Courtland Twp: one dead in motorcycle accident

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COURTLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries late Friday night after colliding into another vehicle.

Kent County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the area of 10 Mile Rd. NE & Oakview Ave NE and arrived around 11:56pm.

Sheriffs say that an eastbound motorcycle driven by Taylor Miedema, 23, crashed into a westbound SUV driven by Dawn Batchelder, 49.

Miedema was pronounced dead on the scene.

Alcohol is believed to be a contributor to the crash.


  • Christian

    Thank god your a p*ssy and don’t use your real name, saying some dumb shit like that get you hurt quick

    • TheFoundingFathers

      You might want to rethink that comment as the 5 deployments I have been through I would love to show you what REAL PAIN FEELS LIKE. But beware when I’m done with you I’m pretty sure that your family or surgeons won’t recognize you anymore.

      • Me

        5 deployments?!?!?! Good for you, that lifestyle was your choice. Nobody asks to get killed by an irresponsible driver… or for you to put in your heartless comments.

      • Micky

        Again.. From the dude that can’t state his own name so quick to boast things you can’t back up.

      • barb

        Just becuz you did 5 deployments dont make you better then our friend who was enjoying a day on his bike..

  • Greg Glass

    Alcohol present or not it is still sad and everybody has somebody . The young man who crashed and lost his life was a great guy , very loved and was not a ” drunk” . Whatever the cause , whatever the reason it’s not something to speak about in a bold paper like manner. Accidents do happen and from the sounds of it the vehicle pulled out in front of the bike. RIP Taylor Miedema

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Again another person that is using the “accident” word. May I remind you that consuming alcohol is NOT AN ACCIDENT!

      • Micky

        Found father seriously who are you? Standing up for the wrong person there pal. Do every one a favor and stop writing about something you clearly know nothing about.

      • kelly sawicki

        Quit hiding behind your fake title and get your facts straight!! She was drunk.. She spent the weekend in jail!! Look it up!!

    • Phoenix

      The report says that alcohol was a contributing factor not that the motorcyclist was drunk. Asuumptions man.

  • Mariah

    You idiots clearly know nothing about new reports. Clearly he crashed into her vehicle. He was riding up and down 10 mile road doing bike tricks. He was doing a wheelie when he hit her. Sad news all around, and the investigation is not over yet. How do we know he didn’t have anything, including drugs, in his system?

    • Braydon Foley

      Mariah, I do not know you; you very clearly did not know Taylor. I’ve ridden with him multiple times as I too am a motorcycle enthusiast. If you did know him, you’d know that he wasn’t interested in gaining attention from “bike tricks”. He was a respectful rider, and more-so a respectful individual. Further more, the fact that you are bringing up what is in one’s system when they aren’t even around to defend themselves is pitiful. You don’t know what happened, but what I do know, is 9 out of 10 accidents involving bikes and cars, are the fault of the car’s driver. I personally have been in an accident in which I was taken out of my lane by a car. So please don’t judge because likely the SUV driver is at fault, and the results are that a family and many loved ones have a heart ache to push through. I encourage all of those close to Taylor to find solace in each other, kill the hatred with kindness, and look to live each day with the affect that Taylor has made on your lives. Be good, be positive. RIP Taylor.

      • Me

        She clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about either. First she said the driver never pulled out of her driveway. If she never left the driveway the accident never would have happened. Her vehicle was hit in the front after backing out of the driveway into oncoming traffic.

  • Andy

    Taylor was my bestfriend. Ive know him forever. He didnt deserve this. He was scared of wheelies, and wasnt a reckless driver at all. I know who you sre mariah and i know you are close to dawns family as you were friends with her son. We know the first people on the scene and the witnesses to what happened. Its a tragic accident for all. No one wanted this outcome and we all wish we could have tweaked the time for half a second and the taylor would still be here today and dawn wouldnt have to live with this on her concience. We all need love and support right now. No need to battle back and fourth on what happened or whos fault this is because it just makes it harder on all of us. As friends, as family, and acquaintences, we can all pull through this one. Please no more negative words. Keep your negative oppions to yourself. Support and love only.

    • Mariah

      I agree with you, Andy. But it’s hard to believe he wasn’t afraid of wheelies when there are numerous photos of him online doing them.

      And for the record, Corey was my brother.

    • barb

      Andy,im so sorry for your lose,i just met him before dudedate and rode a few times with him on lil bikes,i dont even get to be friends on facebook yet,our conversation at the score tuesday for bike night was priceless,as it was our last..hugs to you

  • Sarah

    Before anyone jumps too far to conclusions, I want to say that Dawn Batchelder, the SUV driver, is a family friend of mine and my mother’s and is in pieces over what happened. Not only is she a very kind and caring person, but she recently lost her 22 year old son, obviously very close to Taylor’s age. My mother was told that both Dawn and Taylor had been drinking earlier in the night, and Taylor was speeding when Dawn hit him. It’s very sad for both of them; Taylor lost his life and Dawn is extremely distraught. Neither of them deserve to be harshly criticized and both of their families are suffering. Thank you.

    • barb

      Weather they both drank or not and no matter someone was lost before..does not excuse killing someone becuz you were intoxicated…dawn drank and was in a car,im sure she feels bad,but will she take responsiblity or take a plea like every other person who gets off with a slap…ive lost people in every way,but when its at the hands of someone else..i have little room for empthany..sorry…

      • sadden

        THIS was a TRAGIC accident! Both families are in pain.10 Mile is known for riders going over the speed limit and this section of the road is not lit properly, very hilly with blind areas. There have been many fatalities. Put your anger elsewhere.

  • barb

    Hope its you next time…i noticed your a coward and dont us your name. .i think the kkk hid behind things too…

  • kelly sawicki

    She pulled out of her driveway right in front of him. She was drunk.. Not him. Media doesn’t cover accurately!!

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