Caught on camera: Motorcyclist unleashes ‘road rage’ on bicyclists in GR

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., - A video confrontation between a man on a motorcycle and a bicyclist is making the rounds on Reddit.

Friends Greg Newland and Kent Sinclair were biking along Cherry Street Wednesday when they witnessed the altercation.

"We hear honking, beeping and he's yelling get off the road, get off the road," Newland told FOX 17 News. "I'm in the shared bike lane and it has painted chevrons on it, so we're all the way on the right side, and I'm thinking I can't get over any more and he's still honking."

The friends say the bicyclist behind them was focus of the man's anger. They say he practically tailgated the bike rider, before speeding up, going around him and slamming on his brakes. The maneuver caused a collision, with the motorcycle's side car hitting the biker.

"It was hard to tell if he wanted to fight us or if he was going to do something else," explained Sinclair. "It's just the wildest thing, you really had to have seen it."

Newland whipped out his phone to record what happened next. The video shows the man yelling at the group before speeding away.

The bicyclist that was hit was not injured, although he tells FOX 17 his bike was damaged. He added that he planned to file a police report.

FOX 17 reached out to the motorcyclist, who declined to comment.

Watch the video above to see the confrontation and learn more about the incident.

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  • taxhitman

    Really? Brutal? That is a bunch of “namby pamby” bikers meeting the reality of a “real man” out on a motorcycle. Channel 17 – quit emasculating the ” men” of GR by reporting nonsense. Brutal? How about a middle aged man being surrounded and threatened physically by thugs on a bus line? You never report ” real brutality”.

    • Equally Important Human

      Those “namby pamby” cyclists are acting like adults.
      That “real man” is acting like a childish schoolyard bully.
      I’m sorry for how you were raised and I am sorry you apparently did not have positive role models to teach you right from wrong.

    • keets

      ‘namby pamby’? If I see one more midlife crisis beer belly sons of anarchy wannabe riding his ‘hog’ down the road acting like a jerk I’ll puke.

      There are plenty of bikers that love to ride motorcycles and don’t need to act like fools. Too bad this guy isn’t one of them.

  • Cathy

    I agree with the motorcyclist. Bicycles go too slow and disrupt the flow of traffic. They are too hard to see around SUV’s, It’s hard enough to see a motorcycle let alone a bicycle. Bicycles shouldn’t be sharing the same lane space as a motor vehicle. It’s just to dangerous for everyone.

    • Equally Important Human

      So you’re telling me that an SUV is obscuring your view and you blame the cyclist for being small? You know that’s a person right? And you agree with the motorcyclist? You think that assault is justified because they are in your way? Do you rear end other cars who are in front of you?

      The elephant doesn’t step on a mouse because it is afraid of it. The elephant avoids the mouse because he doesn’t want to hurt it. Those are human beings, Cathy, and I’m sorry that you think you’re so important as to not value their lives.

  • commonsense

    Roads are for cars. Bike riders need to get over to the right a far as they can. I experience bike riders all the time that stay to the left of the white line and ride side by side on a 55 mph road. I have no problem helping them move to the right.

    • Josh0312

      First off. You are just completely wrong. Roads are not just for cars. Second, sometimes as far right as possible does not work. Why? Glass, gravel, debris, etc. Third, you said “I have no problem helping them move to the right.” Are you willing to risk seriously injuring someone or killing them? Just because they might slow you down for a few seconds? While there are plenty of cyclists that do not follow the rules perfectly, there are also drivers that do not follow the rules perfectly. Remember that you are in a 2 ton motor vehicle and the person riding their bike is exposed and vulnerable. Their lives have just as much value as yours. Here is a resource to brush up on the rules of the road so you don’t kill someone because of your ignorance.

      • commonsense

        Stay all the way over to the right and there will be no problems. If you are in the road you must follow the rules and keep up with the flow of traffic. Btw I am in a 3 ton vehicle.

        • JasonC

          You are also 3 tons wrong, along with admitting in a public forum that you commit a crime with your three ton vehicle. Maybe a little time behind bars would help clear the law up for you. “commonsense” ? really?

          • commonsense

            Jasonc. I think your spandex outfit is too tight and starving your brain of blood. Stay all the way to the right and don’t block cars in their lane you and your tight short wearing friends will be all right.

        • DET

          You drive a 3 ton vehicle? Great even more fucking retards on the roads now. Learn to fucking drive you dumbass, cyclists can take the lane as they see fit for their own safety, if you can’t pass them safely with them taking a lane IT’S NOT SAFE FOR YOU TO PASS YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT

    • Equally Important Human

      RoaRoads were invented literally hundreds of years before cars. So let’s stop with that nonsense. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a bicycle on the roads but the right side of the road is the worst side of the road. That’s where there are more potholes, cracks, broken glass and sewer basins than the center. Now the law says as far right as you can, meaning if he far right is junk you can go as far left as you want until you feel comfortable. Now since cyclists are supposed to be treated as cars and follow the rules of cars that means you can’t pass until there is a passing zone. Now if you think you can “help them to the right” they can help themselves to your license plate number and alert the authorities. That is negligent and could result in human death. And for what? Because you wanted to go faster. Deflate your ego.

    • warper

      I’d have no problem dragging you out of your car when I catch up with you and giving you an attitude adjustment

      • commonsense

        Wrapper. You seem to think you are pretty tough huh? Just calm down there nancy boy, I certainly am not worried about some rainbow colored lycra stretch clothed bicyclist. You just stay as far to the right as you can and you will be fine.

        • warper

          Ha, any wimp who wants to hide behind a car (Probably a little girly looking one) obviously doesn’t have the balls to confront someone face to face. And no, I probably wear more manly clothes then you. I ride a bike because I have to. And kick the shit out of wussies like you when I have to!

          • commonsense

            Nice try cinderela. You talk big on your screen. You have no idea who you are dealing with. But you obviously believe you can beat up everybody in and around Grand Rapids. You must be a super hero.

          • warper

            I sure don’t need to run someone over with a car. Don’ know what that makes you. Peter pansy maybe?

  • Josh

    Here is what I continue to fail to understand about some people. They get mad at the cyclist (usually for some irrational reason) but this man PURPOSELY HIT a person on a bicycle with a motor vehicle (in this case a motorcycle with a side car). Even if the cyclist was not following the letter of the law (which it sounds like he was in this case) that is no excuse for people in motor vehicles to swerve, stop, drive extremely close, threaten, throw things at, etc. anyone riding a bike. How about we all take a breathe and realize that life has value. Even if that person might be inconveniencing you for 30 seconds.

  • Jason

    I have had the same run in with this guy in his car on Plymouth while leading a group ride out of Gaslight Village. The run in where Kent was involved wont be his last and it can only escalate; last year he didn’t stop, now he is cutting off and striking a cyclist. Will he send someone to the hospital soon?

  • doug

    I’ve had groups on bicycles riding 3 or 4 wide not giving courtesy to anyone in a vehicle. not stopping at 4 way stops. don’t they have to obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicles? Same thing happen with groups or runners. the guy on the bike went about it wrong but cyclist want respect should give it too.

    • Equally Important Human

      Yup! You got us. Those 3-4 cyclists represent us as a whole.

      Aren’t you motorists supposed to stop at red lights, stop at stop signs, yield at yield signs, maintain a safe distance when following someone, yield to pedestrians, yield to bicycles, go the speed limit, park in designated parking spaces, only pass on the left, not text and drive, not kill pedestrians, not kill cyclists, not kill other drivers, never leave the scene of an accident, always drive with a license, always drive with insurance, and be responsible and safe?

      Sorry you were kind of inconvenienced. By 3-4 people.

      • doug

        i said groups ( key word groups)! riding 3 or 4 wide! the bike lane is maybe big enough for 2 wide. and i was asking about if they had laws like all other traffic! no need to be rude. you just proved a point. no respect gets no respect!

        • Chris

          He made a valid counterpoint that is hard for you to argue. I’m sure that frustrates you, but the comment was not rude.

          • doug

            True Chris, he made a valid point. but the last statement was kinda rude. all i did was made a observation and asked a question.i wasnt attacking anyone. also i said the guy on the bike( motorcycle) maybe i should have included that also. went about things the wrong way. i feel we should all have some common courtesy sharing the road. thats why i asked about the laws for cyclist. im not one so i asked.

  • Wannakatana

    In the background when the guy is talking there is a bike rider going against traffic and looking to cross the road illegally LOL Good representative of the bike community there! Don’t get me wrong though, I agree that bicyclists have just as much right to be on the road as cars.

  • Jon

    As someone who drives and bicycles down Cherry St., I always feel uncomfortable because of the condition of the street and the placement of the lines. When driving, I feel like I either have to creep into oncoming traffic to give bicyclists enough room, or creep into the bicycle lane not to get to close to oncoming traffic (who are trying to get around poorly parked cars). When I’m on my bicycle, I don’t feel safe because of how close cars get when they have to ride directly behind me and then frustratingly speed around me.

    My hope is that this doesn’t become a us vs. them argument because that is just a symptom of the real underlying issues. For example, drivers need to understand that they don’t have priority over bike lanes if they want to drive in them. Also, bicyclist need to know that if they ride in the road they are subject the the same laws/rules as someone in a car. More empathy and more education please!

  • Youbetcha

    There is a very nice bike path along the road i live on, bikes still use the road.
    the bikers don’t yield or stop at corners. they ride in the center of the road and if you dare look at them they flip you off and cuss at you.
    Bikes should be held to the same laws as autos. including taxes.

  • KidTwiffy

    When pedal bikers start paying for licensing they can use the road I’m with this guy.. Bikers can use the sidewalk..

  • Shane

    most likely the f****** cyclist weren’t all the way in the bike lane and they’re not going to admit to it cuz they want to get famous off a f******YouTube video I have lived in Grand Rapids for most of my life and I know the little f****** never get off the road and stay in the bike lane and if they feel the need to ride on the road it’s going to be their fault for putting their lives in danger if they’re going to say share the road they need to learn to share the road

    • KidTwiffy

      Why should he, what doors that pedal biker contribute to a fund for the roads.. You wanna bike use a bike path with no traffic..

    • DET

      Hey shane, just wanted to let you know you’re a complete dumbass and that there is no bike lane, you share the road with bicyclists, not force them off the road cause you’re in a car.

      Just thought you should know toodles.

  • liveandletride

    Roads are getting more and more dangerous in general. Recently I was cycling, ahead of me was a mom and her young son (4-5 years old) riding on the side of the road. Residential area without sidewalks or bike lane. The boy was swerving to the right and left of the white line while riding behind mom. A group of cars were coming from behind so I rode ahead to be next to the kid. I did this for 2 reasons: It made us more visible. Instead of looking like one rider, the kid would have been invisible in front of me, there was obviously a group of us. The second reason was to keep the kid from swerving into the middle of the road. A large pickup truck came from behind, paced us, purposefully swerved to try and hit me with their mirror all while his wife yelled obscenities out of the passenger window and throwing garbage at us. This is messed up and, unfortunately, not that unusual. I fear there will only be an increased number of incidents like this reported and more lives put unnecessarily at risk by driver’s who feel a need to act on their impatience, ignorance, inconvenience, and personal biases.

  • Wise old owl

    to all the people ….watching what happen so let’s get our facts straight the bikers were blocking the lane and antagonizing the motorcyclist…. The bicycle hit the motorcycle the motorcycle did not get the bikes ……I think that the bikers that ride on the the road should have to go to classes buy license plate like everyone else …we have almost hit bicycles taking a right hand turn and the bicycles passing on the right-hand side and whipping off the bird to us when we had the right away… I agree bicyclist do not obey the laws so make them take a class before they can ride on the road simple easy done ….

    • Loves Animals

      Agree Wise Old Owl. You can clearly see that the man on the motorcycle had to swerve around the spandex crowd. These spandex crowd do not obey any type of traffic signals nor yield to oncoming traffic. They believe they own the roads and GR is not the only town this happens in. Time for these bicycle people to take a course in the rules of the road and pass tests, and pay for a yearly license plate just as motor vehicles do.

  • Informed Citizen

    Some factual information is needed in this discussion. Bicyclists are by law allowed to use the road exactly as motorized vehicles. People who bicycle are subsidizing roads for people who drive because the gas tax does not pay for even half of the cost to build or maintain streets. “Contrary to common perceptions, cyclists do help pay for roadways. Currently, only about half of U.S. roadway expenditures are financed by motor vehicle user fees (Henchman 2013).” “People who drive less than average tend to overpay their fair share of these costs…As a result, pedestrians and bicyclists tend to subsidize motorists.” To get more facts about who has right to the road go here:

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