AMBER Alert for 3-year-old from Alpena Township; May be heading for Tennessee

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Keegan Waterman

ALPENA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Michigan State Police on Monday issued an AMBER Alert for 3-year-old Keegan Elijah Waterman.

Waterman was last seen Sunday at 2660 East Grand St. in Alpena Township.   Police believe he may be heading to Tennessee with 38-year-old Christina Waterman.

Police say they may be in a tan 2000 Chevy Tahoe with Tennessee plates U4758V.

Keegan was last seen wearing a diaper and sandals, police say.  He has black hair and brown eyes.

Amber Alert suspect

Christina Waterman

Christina Waterman is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs roughly 195 lbs.  She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Michigan State Police at either 989-354-4101 or 517-241-8000.

Amber Alert website


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      • Anonymous

        He’s saying he’s confused because the alert is slightly confusing. Why would there be an amber alert for a missing child if it is with it’s mother?

        • not always perfect

          everytime that someone hears the world mother they automatically think better parent or that the child is safe. but sadly thats not always the case

        • Tuli

          Not every mother has custody of their child. Some mothers are not fit, or they may only have partial custody. Sometimes the father or other family members have custody of the child and the mother has visitation. There are many scenarios.

  • big baby

    A 3 year old that is 4’3″ tall? And 55lbs? What the hell are you feeding this kid or did we maybe get some facts wrong?

    • Betty Sumerlin

      I always try to get more information before I repost. If there is a crazy mom with a child, I would think they would define the circumstance. If she is running from a situation, that is a completely different scenario. I’ll be checking to see if there is more information. Also, there are several links at the moment. One has the child as 4’3″. Another says 3’4″. That sounds much more reasonable. I hope everythings turns out for the best for them all.

  • hni

    Was this the first time they used the cell phone amber alert system? I can’t imagine this was the first amber alert this year, but this is the first time my phone scared the bejesus out of me…

  • Phil

    3 years old and 4 feet 3 inches tall and wearing a diaper? Are we certain about this? Someone better check the stats and make sure he’s not 3 feet 4 inches. You’re going to have people looking for a kid that doesn’t exist!

  • Evan

    I am very upset too receive a amber alert over a mother taking her child from the home immense love . this mother will be arrested and some of the elderly public may view her as a kidnapper. No authorization of a amber alert would have been given whoever gave authorization is nothing short of a puckered up power trip. People this is love there shall be no punishment too it. Stop false amber alerts maybe people will believe this system when a real abduction happens

    • Sharon

      There is a REASON this is considered an Amber Alert. She most likely does NOT have custody of the child and she took off with him. That’s considered kidnapping.
      It’s crazy that people act so damn inconvenienced by their cell phone alert. If it was your child, you’d want everybody looking for him!

  • Evan

    This mother will be getting arrested she was visiting her child in michigan had a change if heart and wanted her child in Tennessee at her home for a few months and now will be going too state prison and in county jail tonight. Our country is like Iraq family court should handle this effecicentley and fast and stern not the state police america is the new Iraq I guess love and war and overcrowded public jails just business as usual for the deputies involved

    • Anonymous

      Change in heart? She left him home alone while she went to find Internet connections for her phone! Child protective services took charge and had Keegan In a safe home where she took him from in the middle of the night! A mother that leaves a 3 year old home alone is not a mother at all in my eyes

      • jon

        To “anonymous” why make up a lie when a child is missing!!! Its not a joke this child is STILL missing the mother was NOT out leaving the child unattended she kidnapped him from the father who has custody. Yes she belongs in jail for kidnapping but please DON’T put lies out there when a childs life is at risk!!

        • Anonymous

          Jon I agree with you complete and don’t understand why I am telling a lie? That is what happend and that is why the father had him but you must not know the whole story because the father does not have custody although he should I just pray he is safe

          • jon

            I never said I know the whole story I just said not to tell lies because I do know for a fact that is wgat you did, I do know the father and his family and I know his mother took him and she doen NOT have custody I also know the mother wad not out looking for an internet connection, she does not live at the home he was taken from and he has not been found and not in protective custody like you claim!!

        • penny

          Well maybe he was in a home with protective services then the dad got custody. What difference does it make people he’s still missing and that’s none of our business.

          • Anonymous

            Correct penny I won’t sit here and argue with someone putting lies into what I said I also know the family VERY well I’m sorry job you are twisting Everything I said now I am removing myself from this steam before you get me more upset than I already am over the situation I will not argue with you but just pray Keegan will get back to the safe home with his father

          • Anonymous

            And I never said he was in protective services he was placed with his father because his mother abandoned him on Thursday then she went and took him from his father’s home why don’t you read what I wrote instead of assuming

        • anonymous

          There must be many different stories circulating, because yesterday it said her father reported the boy missing and that mom took the child to Tennessee to see his father. It might be easier if all the facts were out there.

    • Tuli

      Why do people always assume the mother has custody? Obviously she does not have custody of the child. She took him from his father’s home in the middle of the night.

  • Teri

    Actually, the weight is probably correct…it puts him in the 90th percentile for his age….but there is no way he’s 4’3″…that would make him the height of the average 7 year old. Someone at Fox needs to double check the facts – not that Fox is big on facts to begin with but it’s kind of important here.

  • tdspringer

    Actually, the weight is probably correct…it puts him in the 90th percentile for his age….but there is no way he’s 4’3″…that would make him the height of the average 7 year old. Someone at Fox needs to double check the facts – not that Fox is big on facts to begin with but it’s kind of important here.

  • Melissa

    Well first time I received an alert on my phone, idk why but this mom is in deep trouble for taking her baby, hope they are alright and no one gets hurt for real

  • jon

    This is Not a false Amber alert and there is an obviously a reason the child is not with the mother and you can’t take a child you don’t have custody. And a mothers love you say is one of a kind….well not all children have that chance because their mom don’t feel that love you talk about. Some people are just scum and you want to take the law in you own hands or not abide by it jail is where you should be so if she took this child yes she needs to be in jail like I said there is a reason she don’t have custody

  • penny

    Are u kidding me how hard is it, the mother obviously doesn’t have custody and took off with child , And why are all these people going on about his size can’t believe some of the dumb comments on here , read and use your brain ughhhhh

  • Amie

    Why did she take him ? What was going on to cause this kind of response from this women ? What kind of person had the child in the 1st place ? We need more of the story please, not just missing child. But however I’ll keep an eye out. Plus I’ve never had an amber alert come across my cell before, weird.

  • Alexis

    Ok wtf!? What happends if you lost your child or he/she was stolen? How would you feel? Now if my kid was missing ill do all i can to find my son/darter!
    Now don’t get mad at my comment plz thx✌