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Officials: Boston girl is not Baby Kate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LUDINGTON, Mich. - Preliminary test results are in and the body of an unidentified Boston girl is not Katherine Phillips, also known as Baby Kate, from Mason County.

A four-year-old girl's body was found on a Boston beach in recent weeks.  The girl has not yet been identified.  When computer-generated photos of the girl became publicized earlier this week, some saw a resemblance to Baby Kate, who was four months old when she was last seen in Mason County in 2011.  Since she would now be four years old, Mason County officials checked in with Massachusetts officials to compare DNA profiles.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole confirmed to FOX 17 the preliminary results Friday morning.

Left, picture of 4-month-old Baby Kate before she went missing. Right, computer generated image  of 4-year-old 'Baby Doe' found near Boston.

Left, picture of 4-month-old Baby Kate before she went missing. Right, computer generated image of 4-year-old 'Baby Doe' found near Boston.

Final DNA test results are expected later today.

Sean Phillips is serving a minimum of ten years in prison for kidnapping Baby Kate.  He has also been charged with her murder and is awaiting trial.  Baby Kate's body has never been found.

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  • kmmoon66

    I am glad to hear that this soul was not Kate. We have hope that the father did in fact pass Kathrine on to a beloved that would care for her through out her life. My hopes are that both children are justified in each case.

    • Jack

      You need to face reality here. There had never been any chance of this being Baby Kate to begin with even if you thought they looked alike. That’s fact number one. Fact number two: The father is being charged with murder. If he gave away the baby he can make the murder charges go away by telling everyone where the baby is. He has not done that. He is silent. Fact number three is the letter: He confessed to his long time girlfriend he killed the baby and now the cops have that letter. The cops and DA have proof the father killed the baby but no proof he gave it away. The reality everyone is that if Sean Phillips didn’t kill that baby he needs to start talking in order to beat a murder rap. His silence is proof of his guilt. He is already doing time for taking her so if he didn’t kill her he has nothing to lose by talking. If he did kill her that explains his silence. He did not give away or sell the baby. The baby did not pack a bag and run away to Germany like some people wanted to claim. Murder happens, even in small town, USA.

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