins & Mr. Perkins ends up allowing to park his car in a handicap parking space. If I was in Mr. Perkins role & would allow Mireya in & show her a picture of Little Dot & tell her to carry on the spirit of Little Dot. As for Richard Perkins, hope he & his family die of AIDS

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