Therapy puppy stolen from 7-year-old boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A therapy puppy was taken from the hands of a 7-year-old boy outside an elementary school.

The dog snatching apparently took place this past Saturday outside of Burton Elementary. The 4-month-old Pitbull puppy named Ghost was used to help ease the burden of anxiety disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder, but he was stolen right out of the hands of  7-year-old, Raymond Monsalvo.

Raymond and his mother, Sara Zukowski, said they've only had the puppy for two weeks. Saturday, Raymond walked the dog to the local park at Burton Elementary where he was allegedly approached by three larger boys asking to pet the dog: That's when the boys grabbed the puppy and took off running.

Raymond's mother, Sara, has been posting pictures of the dog on Craigslist hoping to find some answers in the dog snatching. The puppy was last seen wearing a black-and-white skull collar with a bright red leash. The family is still hoping for the return of the little puppy that helps Raymond cope.

"We have the puppy because my son suffers from anxiety and ADD, and gives him a sense of responsibility, concentration, focus and comfort," said Zukowski. "It's real upsetting that kids that age are willing to take a dog from someone like that."

Zukowski said they're willing to offer a reward to get the puppy back. Just two weeks ago, Zukowski said a Yorkshire Terrier was stolen from her neighbor's backyard.

The local humane society is unable to help Zukowski given the unknown details in the alleged crime.

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  • SAM

    Why no description of the dog napper ?
    I’m will to guess i know why?
    And you know damn well the puppy will be used a bait dog in a dog fight.
    Dog fighting is huge in a certain culture and the media and police are afraid to address it because they fear AL shaprton.
    im pissed off about this in every aspect, from the scum sucking dog napper to the political cowardliness of the media and po-po

    • SmarterThanYou

      Because the news doesn’t report speculation, Einstein. There was no proof of your racist speculations, so therefore it is not news. Unless there was proof the news does not speculate. Also, do you really think a 7 year old is capable of in depth description? Especially one who suffers from ADD? Get your head out of your b-hole, you racist.

      • SAM

        “ignorance is bliss” would be more appropriate.
        Everyone knows about the massive dog fighting culture in west Michigan. with strong ties to the a large eastern Michigan city.
        Remember the two dead pits found frozen in the snow with battle wounds ?
        The issue is real but no one has the guts to bring the issue to the front, it may offend someone.

        You can’t tell me that when a puppy is taken from the arms of child by a group of “children” the victim can’t give a description of those cowardly bastards. It can mean only two things.
        The victim is afraid of retribution or the media and or police are unwilling to release the information.
        The question then becomes why?

        #puppy’s lives matter
        #the truth hurts

        • SmarterThanYou

          Again, you have no proof of ANYTHING. Like I said, literally THREE times in my previous post, THE NEWS DOES NOT REPORT ON SPECULATION. You can say it as many times as you want, but just because you THINK something happened doesn’t mean it did. What reality do you live in where the news just reports on things people think may have happened rather than things that ACTUALLY DID? Do you have any clue how the world works? Clearly not, and I’m sure you’re not a child, so I have no idea you’ve made it this far in life and still don’t understand how things like this work.

          An event happened, if there were description details provided to FOX17 they would have provided them. Since they didn’t, they most likely weren’t. You are a racist looking for more reasons to justify your hate group of people so you want the news to make up information out of their asses. It’s disgusting and you’re a racist.

          • Carley

            Smarterthanyou reeks of a blacklivesmatter bigot. Were you on Michael Vick’s dog training staff? Go ahead, call me a racist. I don’t care. You’ve overplayed that card and it’s meaningless now.

      • CW

        By the way …Making unfavorable assumptions about the limitations of a young boy with a disability does NOT make you smarter than anyone . Rather, It’s the exact definition of a very big word called DISCRIMINATION!

    • Carley

      Why beat around the bush and say a “certain culture”? We all know even if Blackerthanyou doesn’t want to admit it, that dog fighting along with car jacking, gang violence, arson, the knock out game, rioting over false narratives and fatherless children is another contribution to society from the Hip Hop Culture. #puppylivesmatter

  • Mike

    So the mom let her 7 y.o. son walk the dog to the park by himself? Does anybody else see a problem with this? Not very good parenting. :(

    • Noah Salakk

      There SHOULDN’T be ANYTHING wrong with that poor kid walking down to the park, (If it wasn’t for the fact that what “Sam” said above is TRUE.. It’s a horrible neighborhood because there is a high concentration of people who don’t EVER have descriptions in the news stories… You can call me a RACIST all you want, I don’t care about your WORN the hell out “Race Card”, because I used to live over there and I know the M.O….. Takes 3 OLDER kids to take a puppy from a Special Needs Kid… I hope they feel real “Tough”….. ..

      • SmarterThanYou

        You have no proof of what you’re speculating. You’re just demonstrating your hate. You’re a terrible person who is blaming someone who has different color skin than you just because of your prejudices. You’re a rotten person.

      • SmarterThanYou

        Yikes. Just went to your facebook. I didn’t really need to point out your hate with your huge hitler banner right on your page. You know you hate people different than you. Just need to remind you how terrible you are.

    • Mike O.

      I hate you pc types that now want to judge the mom for letting her son walk the dog by himself. When I was 7, my mom sent me to the corner store to get milk. Stick to the story and don’t judge.

    • sabrina

      My nephew has add ADHD terets and cerebral palsy And was born without half his brain cells. My grandparents let him go around the block by himself. Maybe this park isn’t that far away from their home. U can’t shelter a kid just bc they have a disability.

  • Carolyn MMP

    You all are so busy throwing around accusations. Does nobody see Andrea’s post? Don’t you think that is more important?!

  • JJ

    The mother said it was upsetting that the older kids would take a dog because it’s a therapy dog… How about it’s upsetting that kids would steal a dog from someone period??

  • Mama

    Those are my step kids why the hell was a 7 year old with anexity and ADD allowed to walk several blocks and across very busy street alone the park was not any were close to the house were Raymond could be seen he never should of been alone with his his social issues ! I have anxiety and ADHA and knows what it can do to me as a grown women he never should of been alone period!

    • Mama

      The dog was not ordered by a doctor that was there decision to get him and add him to there collection of 5 dogs that we know of already and I hear that the puppy was stolen and that’s how they got him this is all a show to make her look like a good mother we are going thru a nasty felony assault case were she tried to stab the kids father she is digging and holding on to anything she can to make her look like a caring person when it only hurt her publicly

  • T

    It is important to know that this is NOT a “Therapy Dog.” When a special needs person gets a “Service Dog,” to assist them in day to day life, they are highly trained animals. ex. Paws for a Cause dogs. “Therapy Dogs,” are also well trained animals, where after significant training and certifications, the owner chooses to volunteer with the dog to visit people in need at a variety of different places in the community. ex. visiting Hospitals, retirement centers, Ronald McDonald House, reading programs with young and disabled children. Just because I pay attention to the security around my neighborhood, doesn’t make me a security guard or a police officer.

  • sabrina

    It doesn’t matter if this is a special needs helping dog or not. It also doesn’t matter what they have going on with the police. If they have felony charges that has nothing to do with us. But whoever has this dog needs to give it back. Like I have said my nephew has issues more than this kid and he is allowed to go places alone. Learn not to shelter ur kids. If someone has a problem they know where to find me. JUST GIVE THIS DOG BACK. He is missed dearly and his 7 year old owner needs him