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Weapon, ammunition recovered after overnight standoff in Grand Rapids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A more than 9 hour standoff involving a barricaded suspect and the Grand Rapids Police Department came to a peaceful resolution early Saturday morning.

Authorities were initially called to a home in the 1300 block of Anderson Place NW on a report of a domestic dispute in progress.  At least one initial responding officer was assaulted during the police response, after police say a suspect pointed a gun at officers before running back into a home.

A male child was with the suspect at one point during the overnight standoff, but was safely evacuated from the home before 2:00 a.m.

The Grand Rapids Police Special Response Unit and Crisis Negotiating Teams were able to talk the suspect out of the home shortly after 9:00 a.m.  The suspect was taken into custody.  No injuries were reported.

Morning photo of standoff

Morning photo of standoff

Michigan State Police did respond to the scene Saturday morning to provide relief for Grand Rapids Police crews that had worked throughout the night to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution. Aerial footage provided as a courtesy from Adam Dabaja shows police presence at the residence.

At least one firearm and several rounds of ammunition were found in the home following the suspect's surrender, pictured in the photo gallery above.

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  • Tom Huffman

    my beloved Westside is infested with roaches…the only solution is to level the entire thing…it’s a shame…even as recent as twenty five years ago, this wad an area of hardworking families who took extreme pride in their homes, and yards, and community…now, those families are a minority in the neighborhoods the worked so hard to build, and maintain…truly a shame…I never ever thought urban blight would hit this area…

    • CommomSense

      Renters that have moved in simply don’t care, Sad. That side of town was great 25 years ago when homeowners had an investment in that area. The boys in that area need to pull up their pants and act like real men. The girls need to put some clothes on. This does not apply to all, but to many now inhabiting the NW side!

      • prospectne

        Owner occupied are invested in the neighborhood.
        I badger the slumlord landlords weekly with complaints. Trash, noise, new “cousins” moving into the rental, tall grass, chipped paint.
        Landlords get tired of it and eventually rent to working families rather than section 8, subsidized.
        Nothing worse than a porchful of lazy welfare bums watching when you come and go, work schedule.

  • prospectne

    Landlords, slumlords to blame.
    Section 8 pays best for the welfare moms with 4,5,6,7,8 kids. No fathers, no discipline, no family or moral values taught in the home.
    Most never held a job, no investment in the neighborhood, slum tenants are the cockroaches of the Westside and across the river NE.

  • Brian Klawiter

    Is noone going to ask what this man did? What was his crime? Why were the pictures of a 22 rifle and a box of random bullets (obviously collected by police) made available to the press right away? Were those items related to this situation at all? Where is the handgun that he “pointed at police”? If the dozens of full tactical gear jackboots wouldnt have found a hunting rifle they would have released a photo of a kitchen knife a claim he had it concealed in a drawer.

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