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Police investigating possible hate crime, transgender woman’s car spray-painted with slurs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Gidget Groendyk says it was difficult driving her car into work Thursday morning, because hateful slurs had been spraypainted on it. Groendyk is a transgender woman, and she tells FOX 17 she has faced years of harrassment.

The Kent County Sheriff's Department is investigating the vandalism as a possible hate crime.

Groendyk lives in a quiet Blithefield Acres neighborhood, and Thursday she woke up to her car vandalized in her driveway.

"I’m so used to this stuff right now, I’ve seen so much, I’m just like, 'This is bullcrap,'"” said Groendyk. "I’m like maybe I should sell out. Maybe I need to move. Maybe I need to go somewhere where it’s friendly. I’m just so sad, and I’m so tired of all of this, I just want it to stop, that’s it. It’s never-ending.”

Back in 2011, Groendyk says, she came out as a transgender woman and then legally changed her name the next year. She owns Studio G Salon in Sparta, and she says it has been hard enough losing some customers and friends in the process.

“You’re sick of telling the lie, telling your friends everything’s cool, trying to macho up,” said Groendyk. “You’re miserable, and you’re wasting your life away. Basically, you want to become who you really are.”

Yet it's not only her spray-painted car that Groendyk says is making her feel harassed. In May, she got a ticket for having an “inoperable” vehicle on her property. However, Groendyk says the truck was registered to her mother at the time.

When she went to handle matters at the Plainfield Township Office, Groendyk says, an employee would not address her by her legally changed name.

“I just talked to her, and I says, 'Could you please call me by my name Gidget?' And she goes, 'Well is that your legal name?' I’m like, 'Yes.' ‘Well do you have any proof?’ I’m like, 'Yes, I got court papers, I got a Social Security card, I got a passport, a driver’s license.'”

Some of Groendyk’s neighbors told FOX 17 News that they are shocked by this vandalism.

“We don’t like to see that at all in this neighborhood,” said Kyle Hall, a neighbor. “It’s pretty calm for the most part, I mean. I don’t ever recall anybody ever doing anything like that around here. We don’t like to see that.”

“My guts are saying leave, run away, don’t come back, this is not a safe LGBT neighborhood,” said Groendyk.

Plainfield Township office officials were out of the office for the holiday weekend and unavailable for comment.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department continues their possible felony, hate crime investigation. If you have any additional information, call the sheriff’s department at (616) 632-6100, or Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Hate to say “I told you so” , but I TOLD YOU SO! Get ready for A LOT more of this shit. That’s what happens when you go against the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE. Just wait till all the psychos come out of the woodwork and start the shooting and even crazier stuff…… humankind has zero hope….

    • Hugh Easton

      Between 1940 and about 1980, millions of pregnant women were given high doses of an artificial estrogen called diethylstilbestrol (or DES), as part of treatment aimed at preventing miscarriages and premature births. The doses used were absolutely colossal. Under the standard treatment protocol, the cumulative dose over the course of a typical DES pregnancy was about 11 grams, around the same amount of artificial estrogen as is contained in half a million birth control pills!

      While the daughters who were exposed to this treatment are acknowledged to have been born with abnormalities of their internal reproductive organs, to have very high rates of infertility and to be at greatly increased risk of several kinds of cancer, the official line is that the “DES sons” came through their exposure virtually unscathed – no cancer, no infertility, no nothing (apart from a moderately increased risk of “noncancerous epididymal cysts”). Sounds a little too good to be true, don’t you think?

      It is. Since learning in 2011 of the hidden history of medical hormone exposures, I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can about what really happened to the biologically male people who were exposed to DES. Based on what I’ve seen, they were profoundly affected by their exposure. It’s just that what has happened to them is so awful that nobody wants to admit to it, and the entire medical establishment has closed ranks to keep the public in the dark about it. Basically, it caused them to develop as female instead of male during the time the exposure was taking place, producing people who aren’t really one sex any more, but have partly developed as male and partly as female.

      Some of the people I’ve chatted to were born with overt intersex-related abnormalities, but due to the way DES was typically administered and the way development takes place in an unborn child, what appears to have happened in most cases is that their physical development has occurred as relatively normal male, but their brain development has predominantly occurred as female. The way this often manifests itself later in life is that you end up with a person who looks like a man, but has a strong (and often overwhelming) inner sense of being a woman, despite having a male body.

      Although DES was largely withdrawn from use by about 1980, there are other artificial female hormones that are still very widely used in women’s medicine, and they form the basis of birth control pills and other forms of women’s hormonal contraception. I think it’s highly likely that some of these manmade hormones can, like DES, induce female brain development in a biologically male fetus, and that’s why we’re continuing to see more and more trans people being born.

  • sharlene Mosher

    Too bad this guy is a liar, i know him personally and been dragged into some of his scams, like do u all know he’s a married man and legally changed his name to his wife’s name to avoid tax fraud charges, and all his friends call him Scott! He’s doing this for attention since his business is going under! I can’t believe this stunt, wish fox 17 could talk to me!

    • Maxie Grant

      People change their names all the time, Sharlene. Especially when they get divorced . . . that doesn’t change your social security number, and it doesn’t absolve you of any debt you may have or anything else legally that’s going on in your life. The government still knows who she is . . . as obviously you do.

      I imagine you wish they’d talk to you so you could spew some more ignorant lies and bigotry. Just YouTube it I’m sure you’ll get all the attention you deserve.

  • Storm

    What hateful people. I’m appalled by how many hateful comments there are as well. Makes me glad I don’t live in Michigan. I don’t believe I’ll be visiting ever, either.

    I’m sorry Gidget has to deal with such bigoted behavior.