One man shot dead near Grand Rapids gas station

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — One man is dead and police are searching for a suspect after he was shot while in his car near gas station.

Grand Rapids police responded to a report of a 24-year-old man being treated for a gunshot wound around 7:30 AM on Sunday.

Police say a man was in his car at the intersection of Franklin St. and Eastern Ave. SE when somebody approached and fired shots into it, hitting the man.

The man was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital and was pronounced dead.

Witnesses told police they saw a suspect carrying a gun who ran away near a bus stop on Franklin Street.

handcuffed man gr shooting deathA man was spotted wearing handcuffs and being taken away from the scene. Police are saying that he is not a suspect at this time.

The Grand Rapids Police Department’s Major Case Team is investigating the shooting. Anyone with information is encouraged to call (616) 456-3400 or Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345. Silent Observer can also be reached confidentially at

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  • Valerie P.

    I can not help but think that all these shootings going on so close to downtown are going to have an even worse impact on ArtPrize than the stabbings did last year. Several families I know were very hesitant to come last year, and already I have heard from two of them that they will not be coming up. The year before that I witnessed one of the top 10 artists (from a major art community city) get a full beer can thrown at his head from a passing vehicle. He has not returned, and I am sure he has shared his experience with other artists. Those considering coming, or who have doubts, read the news and see all these shootings happening. Who could blame them if they changed their minds??

    Fact is, with all the violent racial tension going around this country, fewer and fewer people are willing to attend urban events in places which are seeing notable urban racial violence. They just aren’t comfortable risking something happening to (or even near) them, when there are other places and events they can enjoy just as much without that increased risk and feeling of paranoia. It is a shame, but unless our new police chief can make a very public show of doing something incredibly meaningful to address this issue in the next couple weeks I can’t help but think attendance will plummet this year.

  • Amanda

    I reside way too close to this particular corner for comfort.Even knowing the areas not so great reputation for crime and violence I was still shocked at the constant wail of sirens almost daily (and or nightly) and the many crime scenes right outside my front door not to mention the numerous shootings that have occurred in the past two months with in a three block radius of my home. It’s extremely sad that we are forced to consider stray bullets when we arrange our furniture. And may I add that I am also extremely surprised at the amount of violence in this area given the constant police survalence. Bottom line is that the GRPD needs to do something more for the sake of the good and innocent in this neighborhood.

  • Michael

    Even during the afternoons it is just not safe south of Fulton anymore, and not even all that safe right downtown after dark. Stabbings and muggings right across the street from the police station! How embarrassing! And shameful.
    How are we to promote ourselves as a positive city when violence is so rampant and so unchecked? I realize there are many complicated causes, but I am not interested in blaming anyone. I am only interested in having it stop. I love Grand Rapids, and I would like to remain here. But there are far too many options with far less violence. I don’t have kids, but if I did I would be packing already.

  • bob

    A sad true fact : As soon as you allow black people on section 8/ welfare move into the neighborhood? Crime goes up 100% . I come from a biracial family,my kids are biracial……and before I move to a new upscale area,I make sure there aren’t alot of people around that area and in the schools.

      • Killemall

        White? NOT!
        BTW, Good luck is 2 words, not one. Should have been going to school instead of selling crack and pimpin’ ho’s.

    • Steve

      Really? I live a couple blocks from that neighborhood, I’ve never felt threatened (as a white guy), and everything I’ve seen has been black on black. Just don’t have anything to do with anything illegal, and be home by midnight and everything is fine.

  • bob

    The racial tension and violence going on around the country???? I’m not gonna sugarcoat it folks, most( 99%) of it is BLACK on white crime….not white on black. These things are happening in black neighborhoods not white areas,uless they’re coming in to the white areas.

    • Guardianne Angel

      Bob….I can relate to your comment to a degree. As a Black female….I too find it a necessity to look at social economics before moving into a neighborhood, as social economic status can sometimes be a predictor of how people may conduct themselves in certain instances. However, I do not agree with your statement about behavior and choices being solely based on ethnicity, as history has shown, ethnicity alone can not be used as the only predictor of how someone may or may not behave . If I were to use ethnicity as my guide, then I should be afraid of all white males, when I am in church, at the movie theatre or walking down the street at night with a hood on my head. The fact of the matter is, all races have their issues, so please don’t judge people solely by the color of their skin, as you may miss out on getting to know an amazing person, simply because of your own prejudice. Judge people based on the content of their character and not based on their skin color!