1 killed, 1 injured after police-involved shooting, chase in Kalamazoo County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORTAGE, Mich. --  One man was killed and another man was critically  injured Thursday following a police chase that involved multiple law enforcement agencies in Kalamazoo County.

Officers opened fire on a suspect's vehicle in the area of Anna's Vineyard Apartments, 6095 Anna's Lane in Portage, Lt. Dale Hinz with the Michigan State Police said. Police said the passenger killed is a 37-year-old man from Portage.

A source close to the investigation tells FOX 17 one of the suspects exited the vehicle with a rifle.

MSP, Kalamazoo County Sheriff's deputies, and Kalamazoo Public Safety officials all fired shots at the suspect's vehicle, Hinz said.

No officers were injured in the exchange. Police said neither the driver nor passenger live at the apartment complex they pulled into. It remains unclear why they pulled into the apartment complex.

Jessica Kruizenga, who lives nearby, said she saw the police cars through her kitchen window and was saw the shooting.

"I heard the sirens get closer, so I instantly ran outside my front door, and I saw all the cops and the suspect car," she told FOX 17. "I saw the police cars, and then after the suspect's car stopped, I saw the police shooting."

Kruizenga said she never saw the suspects with a rifle but heard the police yelling to the suspects prior to shots being fired.

"They were telling them to 'Stay in the car, stay in the car,' and they all started walking toward the suspect's car, all with their weapons out," she said. "I didn't hear anything coming from the suspect's car. Nothing."

The passenger in the vehicle was killed and the driver was wounded.  Police would not detail the extent of the driver's injuries, only saying he had gunshot wounds and was in critical condition as of Thursday evening. The two men have not been identified, but FOX 17 has learned they are believed to be related to each other.

Jeroy Grant, who also lives at the complex, said she saw the suspect's car to a U-turn before turning into the complex. She heard at least five or six shots fired and told FOX 17 she saw the aftermath.

“We can see them taking the two bodies out. They both were extremely pale, they looked like all the blood was gone," Grant said. "The (car's) windows were just completely shot up.”

Hinz told FOX 17 one of the suspects was armed with an high-powered military assault-type rifle that he brandished during the chase. Hinz said it was not immediately clear whether any shots were fired by the suspects during the chase.

No other injuries have been reported.

Hinz said the chase started at about 12:35 p.m. when Kalamazoo County Sheriff's deputies spotted a man in a red Acura who had a warrant out for his arrest and attempted a traffic stop. The warrant was for resisting and obstructing an officer from an earlier incident, according to police.

The passenger was known to law enforcement from prior contacts involving an eviction  situation, Hinz said.  The suspect was known to have firearms at his residence, it was determined that his arrest would be effective while he was away from his home.

“These suspects were known to them to be possibly violent and armed, and so that’s why officers were taking special precautions to bring this individual under arrest," Hinz told reporters Thursday evening.

Milham Road was closed between Angling and Andover Woods for a few hours. Police said it opened around 4:00 p.m.

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