Fellinlove Farm provides services to families and children at no cost

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOLLAND, Mich. -- Fox 17's Kate Nadolski spent Sunday morning at Fellinlove Farm.  It's a family owned and operated business that provides services to kids and families completely free of cost.  For more information you can head to their Facebook page here.


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  • Cara

    Very interesting how you were able to block out the dogs barking, as the next door neighbor I find this extremely sad to see so many animals cooped up in closed quarters with more encounting in the future. The peace and serenity of living in the country has been disturbed and driven my parents out because of this ‘bussines’ that recently has started. I’m not against the farm im against the location and the sense of rudeness to not even think their surroundings and the others who have to listen to constant animal noises, yelling, and the business of field trips constantly. Fellinlove farms is the reason I have to move again. I wish the bussines luck but the care and amount of space these animals have are so small and cramped up compared to what they should have.

    • Rebekah

      I work at Fellinlove Farm and can say with certainty that the “constant animal noises” are almost non-existent. Yes, the dachshunds can get loud, but they are mostly house dogs and I find it hard to believe that their baying\barking could carry all the way next door loud enough to cause you so much discomfort that you ‘have’ to move. As to the animals being “cooped up in close quarters”, that statement is also inaccurate. As a person that has seen\built my fair share of pens,pastures, and barns I would say that the minis have very sufficient room to move around and live normally, happily, and healthily. And as for the horses, they have more than enough room to run, play, and live. In fact, I would go so far as to say the animals of Fellinlove Farm are treated far better than most! I can’t see how the “*business of field trips constantly” (*It’s not really a business, I would say more like a ministry!) would be disturbing to neighbors, we constantly are watching the children\guests to see that they stay on the Kaletka’s land, and it’s not as if we stage screaming contests after pony rides or something. :-) If you want to live in a country setting that is absent of the very thing that makes the country THE COUNTRY, I think it would be in your best interests to find a nice quiet 1/2 acre suburb plot that doesn’t allow pets. Best wishes on your house-hunting!
      ~Fell In Love Farm Volunteer