Woman rescued from Portland flood waters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORTLAND, Mich. -- Widespread severe weather caused flooding in parts of West Michigan, and one woman is telling her story after being trapped in the flood waters in her car.

Mary Pline was on her way to work early Tuesday morning, about a 10 minute drive down Charlotte Highway, where she helps adults with disabilities.  It was during that short commute she noticed dirt had washed up from the storm.

"I thought I would just drive over it, but when I went into it. It was water," said Pline.

Her car hydroplaned, and she lost control. "It just felt like I was floating on water," Pline added.

The mother of four found herself stranded in flooded farmland.

"I felt like I was racing against the clock," she remembered. "I didn't know which would come first, the water all the way up, or the sheriff's department."

Pline called 911, and the dispatcher sent help her way. The 911 call lasted over seven minutes, with rising waters and limited space to breathe. But deputies were able to get her out of the car in time.

Pline's daughters Annalise and Katherine say that they are relieved is an understatement.

"You know, with the tornado and everyone's houses are down, your mom almost losing her life, it's scary," said Pline's daughters.

Charlotte Highway near Tupper Lake Road was blocked off to drivers into Wednesday.

Pline's car was taken out of the water and was not in running condition, but she says she's just happy to be home with her family.

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