City defends coloring Blue Bridge like a rainbow

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - The City of Grand Rapids lit up the Blue Bridge in rainbow colors Thursday night to recognize the U.S. Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage.  That decision isn't sitting well with some people.

Social media lit up Thursday night and Friday about the decision.  Many commenters said it is not the city's place to make the statement.  Others said the timing was bad and the bridge should be red, white and blue in honor of Independence Day.

"It's the decision that's been rendered by the highest court in America, and it's one that affects millions of Americans including thousands that live here in our community," explained Kristopher Larson of Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.

Charles Hughes told FOX17 on the bridge today, "It's against God. That's God law. God says in the Bible strictly it's mentioned that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that's my stance."

Larson tells us that the bridge is lit certain colors to highlight big evens and special occasions.  Friday night, it will be rainbow-colored again, but Saturday, it will be red, white and blue for the 4th of July.  Next week, it will return to being rainbow-colored.


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  • Spot

    Sorry “Christians”. You’ll have to find a new group to hate. And do it quickly because God won’t let you into heaven unless you hate all the right people.

        • Robert Taylor

          Wait, I don’t hate anyone does that mean I am going to hell… I don’t even hate Satan, or God because I can not hate beings for which there is no tangible evidence of their existence.

          • Golf Foxtrot Yankee

            Really Spot? I don’t see Christians beheading gays, setting them on fire or throwing them off rooftops.
            Why don’t you attack the Muslims who are?
            Don’t you dare ? Why not? what are you afraid of?
            Are Christians a safe target for your hate speech ?
            That “turn the other cheek” makes Christians a very safe target for your aggressive bigotry.

            Bet you have a che guevara T-shirt on right now…

          • Fujikoma

            Golf Foxtrot Yankee,

            You should read the news more. Gays are shot, beaten up, dragged behind trucks, harassed, have their homes and vehicles vandalized, sent threatening letters and basically told by bigots that there is something wrong with them when there isn’t… all in the U.S. of A. Do I, personally, say anything against islam? Yes I do. I have apologist friends that bend over backwards for that religion and we’ve had many arguments about why that, and other religions, are wrong. The reason christianity bears the brunt of criticism in the U.S., is because it’s the dominant religion in this country. The religious feel no impunity at throwing their propaganda up everywhere and feel they, alone, are deserving enough to place it in the government as well.

        • rhodie

          What is this “hraven” you speak of, “Spot”? And what are you doing to “get in” there? Does everyone there have bad attitudes like you? There’s another place called Heaven, and to have eternal life there all you need to do is confess your sins and believe in Jesus as your Savior. With that comes trying to do the right thing, loving all, and just keep trying your best every day. We aren’t perfect, we all make mistakes. We mess up each and every day. God is a loving God and wants nothing more than to share His heavenly home with all who love Him and confess their sins. He allows new beginnings and a fresh start. I’m sad that you feel so angry and sad that someone (or several someones) has made you feel so resentful and hurt. I’m hoping you can find some joy and peace.

    • Sit Spot

      Well, that’s not very “tolerant” of you…
      But then, that’s the way you are programmed to think. your hate is justified.
      Its worked in the past, just ask the Jews in Germany

    • Mac Zeff

      Why do you stupid people, always claim folks “hate” when they disagree with you? I don’t hate anyone, PERIOD. I disagree with life styles of some, with Language skills of others, and with the politics of many. But that doesn’t mean I hate them. Seems to me we have a big problem with stupid people in this country now, that cannot accept that not everyone is going to agree with them. Then again, I guess that is why they are stupid. And ya can’t fix stupid.

  • commonsense

    This is a very minor decision by the court that only affects about 2% of the population. The city is now supporting this perversion of nature at the taxpayers expense.

  • nate

    God loves the sinner but hates the sin. He gave his own son as a payment for even the worst sin. You wanna talk about love.. The problem is now that same sex marriage is OK what’s going to stop people from taking it to the next level and having relationships with animals…I mean its love right..

    • Robert Taylor

      God sent his son down to die for us, to be sacrificed for us?…About 17 years ago I was having doubts, but what tipped the scale for me was the realization that 2000 years ago people found sacrifice of animals and even humans as acceptable, so when they needed a way to unite other religions they choose a common practice that every one was OK with. But today we would find even the concept of sacrificing even a small animal demented and bizarre behavior. I it would be considered even more sick to actually sacrifice a human being. And understanding made me realize that “A GOD” should be far more morally evolved then humans. So maybe I should really research the bible to see If i believe it because we are taught to believe it…. And found not only no correlation between historical reality but that is it s full of stories of a violent, cruel, arrogant god and it preaches hate for anyone who thinks differently then the collective group mind. I prefer to think for myself thanks and any god who orders “The killing of even the innocent children except the virgins of marrying age (sure implies rape to me.) take them as your wives, and keep the cattle and the plunder”.. Really people quit living in the dark ages when this crap was law on pain of death to believe. I promotes hate and violence, just look at the comment. I a person gets in my face and yells, or they steal or harm me or my family I have a problem with them, if they are nice community building people with good morals, ( man made humanistic morals not kill all but the virgins moral, ) then I am ok with them and if we get along we can be friends, who they marry or sleep with are of no concern oi mine…

      • Jan Jones

        Whoa, talk about arrogance and pride…you’re the definition. I, I, I, me, me, me…..the one thing that Christ had that you are completely lacking in is humility. So preach to yourself all you want, you have attempted to make yourself higher than God. Since you mention the need to research, might want to look up that story, ya know, the one about the most splendid and lovely of all creation who tried to proclaim himself greater than GOD. Really long fall on the way down. You seem to consider yourself greater than your Creator…doesn’t always fare well, be warned. You might feel clever now, but your choices are going to bite you in the butt

          • Nate

            Did anybody see what happened at that gay festival over in Taiwan ? We searously need to be in payer for those affected by this. Like the bible says “Be not deceived GOD is not mocked” we are dealing with a very serious God here …The bible says in Luke ” I tell you, Nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” that’s speaking of EVERY single sinner (myself included) and not just same sex couples. As a christian I am to love all people no matter how difficult because we were all souls for whom Jesus Christ died…

    • You suck

      Yay! God gave himself in the form of his son to be sent into his own kingdom as payment for rules he made that his creations disagreed with (because he allowed such freewill)! Also regardless if gay marriage is legalized or not, beasitelity has existed quite a while. If I remember ,cut beards, shellfish and basically any clothes made today as well as intimate relationships are banned. Nice slippery slope man. As well as abhorrent logic.

      • Kevin Rahe

        So you think that human beings are incapable of judging something they might do to be sinful or not? In other words, there is no way that you can know whether something you do is right or wrong?

  • Justme

    I am not against same sex marriage. ..but why does the red,white and blue get only one day and rainbow gets numerous days! That is what makes me mad!

    • Eric

      I imagine it’s because Independence Day happens every year while the legalization of gay marriage is a momentous occasion that will only happen once. These people have been fighting for a very basic freedom and have finally won. What could be more patriotic than that? It’s their Independence Day this year.

  • Franklin Bacon

    Government should observe all rulings contributing to the separation of church and state. This issue is barely a blip on the radar except for the religious folks trying to deny basic civil rights to someone beside their own followers. Equality is equality, whether one is of such a religion or not. Marriage should become a purely secular issue; taken out of the hands of religion. Atheists can get married too BTW, if they choose to do so and regardless of whether some church sanctions it.

  • bob

    Unless this bridge is privately owned, which it is not, this display has no business on a public structure. If a Nativity scene cant be set up on public property because it may offend, then this cant be set up either. How dare this guy use a publicly owned bridge and more of my tax dollars to light it to make a personal statement.

    • Robert Taylor

      That is just plain silly, the nativity scene has nothing to do with whether or not it might offend someone it is about separation of church and state. The rainbow colors are about a United States Supreme court decision, and since when did Rainbows become offensive. If it had rained the day of the Court ruling and a Rainbow appeared would you have sad God had no right to put that there…That fact that colored lights create such bigoted and angry statements shows just how bigoted and sad our country still is. The fact that it had to come to a court ruling is messed up enough.Nothing about your life is going to change, and the only thing that will change is that they can get health coverage cheaper, have multi care discount on their car insurance, and they won’t have to spend 5 years on probate court once the spouse passes away getting property that is rightfully theirs… Beyond that they were already living together and being good citizens or not just like everyone else.

  • Robert Taylor

    Really all this hatred over Rainbows. I am 51 years old, about 12 years ago my wife and I were driving down to Florida, and we were at a Rest area in Tennessee, there were a few cars with Rainbow stickers on their rear windows and bumper stickers, and I noticed a group of people walking towards the cars, adults and children, I didn’t think any thing of it at the time except that they seemed to all know each other even though they all had different state plates. Later we saw them down in the Florida welcome center only there were more of them. And I finally overheard on of them say how excited he was that they were having Gay pride week in Orlando Florida. And then I realized that the Rainbow a symbol I could have worn on a dark blue shirt to school in my day with out anyone thinking anything expect I had a cool rainbow on my shirt, had know become the symbol for Gay people….And my thought was geez that means if I ever wear a rainbow colored shirt people will think I am gay, but oh well gay people in themselves are not offensive and regardless of what you think GOD says about it, they don’t choose all this controversy it is who they are. I could not choose to be gay. Think about this all you Heterosexual men could you actually choose to sleep with another man, could be excited and aroused by a male. My answer is no i could not. So why have a problem with someone who has a different sexual orientation then you do. And to deny them their rights is wrong, worse to tell them or to tell your children that gay people are going to burn in a lake of fire forever, is just sick. I am glad there is no god and no lake of fire….

  • Mike

    So the same idiots who put bike lanes halfway in car lanes now celebrate the debacle that’s called the Supreme Court. Thanks GR, for another reason I have to stay away from downtown.

  • JWhite

    So sad to see so there are so many bigots in my hometown. Your folks are the reason good people leave what used to be a pretty decent place to live. For being a Bible-believing group of people, you sure do a lot of judging and condemning.

    • commonsense

      So sad to see that there are so many homosexual supporters in my home town. And not one single person has left this town because Christians believe homosexuality is wrong. Prove your statement. Lastly, for the homos to flaunt their perversion and judge and call names to everyone that disagrees with them shows their intolerance for normal people.

  • JWhite

    So sad to see so there are so many bigots in my hometown. You folks are the reason good people leave what used to be a pretty decent place to live. For being a Bible-believing group of people, you sure do a lot of judging and condemning.

  • cj

    Why don’t all you whiny, close minded bitches rally against divorce? How about premarital sex? Guess those sins aren’t in your cherry picked version, are they?

  • Tom

    Evangelical Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and Quakers are all Christian denominations that recognize marriage equality. i am fairly certain you can add UCC and Christian Unitarians to the list. Also there are way too many to count LBGT Christian independent churches such as the MCC that recognize marriage equality. There are two Jewish denominations that officially recognize marriage equality. Islam is a non hierarchical tradition and there are Muslim LBGT who have had same gender marriages performed by openly LBGT Muslim clergy of either sexes. the SGA Buddhists have typically been affirming of LBGT. From what I can tell every faith tradition, and with 8 billion people on the planet I am sure that no faith tradition is lacking LBGT adherents and believers who will eventually find other co-coreligionists who do not object to LBGT people and unions of same gender couples.

    • Laila Marie

      I personally agree. Not all Christians are against gay marriage. I personally support it, even though I am Christian. Love is love. It’s the 21st century, time to get some new opinions

        • Josh Coleman

          Your God is not Christian by the way. I honestly think your God doesn’t give a damn either way, and before you jump up and down like a gorilla because someone disagreed with you. I’ll let you know I am agnostic and that I believe in a higher power but unlike you who vehemently & blindly follows the bible word for word, I prefer to think with an open mind that the bible is more of a guide on how to be a just and moral human in this unjust and immoral world.

          Also where at in the bible does it mention that you may judge another in God’s place? Because that’s exactly what you and others have been doing all over this comment board. You can share your opinion but that doesn’t mean you can say to someone’s face that they are morally corrupt.

          How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. – Luke 6:42

    • Max

      Actually, we’ve spent 238 years oppressing LGBT folks and 238 years loving America. Give them 10 days. We still love America

      • Kevin Rahe

        Actually, what the Supreme Court did goes far BEYOND merely ending oppression of same-sex-attracted folks. If anything it STARTS the oppression of OTHER folks.

        As for the same-sex-attracted, a more legitimate celebration would come when “sexual orientation” is added to the classes protected by Elliot-Larsen, but that will only get my support if it limits those protections to matters that could apply to an individual, rather than letting judges apply them to GROUPS or ACTS that some people freely choose to engage in, which is happening in some other states with similar statutes.

        • Fujikoma

          Private groups and clubs are still protected. The KKK can still deny black people from being members, Nazis can deny Jews from being members, churches can deny anyone they want for a host of reasons… nothing would change by allowing gay people the same rights that the rest of us enjoy. Rights such as: being served by any business equally, protection from being terminated because someone is gay, being able to adopt if qualified, protection from being stopped by police after being followed after leaving a gay club (except if they’re really violating the law)…
          They should have the same right to hold hands, kiss or anything else that heterosexual couples are allowed to do in public.
          That’s equality… protected by the 14th Amendment. Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean that gay people shouldn’t have the same rights as anyone else.

          • Kevin Rahe

            You haven’t justified using the law to coerce someone into specifically recognizing or supporting an act or relationship that they find objectionable, which someone else freely chose to engage in. That is what is happening.

          • Fujikoma

            Kevin Rahe,
            This couple decided to open a business in the United States and the state of Oregon. In order to do this, they are legally bound to follow certain laws of commerce. This prevents them from acting in bad faith or discriminating against customers (like a racist owner being required to serve black people equally and fairly, which really was a real problem). That does not mean that a cake shop is required to sell auto parts because someone wants to buy them (and they don’t sell them). What it does mean, is that if they sell wedding cakes with toppings and writings to one group of people, then they are required to offer them to all. The business is bound to the law. They, as private citizens don’t have to work there if they have that big of a problem. No different than a racist that doesn’t like black people. Homosexuality is no more a choice than heterosexuality. Black is no more a choice than white. This is why laws exist. Certain people can’t behave as sensible adults with those that are different.
            Now, if they baked cakes in their home for family or friends… they’re free to do what they like or if they have a private club or church… also free to do what they want as long as they don’t infringe on another person’s rights per the law.
            Given the long list of rules in the O.T., I’d find it very difficult to believe that they follow even half of them. These people are what we call ‘Buffet christians’. They pick and choose what they want to follow and then expect others to do the same. If it were in their home or church/club, then there wouldn’t be a problem. This is a business and in this country (and in all first world nations) there are rules governing how a business can conduct itself.

  • don

    The only way to heaven is through Jesus . I would like to see everyone who is living in sin (including gays) seek him who can forgive– we are all sinners , but through Jesus we can be saved! Let me see. Live eternity in heaven or live eternity in hell

  • fantayzya

    I’m curious. Have they changed the lights on the bridge to celebrate EVERY past SCOTUS ruling? or just this one that celebrates the sex lives of a proportionately small percentage of the population? We can expect the “blue bridge” to be a reflection of whatever SCOTUS rules from now on right?

  • Kevin Rahe

    How far south our country has gone when a city can celebrate something that is a gross injustice to families, Christians, children and just plain right-thinking people. Either city officials are hateful of those folks or they’ve been fooled in a colossal fashion.

  • Bob Marquardt

    “It’s against God. That’s God law. God says in the Bible strictly it’s mentioned that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that’s my stance.” Last I knew your church believe that Jesus is God! The only recorded words of Jesus are in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John! Where does Jesus say anything about marriage or gay people in the gospels? Where does he say marriage should be between a man and a woman? I am sure he will not respond because Jesus Christ, after whom the Christian religion is founded, never said anything about his claims! That is faux Christianity!

    • Kevin Rahe

      There are several places where the Bible affirms marriage, none of which would accommodate anything but the union of a man and a woman. As to what Jesus Himself said,

      He said in reply, “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” -Matthew 19:4-6

      • Fujikoma

        The same bible where god endorsed slavery, child murder, rape, incest and genocide. Or, for the N.T. crowd that ignores the O.T., eternal punishment for those not meeting the approval of said god.

  • Diane Bunting

    Good Lord, if I got my undies in a twist like all you righties because of your asinine way of thinking, I’d be split in two. This is the law of our great country and I applaud Grand Rapids for celebrating this decision. Please sit back and you’ll see the sky isn’t going to fall and the sun still comes up in the east. Geesh, put as much energy helping the homeless in your city, improving your schools or making race relations better. THAT is God’s command or haven’t you read the New Testament, too busy burying your nose in Leviticus.

    • Kevin Rahe

      Taking a moderate rather than extreme view of the importance of one’s sex is an “asinine way of thinking?” To an extremist like yourself I suppose it might be.

  • sanity

    I don’t consider the rainbow colors to be associated with homosexuals. Rainbows are beautiful, homosexuals are not. If they wanted to use a color on the bridge to celebrate freak marriage, they should use black!!!