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Police search for Michigan driver accused of intentionally killing geese

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Photo: Erika Erikson

Photo: FOX 2 Erika Erikson

Clinton Township, Mich.– Police are still searching for the driver who they say deliberately plowed into a gaggle of geese Thursday afternoon.

Several geese were killed and others were badly injured, but still alive.

Witnesses told our media partners at FOX 2 News dozens of geese were crossing Gratiot Avenue Thursday afternoon by Wellington Crescent. Traffic was stopped, except for a single driver.

A witness says that driver intentionally hit the gaggle of geese.

Police tell FOX 2 the remaining geese gathering at the busy intersection have been relocated since the incident.

Clinton Township Police are investigating, and asking anyone who saw what happened to give them a call.

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  • Larry W.

    There is no legal obligation to avoid loose animals in the roadway, and the driver of the vehicle can even sue the owner of the geese for damage to the vehicle caused by hitting them.

    • Amber

      So… you’re going to sue…. who? Because geese are wild. And it IS against the law to intentionally harm or injury animals. It’s called animal cruelty. This also includes wild animals. There’s no reason or excuse to purposely hit animals in the road. Wild, owned or otherwise.

      • Larry W.

        Amber, these are not wild geese. These are domestic geese. Not all geese are wild, as you claim. And while I agree with you that it is cruel to intentionally hit animals in the road, whether domestic or otherwise, my comment specifically and clearly addresses only what the law is, not what we think it ought to be. The law says that domestic animals are to be under control of the owner either by leash or by fence, at all times. Further, that when they are not the owner is liable for any damage which results from their running free including damage to vehicles which hit them in roadways. The logic by which this law was created is that because roadways are dangerous places and because animals often don’t know better, to allow them to run free is to create a potentially dangerous public nuisance, as well as to endanger the animals in question. In a nutshell, allowing your animals to run free is itself negligent and cruel.

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