Car driven by teen in fatal crash was traveling 124 mph

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — The car driven by a 16-year-old boy was traveling 124 miles per hour when the car went out of control near Albion, Michigan, and caused a head-on crash that killed the youth and two women on Sunday.

According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, the crash investigators were able to get information from an event data recorder from the teen’s car that showed the speed of the car in the incident.

After the youth lost control, the car crossed the median on I-94 and collided head-on with another vehicle. The 16-year-old died, and a 74-year-old Jackson woman and a 77-year-old Ohio woman in the other vehicle died. Four others were injured.

The sheriff’s department said the crash investigation may take weeks to complete.

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    • Stacy Williams

      Wow. How heartless can u be? Just because he made a poor decision to speed, it doesn’t mean he deserved what he got.

      • TheFoundingFathers

        Did you just say “speed”?
        Your ignorance is epic! This little bastard just killed some people, I hope the driver burns in hell, and I also hope there will be a civil suit filed against the driver after the judge and jury are done with him! As for your bleeding hearts, please move your asses to California with the rest of the nut jobs!

    • G P

      Well first of all….If Fox17 can get their facts straight (probably a struggle for Fox17)…it wasn’t the 16 year old driver who lost his life, it was a 16 year old passenger along with the 2 elder woman in the other car. This is a very tragic event that should have never happened; however, it is very ruthless to say that “he deserves” this…nobody knows what entirely happened and for someone to be this heartless….not sure where your getting your “commonsense” from???

  • chilim

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  • Antoine Mosley

    See how I put my name on there? I know all the teens and families that were involved in the accident they are being real supportive to each other! These are kids you’re talking about! Some of you are really ignorant! How many of you obeyed the law as a kid or even as an adult? To the person that called him a bastard! If you have kids let’s be sure your “lil bastard” don’t make a mistake! The cowards don’t put their names on their comments! Please show support or shut the fuck up! That young man and other the families has a lot to deal with! Please be peaceful!

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