Week behind bars for Comstock Park teens who broke into teacher’s house

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. -- Seven Comstock Park students were sentenced to seven days in the Kent County jail Friday after pleading guilty to breaking into a teacher's home.

Each student will also lose their driver's license for six months. The judge said six of the young men will also have a drug conviction on their record. Marijuana use reportedly took place during the Dec. 8, 2014 incident. .

Thad Dudick, Mike Egeler, Collin Reimersma, Nick VanOost, Adam Price, Matt Hasman and Timm Carr each pleaded guilty to one count of illegal entry in connection with the  incident. 

The students, all 18 years old, were accused of partying with alcohol and performing lewd acts inside the home of chemistry teacher Jon Wier.

According to Wier’s Linkedin account, he has been teaching at Comstock Park High School for 19 years, is the tennis coach, and helps with the lacrosse team.  Several of the teens charged in this case play on the lacrosse team in addition to playing football.

All seven of the students apologized in court for the incident.

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  • Not So Proud Alumni

    Let me tell you a little something about Comstock Park Public Schools in general: CP is people who aren’t rich but have the rich person’s attitude.

    This district’s THEME SONG is straight up Clique by Kanye West, both with the CP parents and the students. If you are in the “in crowd” which all 7 of these boys are, you are put on the tallest pedestal known to man. It existed in my class, and it’s in every class I’ve seen all through high school. And also, yes, the fact that Michael Egeler’s dad is a trustee of the Board of Education plays a role. Even in my graduating class, there were the clique’s parents on the Board, too. The high school is very much 1% vs. 99% : these boys are very much in the 1%. It’s funny, because someone in my class got away from a school because it was too cliquey, and yet ended up in the “clique” at CP.

    The teens in this clique are mostly white and are very entitled people and feel entitled to the school. The clique are the type people who will stay stuff against bullying and are indeed the bullies (this actually happened in a class I was in while a student.) They won’t acknowledge anyone but their clique in the hallways. If you try and talk to them, they’ll either A.) won’t even speak to you back and just look at you because you’re deemed not worthy of their words or B.) they’ll straight up say something like “ummm ok why are you talking to me? loser.” And it doesn’t even matter if you’re in a sport or not. I was in sports and barely got acknowledged by most of them. (There are always exceptions, and these kids are not an exception.) NHS has nothing to do with it either because plenty of people that aren’t in this clique in NHS.

    And yet, I dare say that there’s a handful of teachers at CPHS who just don’t see that. That statement alone is why the whole story is not on the news. There’s a lot more to what happened that is simply not being said.

    You know WHY they got acknowledged on School Awards Nights AND even got to prom? BECAUSE THEY’RE IN THIS CLIQUE. Anyone else from CP wouldn’t have gotten this special treatment. In fact, I bet they wouldn’t be playing the “off campus” card if a group in the 99% committed this crime.

    This is a light punishment. They should have gotten 90 days and the fines. Take away their damn summers.

    And yet corrupt people are STILL going to defend these boys up and down and take a dump all over this comment claiming everything I said is wrong. And I can guarantee those people are either
    A.) those currently in the “in crowd” whose brains are too corrupt to realize their poop does indeed smells just like everyone else’s.
    B.) those who still have their HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS PICTURES as their Facebook profiles even though they’re well out of high school. (which btw. LET IT GO. GLORY DAYS ARE OVER.)
    C.) people who haven’t been on the inside (CPHS) and don’t know what they’re talking about.
    D.) those who are/were on the inside (CPHS) and were apart of this crowd.

    So go ahead, come at me bros.

    • Cp graduate

      Let me ask you this… Are you mad or nahh? Lol okay, but in all seriousness now how about you just stop talking now! Stop sitting there acting like you even know how CP is anymore! It’s freaking high school and every year things change!!! You graduated when? Stop stereotyping the school as a whole! Damn near every high school is the same in some way! Every high school / school has the cliques!! Every school has people who think there better then others and act like there shit don’t stink! It’s called politics!!! Get over it and get used to it, yup it’s not right, but sadly no matter what it’s always gunna be around! Like it or not! I know Weir personally, he’s a good man and the fact that the situation came to this I know deep
      Down it’s hurting him! He trusted those kids and they abused his trust! The judge gave the kids a fair sentencing! They should be greatful, because it could have been much worse! The kids fucked up, they clearly used poor judgement! They can do there time, pat there fines and be one there way! Hopefully learning from the lesson! Now
      Stop trying to belittle cp and carry on your merry way! ✌️✌️

    • every highschool

      You just discribed every high school in the world, sorry you were not acknowledged in hs. Another note you forgot was these boys were friends with their (wiers) son. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time partying over there.. seems silly that they are getting in trouble right at graduation and can’t walk on one of the proudest days for their parents. Some of these boys had sholarships

    • Diagoras (@ScienceofGood)

      I wouldn’t be too hard on Not So Proud Alumni. I think you guys are biased because you know these kids but I don’t and one week is a VERY light sentence for criminal behavior. They got a slap on the wrist. If you know them, I hope you will tell them this and encourage them to straighten themselves out so they don’t keep making the same mistakes. Once they leave high school, the law will not go so easy on them.

  • asddgg

    people need fo stop making assumptions about all of these boys. No one knows the whole story and most of the people critisicing have been out of high school for multiple, multiple years. So no, you don’t know what high school is like now and you don’t know the mentality these students have. I’m not giving them an excuse for what they did, but also no one knows the relation these boys had with this teacher and son.

    • The Knowing

      Now you are making assumptions like this person was out of high school for multiple years. I know these people who have been caught red handed and also know Mr. Wier. Mr. Wier gets close with any student as long as they’re trustworthy and these boys knew what they were doing as do all teens who do these kinds of things. They destroyed his trust and got what they deserved, I’m surprised not more.

  • Someone

    Just because they have friends and made a mistake does not mean they are this “1%”. People just base this off of how things were when they were in high school. This not so proud alumni seems to be hurt that they were never in a clique in high school and needs to get over themselves. People make poor judgements sometimes. I bet this alumni hasn’t been a saint since their freshman year of high school.

  • High School staff

    High school has always had popular kids…its always been tough…college is when most students find their way. CP has way more wonderful students and parents than bad…that I was privileged to know and love. I think the judge was wise and fair. Not walking and missing the all night party was huge…but justified. Hopefully they and all students learn from their stupidity.

  • Jalen Bowhuis

    It’s hilarious that I’m not in jail and haven’t and these guys are lmao #vindictive #theydeservemore

  • Navy recruiter's wife

    Cry cry all you want boys. This will bite them in the ass. Try joining the military, chances are that are no longer qualified even for that. However, if they are smart enough to pass the AsVab maybe it’ll straighten them up and help clean their record

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