Teen charged in connection with viral Grand Rapids assault video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mugshot from the Kent County Sheriff's Department

Gary Allen Woods-Caston (Photo from the Kent County Sheriff’s Department)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A 17-year-old has been charged Friday as an adult in connection with a recent video showing an assault near Rosa Parks Circle.

According to the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office, Gary Allen Woods-Caston is facing a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder in connection with the July 28 incident.    Grand Rapids Police announced Thursday that five arrests were made after the video was released.

Police posted video of the assault on their Facebook page Aug. 3.

Woods-Caston is the only suspect to be identified by officials, but the other four juveniles are expected to face similar charges.

The assault charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.  Woods-Caston is expected back in court Aug. 21 at 8:30 a.m. for a probable cause hearing, according to officials with 61st District Court.

The investigation is ongoing and remains open.  Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call 616-457-3337 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.


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  • TheFoundingFathers

    The district attorney should also be charging this little hoodrat with a hate crime!
    Hopefully this little piece of trash never makes it out of the system alive.

      • TheFoundingFathers

        Why yes I do, and get this correct right now this is not a sweet little child. This is nothing but a piece of trash that should be thrown in the TRASH, how ignorant are you? Do you think as this pieces of trash gets older he will be any better? My money is that he will be in the system the rest of his life, and hopefully it’s a short one because the taxpayers don’t deserve to have their money wasted on food and housings for the rest of his life!

        • Ken

          Although I do not condone the actions of these individuals, they are kids. People make mistakes, as im sure you have. This does not mean they are unforgivable or give you the right to call them “trash”. I suggest you take a good look at yourself and the comments you’ve made.

          • TheFoundingFathers

            Oh I’m sorry that I just kicking you in the head, I was meaning to kick the person next to you in the head……….. there is that how you think life works?
            It must have been an accident huh?
            God I hate liberal dumbshits like yourself……

          • Penta

            Yes, kids make “mistakes” and those that involve extreme psychopathic behavior and the deliberate harming of others are not mistakes that can be easily forgiven like taking a car on a joy ride or shoplifting.

      • April

        He knew what he was doing, so he needs to pay for what he did. He’s practically an adult so he was fully aware of what he did.

    • MacKenzie Nelmark

      Man yall need to stfu with this “its a hate crime” shit. They were just being stupid looking for a fight and that man was who was there. Stop trying to make things out worse than they are smh. It was a terrible situation, no doubt. Especially since I’m always down there and know most of the people that hang out around Rosa. But this wasnt a hate crime.

  • Pips

    Have yet to see an article on this that describes the racial makeup of the victim and assailants. But it looks to me that a gang of black kids attacked a white kid. Wouldn’t that be considered a hate crime? Or is that only if it was reversed?

  • Ginger

    Why no hate crime charges? White lives don’t matter? If the roles were reversed the blacks would be rioting in the streets! Hate is hate no matter what color. Racism goes both ways!

  • Unreal

    Well just seen an article where a guy got 10 years for dragging a dog behind a car (the dog lived)…..hummmm wounder what he will get? When you start kicking and stomping on sombodies head or body to me you are trying to kill them!!!!

  • Noah Salakk

    It was an obvious Hate crime.. The Black Group specifically seeked out a White Victim for NO REASON, (No verbal altercation, not because he attacked them, not because they were robbing him) NOTHING!!!…………………………. But it will NEVER be tried as a Hate Crime because____________.

    • Ken

      The video is short and a lot could have happened and been said before the recording started. Until you know the facts keep your opinions on them to yourself.

  • Noah Salakk

    This was an obvious Hate crime.. The Black Group specifically seeked out this Lone White Victim for NO REASON, (No verbal altercation, not because he attacked them, not because they were robbing him) NOTHING!!!…………………………. But it will NEVER be tried as a Hate Crime because____________.

  • jerry

    TAKE him and his worthless buddys and let a bunch of white guys kick and beat them. we will have the worthless jessy j. and the more worthless black pos al s. in grand rapids within 24 hrs. if the courts dont charge them all with hate crimes we will know what kind of people run are courts. i say we hang them all in rosa park and leave them a few days so the other hood rats will know we are sick of there b/s ways

  • yup

    A black man assults a white man and it’s just assult if it was other way around it would be racially motivated. Love the double standard

  • zayne

    let me be the first to say that, as a witness to this incident, this wasnt a hate crime. this was a group of ignorant teens who think they are cool for doing this to random people. this isnt the first nor the worst incident. and it was NOT because of his race. it was because he was alone and they wanted to look cool. he is alright however, once all of us bystanders saw this happen we ran to help him get up and out of there. but please leave your racist comments out of here. they dont care about ur race gender or age. which is why they deserve all 10 of those years.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Just a quick question, can you give all of these white people one good reason why it should not be considered a “hate crime”? Just saying because if it was the other way around you damn well know it would be a “hate crime “…..

    • SAM

      Facts and truth are not racist.
      I refuse to go to Rosa Parks because I know from experience I will be hassled by “urban youth”

      • yup

        It’s easy just carry. I dread the day I need to defend myself to be safe but will not be scared to live my life with my family. I’m not going to be scared “WALKING WHILE WHITE”

  • Shuntayvious Meconium

    This trash has been preying on humans for years. I wish Marcus Garvey was alive so he could build his steamship and take the creatures back to Africa.

  • jerry

    i was looking at you tube about monkeys. they are just like them they act and walk and talk like them . i think we should hang them like they want. ill bet there mothers will come on here to say what great boys they are and they only made a little mistake.

  • Emetan1

    It’s interesting how anonymity gives all the closet racists the ‘bravery’ to write things that they would never say in public. Probably why WOOD blocked the comment section on this story.

  • Steven

    Clear case of a hate crime. If it were 5 white boys attacking a black boy, Jesse, Al, and the rest of the race mongers would be inciting riots in Grand Rapids. Where are the white rioters? They are probably too civilized to act that way.

  • Trisha Landreth

    i know this hoodlum he shot my son in the face with a bb gun and almost took his eye out he needs to rot in prison his momma too she is the one who has been teaching that boy to act like that since birth god bless the community and get him off the streets