West Michigan dad in critical condition after being shocked

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A dad from Kent County is in the fight of his life after being shocked on the job. Kyle Scheuneman's family spoke with Fox 17 News Sunday evening on his behalf, asking for prayers and support during this difficult time in their lives.

Nobody knows exactly what happened April 23 when Kyle was shocked while fixing electrical lines.

Julie Scheuneman, Kyle's mother, remembers that day being a nightmare.

"It's overwhelming," said Julie Scheuneman. "It was the worst phone call I've received in my whole life."

It's been almost four weeks since the accident when Kyle was shocked while working on power lines for Kent Power out of Kent City, an accident Lindy Scheuneman, Kyle's wife, understands could have been fatal.

"He's lost the majority of the left side of his back to the exit wound," said Lindy.

Kyle, father of three, is currently in the intensive care burn unit at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, undergoing muscle flap repair and skin graphs. Nine surgeries after the accident, Kyle's journey to recovery has just begun.

Family members established a Gofundme account, raising more than $30,000.

Meanwhile, the Scheuneman family says all they can do is pray for a miracle.

"I just stay in the room by his side," said Kyle's mom. "Holding his hand, like any mom would."

Kyle's family asked us not to show photographs of Kyle in the hospital, and many family and friends still unable to go into the ICU.

But you can show your support by donating blood at a blood drive for Kyle August 1 at the Kent City High School.

The family tells us the incident is under investigation by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They also say his company has been very supportive through the ordeal.

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  • Karri Whip

    You don’t have to wait to donate blood on Kyle’s behalf. Stop into our center at 1036 Fuller NE, tell us you’re here on his behalf, fill out a card to let the family know you were there. If you have questions you can call us direct at Michigan Blood (616) 774-2300 or 1-866-MI-BLOOD.

  • Alex

    I am a fellow lineman that feels for Kyle and his family I hope that this kind of accident never happens again. I would like to correct some of the mistakes in this article. First Kyle was not hundreds of feet in the air he was only around fifty feet or so and second he was shocked by 7200 volts of electricity. Watts is how electric is measured, his wounds where caused by amperage not by watts! Currents greater than 75 mA may cause ventricular fibrillation (very rapid, ineffective heartbeat). This condition will cause death within a few minutes unless a special device called a defibrillator is used to save the victim. Heart paralysis occurs at 4 amps, which means the heart does not pump at all. Tissue is burned with currents greater than 5 amps.Kyle probably received around 20 or more amps. The wounds that Kyle received are horrendous and me and my family pray everyday for a full recovery, I just wanted to try and correct a few things in the story.

    • Billy G Smith

      To Alex and the family as a retire Lineman/ Foreman My prayers go out to all of you and we will be praying for Kyle. From all of us at the International Lineman Museum We all will be praying GOD BLESS

  • eric

    Dies this article really say, “skin graphs”? Are there editors anymore? It used to be that you would look to newspapers for proper grammar along with facts. So many articles I read now look like a teenager’s Twitter posts. I guess, on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog (who doesn’t know English).

  • Rachel Riley

    He wasn’t shocked! He was ELECTROCUTED! My husband is a Lineman. He was ELECTROCUTED IN August of 2013. He was in Burn ICU for almost 3 months and in rehab for another 6 weeks to learn to sit up, stand, and walk again among other things. He lost his left arm to the shoulder. He lost a part of is left side under his lost left arm. Not even talking about the burns to his body. He lost all of his triceps on his right arm and e lost use use of his right hand. So please do not use the word shocked that man was ELECTROCUTED.. Thank You.
    Prayers are with Him & Family. I know all the pain and Hope that they are going through.

      • Rachel Riley

        My husband said YOU live through it and see if shocked describes it for you until that time you go hug that dictionary of yours. He was brought back by the Grace of God and a wonderful medical team.

        • Zach

          Well I just don’t think you should be going around saying this man was killed. Glad your husband made it through. My dads a lineman at Consumers and was lucky enough to survive a serious shock when I was 3 years old. When I told the lineman who visited our elementary school when I was young that my dad was electrocuted he explained to me the difference. So please save me and everyone else your ignorance of the misuse of the word.

          • Solomon

            You little son of bitch I am a lineman of twenty years shocked implying a freacking tickle. I lost my damn arm. I have had over thirty different surgery’s in the last year. That is not a shock. When you 7200 hundred volts 2 times in a matter of seconds. That is electrocution. And if you ever call my wife ignorant again I will hunt you down like the piece of shit you are so yeah sack on behalf of lineman every where FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. Just because you got a definition out of Noah Websters doesn’t mean it applyes to everything that you think about .

          • Phil

            Solomon is an angry little man who thinks he is a warrior behind the keyboard. Zach, you are right about it. And definition give you the reasoning of the word, not how you want to use it. Solomon, your wife talks about God second chance. Should learn to live by that.

  • dani

    My husband is a lineman and everyday he goes to work I pray he comes home to me and our son safe and sound. This is an occupation that has no limits. Rain, shine, wind, sleet, or snow when we are all inside safe and comfortable they are out there working for all of us. I pray for Kyle and his family and all the other families that have been affected by any work related accident.

  • Sean in GR

    Get well my friend.
    Worked for the Kent family many, many years ago. Always a good group, supportive office. Your brothers are pullin for ya.

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