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Muskegon Heights teen charged with murdering toddler

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
A'Laina Brown

A'Laina Brown, 1

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. -- A 13-year-old Muskegon Heights boy was arraigned Friday on a murder charge after allegedly killing his 16-month-old cousin.

Jakari Pollard was charged as an adult in juvenile court in the Feb. 27 death of A'Laina Brown.   Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson said the teen allegedly kicked and hit the toddler, and she later died.

The children were alone in the victim's mother's Muskegon Township home on the night of the incident, Hilson said.    Police were called to the home at about 5:20 a.m. Feb. 27 and found Brown unresponsive.

The state filed a neglect petition against the toddler's mother, 23-year-old Octavia Jones, following the death, according to child protective service documents obtained by FOX 17.

Jakari Pollard, 13

Jakari Pollard, 13

Records show Jones was not home at the time the death happened. Jones thought the children were left in the care of her roommate but the roommate apparently left the home that evening around 9 p.m. The roommate said she told Jones she was leaving and would not be watching the kids, according to documents.

An autopsy showed the toddler died from internal injuries from a lacerated liver caused by blunt force trauma, according to documents.

According to documents, Jakari admitted in March to Muskegon Township police that he hit, kicked and shook A'Laina the night of her death. The toddler's mother told police that Jakari had previously been "mean" to her children adding that she did not want him around her children.

TV cameras were not allowed inside the court proceedings Friday. During the hearing, Jakari's father argued his son never admitted to killing A'Laina. It was also revealed Jakari had recently been suspended from school for disruptive behavior and had not received any counseling or mental health checks following the death of his cousin.

Relatives of both A'Laina and Jakari said the ordeal has torn the family apart.

“What he did... it was wrong. If he did it," said Jessica McCoy. “A'Liana was my goddaughter, she was my baby.”

McCoy told FOX 17 she's disgusted that Jakari is taking the brunt of the blame because she said the incident could've been prevented with adult supervision, starting with A'Laina's mother.

“She left that house at 2 p.m. and didn’t return until 3 a.m. when she found her daughter dead, but if she had been at home with her child this would have never happened," McCoy told FOX 17.

“At the end of the day, A’Liana need justice: justice for what (Jakari) did to her and for the neglect that her mom was to her. I think that everybody that was involved need to be brought to justice.”

Pollard is scheduled to be back in court May 29 for a preliminary hearing.

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  • Prospectne

    I’ve noticed black moms commonly leave their kids unsupervised. 9, 10, 11, 12 being old enough to watch younger siblings, infants and toddlers. I personally witnessed it several times reporting it to CPS. It always continued so it must not be neglect as far as CPS is concerned.

      • kelly

        u r right. why did someone turn this into a black /white thing?? it is uneducated, young, selfish, druggies , alcoholics or people with addictions ( such as sex, gambling, ect.) that do these things such as leave their infants with 13 y.o. boys who have already shown they can be VIOLENT!!!!!! she “THOUGHT” her room mate would be home. she didnt make sure?????????? so much for dumb blondes. i never left my kids when i THOUGHT some one MIGHT be there to care for my infant. stupidity knows no colour!

    • susie

      First of all not all black mom’s as you call us like your racist don’t leave our 9 ,10,11,13,and 14 years to watch our kids I for one take mine with me for I do a kid can not watch a kid. But we notice that some of you white people leave your kids alone also. So your race not that great either.

      • jamie

        I don’t think he should be trialed as a adult I believe the kids we neglected in all kinds of ways this is so sad 13 he is still a baby I am praying for him

        • kelly

          he is old enough to KNOW, you do not SHAKE, PUNCH, KICK, or in ANYWAY, HARM A BABY!! this kid knows EXACTLY what he did was wrong. if he was 5, i might agree. then, nothing is said about when she died. this kid just let her die without calling 911?? she must have been SCREAMING her little throat out?? can u imagine the pain that would result of this kind of thing. even to me, a full grown adult. it would hurt. no, this “child” is much more devios and evil than you may think. his parents also for not teaching him the correct way to comfort someone. his parents should be tried as well for raisng a kid with these kind of issues.
          ANGER, i am guessing!! he probably DIDNT want to babysit. good parenting all around!!!

  • Janessa Starbourne

    Black moms are the worst! Total neglect! It’s no wonder their kids grow up in prison. Then they blame white people.

    Try parenting for once. It’s a sacrifice for your unwanted pregnancy, but hey you still think Coke up your vagina is birth control.

    • dawn

      I just can’t! The level of ignorance here is bliss! But hey since we are categorizing here…what do u expect out of the mouths of white trash and hillbillies

      • Janessa Starbourne

        Sounds like you’re the ignorant one. Please continue to bury your head in the sand. The world is a better place for it.

      • Jeana Vaneck

        Wow a child is dead and all of you want to talk crap about what color the moms skin is. And people wonder why our kids act the way they do. Sorry i dont vate what color your skin is take care of your kids dont go out all nigjt and leave them home alone.

    • susie

      We can say the same about you white women . And we can surely say that most of you white women be I’m your house some knowing and some not knowing that your man .or who is in you home hurting your child . rspi g the own kids and new born babies. I not racist like you are, but before you talk about black women do your homework on yours. God please you.

      • susie

        Making. Corrections. About your kind since your racial profiling us . your have boyfriends. Husband.sons etc . sexual asulting you kids or orarlly hurting them while your home or just outside. Before you talk about blacks do your homework. Oh and some of you son ate thugs and in jail. Duh

      • Jessica dekryger

        Wow…no words for this. This is just purely terrible parenting. I wonder if the mother of the deceased child was left at home when she was a toddler. She must have learned somewhere that this was acceptable behavior. I hope that more mothers can become less selfish and spend more time parenting their children as they grow up very quickly and need to learn great parenting skills to use with their own children. As for many of these posts, I can barely read/understand the language used. Do your children a great favor and get a decent education so that they can at least read and write effectively.

    • Keokia

      As a black mother your comment is very disrespectful. My mother a black mom have raised a U.S. Soldier, accountant and a Marine. Let’s not be racists.

    • teresa mcqueen

      First of all I’m not black nor white but who cares about race? Black women in general don’t leave their kids alone to watch smaller ones. There are a lot of white women who do the same. One color is not worse than the other. The prisons are full of neglectful white moms too. The white moms are more apt to murder their children than black mothers are. You must be a racist and atheist because for you to degrade one race you damn sure can’t serve or believe in god. Your race enslaved ppl of different color for many years. Check your background because your ancester could have been a black slave. Your an idiot. If I saw you in person I’d kick your ass. Fuckin’ Bitch

  • rickey

    Very true….it is what it’s not being a racist with those’s the your eyes..look around you…

  • Jay

    Wow…really. An infant is dead, and all you ignorant morons of society can comment is some petty race bull!?!?! C’mon it’s 2015, we should be passed this. No race is greater than the other. R.I.P little one….

  • jazzalyn

    Man free Kari I feel like a parent shouldve been home with them because if they knew he was crazy by him being in trouble so much maybe they should have knew not to leave him with a toddler and by the mom being gone for so long with a 1year old at home with Kari by themselves isn’t fair on anyone part I feel like justice do need to be brought to alaina but I feel like Kari needs justice to I think he needs counseling I feel like he need to be away from kids is best for him I think maybe he need to do a lil time when he get older but right now I agree with green shirt lady #sorry for yo lost #free kari

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