Texts released allegedly showing Rep. Courser was blackmailed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. -- Shocking new text messages allegedly sent to the phone of Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser have been released that threaten to leak information of an alleged affair with fellow state Rep. Cindy Gamrat.

On Friday, The Detroit News released an audio recording of Courser revealing plans to create a fake story that he had sex with a male prostitute in order to distract attention from his alleged affair.

After releasing a lengthy apology on Monday, text messages from an alleged blackmailer to MIRS News Service were made public.

The texts are allegedly from a number that isn't accepting calls, but MIRS claims Courser handed over the texts that, he said, pushed him over the edge to create the elaborate story about a male prostitute.

The mystery texter claimed to be followingCourser, even trailing him to Washington D.C.

"D.C. sucked, thought you two would be alone but you dragged family along. Cost me 12000.00 that trip," said one text.

" Relax. I'm not leaking anything... yet. Pay people better to keep quiet.. I pay them better for info," said another text.

The alleged texts also said that an incumbent like Courser won't need to spend $150,000 on a campaign. Instead, they can get all their information from the mystery sender.

The day after Courser's email was sent out to staff about the fictional story of him having sex with a gay prostitute, a text allegedly said, "I can show your whereabouts when not in session, meetings, or together. Those whereabouts do not include seedy alleys in Lansing having sex with men Todd."

The mystery texter also claims to have hacked into Courser's personal accounts, suggested he should change his passwords, claimed to have followed Courser to a book store in Flint, and ultimately called on him and Gamrat to step down from office.

"Resign now Todd as Candy has asked... asked. You too Cindy, spare the kids and Joe. Resign, both of you, today," said a text.

These alleged texts have not been confirmed by law enforcement as having been sent to Courser's phone, according to MIRS.

Courser also said that he welcomes state officials to investigate his actions in this controversy, claiming he's done nothing illegal.

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