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West Michigan natives some of the first to visit ‘One World Observatory’ in NYC

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NEW YORK, NY. -- The observation deck at the top of One World Trade Center opened to the public for the first time on Friday.

It is now the tallest building in New York City.

Among the first visitors were two people from West Michigan.

Travis Pentecost and Ron Holley II said that they planned the trip last January, and a couple weeks ago realized the opening would take place while they were in town. So, they snatched up tickets, and took the trip 102 floors up.

"It was pretty awesome. I'd have to say that's probably the highest I've ever been, but still attached to the ground," Holley said.

The two said that the elevator ride to the top took less than a minute to climb over a hundred floors.

Inside the elevator, they were surrounded by floor to ceiling screens, displaying the history of the New York City skyline, including the two World Trade Centers.

"It was exciting. It was emotional. It made you have a lot of thoughts run through your head, but it was also definitely kind of like, something to be thankful to be a part of being up there, one of the first ones experiencing it before anybody else," Pentecost said.

Once they arrived to the top, a massive video screen covered the observation window. After a brief screening of what lead up to the building's conception, the screen was removed revealing the view not seen by many since September 11th, 2001.

"Everyone took that moment of silence to let out that gasp, and then many people broke into clapping. It was just kind of one of those moments that you just, you have to be there to experience it," Holley added.

Stopping to get a bite to eat inside the observatory, and then going back to the ground level to see the World Trade Center monument, two said that it's something everyone should see for themselves.

If you are planning a trip to the New York area, you can find tickets for the observation desk here.


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